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Warner creates new MD role for audiovisual projects

By | Published on Monday 1 April 2019

Warner Music

Warner Music UK has appointed Kate Shepherd – who has worked for various film, telly and branded content firms in the past – to take on the newly created role of MD Of Entertainment Programming.

In that role she will work on various audiovisual projects, with both the mini-major’s artists and an assortment of other content and brand partners. She will also oversee the operations of The Firepit, Warner’s in-house creative and production studio, which was set up in 2016 and has, since 2017, been run by Chris Bovill and John Allison. Having hired Shepherd into the new role, they will now depart to focus on writing some lovely scripted entertainment.

With the new role and the new hire, Warner has created plenty of damn fine opportunities to employ all sorts of your very favourite nonsense jargon, allowing lots of talk about celebrating creative missions that embrace visual culture to create immersive experiences that shift formats and platforms in impactful business-savvy ways. Let’s see how they do, shall we?

Confirming the new hire, Warner Music UK COO Peter Breeden said: “Artists and songs have amazing stories to tell and to inspire, and we’re bringing those stories to life through compelling, immersive visual experiences. We’re living in a visual culture and Kate’s boundless enthusiasm, musical sensibility, and business savvy make her the perfect person to take our creative mission to the next level”.

Shepherd herself added: “I’m impressed by Warner’s commitment to putting content at the centre of their artist development philosophy. To connect artists with their fans in the most complete and impactful way, we need to engage eyeballs as well as ears. I’m looking forward to working across every possible format and platform to open up new opportunities for Warner’s incredible talent and its culture-shifting music”.

I feel fully immersed with my eyeballs almost painfully engaged. Well done one and all.