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Wanted boy finds teen mag photoshoots embarrassing

By | Published on Thursday 10 November 2011

The Wanted

One of The Wanted has admitted that doing all those cheesy photoshoots for their teenage fans to drool over is a bit embarrassing. The non-descript boy band’s Max George told Metro: “I find the teenage magazine photoshoots a bit cringey. They once asked us to blow feathers out of our hands and we just said: ‘No, we can’t be doing that’. When they ask you to do those boyband poses where you’re all laughing – we can’t do them. It’s a bit embarrassing”.

Asked to name one of the best moments since boy band fame began, he said: “My highlight was the V Festival. It was awesome. It’s not like doing a pop gig – there were proper musos there. It was an older audience who got right into our music”. Yep, that’s right, V Festival, that annual gathering of all the musos. I tried getting tickets for V once, but all the musos had snapped them up as soon as they went on sale.