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Warner Chappell confirms sub-publishing deal with Round Hill

By | Published on Thursday 15 August 2019

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Warner Chappell has announced an extensive sub-publishing deal with indie music rights firm Round Hill that covers all markets except the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and the Nordics. Under the deal, Warner will administer Round Hill’s rights and “explore a diversity of creative opportunities” for the firm’s songs and songwriters. Yeah, a “diversity” of creative opportunities. How exciting.

“In less than a decade, Round Hill has built an extraordinary collection of evergreen copyrights and iconic catalogues, while at the same time signing some of today’s most exciting and gifted songwriters”, Warner Chappell bosses Carianne Marshall and Guy Moot say of their new client, and in perfect harmony too!

“The global potential is enormous”, they warble on in unison, “and all of us at Warner Chappell around the world are THRILLED to partner with the entire Round Hill team to find new avenues and audiences for this amazing body of work”.

Over at Round Hill, President Neil Gillis adds: “Carianne and Guy have a vision for Warner Chappell that works really well for the Round Hill catalogue overseas. We know and respect their team, and we are looking forward to a long and wonderful partnership”.

And so, with the customary sycophancy completed, let’s get on with administrating those rights and exploring that diversity of creative opportunities!