We7 to take Real news

By | Published on Wednesday 14 July 2010

We7 has added news into the mix, which is interesting. The digital music service has struck a deal with Guardian-owned Real Radio which will now make up-to-date news and entertainment news bulletins available to We7 listeners, should they want such a thing.

Via the deal, those using We7 for their music can opt to get regular news updates via the service too, meaning the on-demand streaming platform is now offering other elements of the radio experience. And, as an added bonus, once you hear Real Radio’s terrible 1984-style idents, you’ll be reminded why you’re using a We7-style service in the first place, rather than listening to a traditional radio station.

Confirming his company’s news partnership with GMG Radio, We7 top man Steve Purdham told CMU: “This partnership marries high quality news production and delivery with the new paradigm of on-demand music. Radio and ‘cloud-based’ music can learn a great deal from each other, so we are really excited about working with GMG Radio”.

GMG Radio’s top man Stuart Taylor added: “Working with We7 means that we can continue to grow our strong reputation for quality news coverage by making that content available across a variety of platforms for the benefit of the end user. We’re thrilled to be providing news for listeners in this format, it’s not only changing the offering to the consumers but shows the real evolution of the market”.

The partnership comes just days after Real Radio’s news team were in the news themselves by scoring an exclusive interview with a very slurry Paul Gascoigne about Raoul Moat, who the ex-footballer claimed to know. Gazza spoke to Real Radio from Rothbury as the stand off between Moat and police approached its tragic climax on Friday night.