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Warner Music invests in Artist Partners Group

By | Published on Wednesday 10 February 2016

Warner Music

The super NICE Warner Music Group has invested in the Artist Partners Group, the company set up in 2013 by its President of A&R Mike Caren.

The Warner investment aims to help the company… well, keep on doing what it’s doing, mainly. Under the deal, Caren also becomes Creative Officer at WMG, a newly created role, as well as promoting himself to APG’s CEO.

The major label already had a relationship with Artists Partners, which is a sister company to Caren’s older Artist Publishing Group, and which offers a variety of label services to artists, producers and entrepreneurs. Both APGs will now move to a newly set up recording facility and office space in LA.

In his role at WMG, Caren will advise the label’s global A&R team, as well as continuing to sign and develop new and established talent across the major’s labels. He’s also working on the soundtrack to new comic book movie ‘Suicide Squad’. Sounds busy, huh? I didn’t even mention that he’s a songwriter too. Where will he find the time?

Artist Partners releases will continue to be pushed out through Atlantic Records, following on from recent successes with the likes of Kevin Gates and the unequivocally awful Charlie Puth.

“Great artists and young executives have never been so dynamic, informed, and driven”, said Caren. “Our goal is to amplify and execute their ideas without being beholden to any traditional industry rules. I like to think of Artists Partners as an indie major label that offers its talent the resources of a major with an independent’s entrepreneurial spirit and urge for experimentation”.

You can think what you like, mate. Here’s what Atlantic CEO Craig Kallman and COO Julie Greenwald apparently thought simultaneously in both their minds: “Since joining the Atlantic family 20 years ago, Mike has consistently stayed ahead of the curve. His A&R instincts are exceptional, and he has signed an amazing roster of artists across a range of genres – recruiting groundbreaking talent and delivering a stream of hit records”.

They continued thinking: “Alongside his A&R chops, he is a gifted producer and songwriter, and also spearheaded the development of our recording studio operations in LA. His vision for Artist Partners is perfectly aligned with the future path of Atlantic and WMG – to foster creativity, excellence, and original thinking. We are THRILLED to extend and expand our relationship with Mike and his great team”.

Normally I’d say something here about the thrilling word in that last sentence. But I got distracted by them mentioning “chops”. I don’t know about you, but I think I’ve just decided what I’m having for dinner.