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Weezer accidentally sell $25,000 bird-watching experience

By | Published on Monday 25 January 2016


You know how it is, you’re putting together the perks for the crowdfu… sorry, “pre-order” campaign for your new album and you throw in a jokey expensive one you know no one will ever buy. We’ve all done it. But what if someone did buy it? What then? Well, that’s the question Weezer are asking themselves right now.

Because, see, their $25,000 “experience bundle” offers one fan the chance to go bird watching with frontman Rivers Cuomo on the Galapagos Islands.

The lucky purchaser will “take a Greyhound [bus] to the Galapagos with Rivers where you’ll stay only for a limited time”, explains the page for the package. “Once you get to the islands, you’ll go bird watching to try and find the elusive white-cheeked pintail. You’ll go on a catamaran ride to Charles Darwin Research Station, sing ‘The British Are Coming’ with Rivers in the Galapagos but replace every lyric about ‘old King George’ to ‘lonesome George’. Finally, you will be named King Of The World for a day”.

How they must have chuckled to themselves as they put that little offer live. But in the cold harsh light of day things must look very different. “Whoa”, exclaimed the band on Facebook. “Got word that someone bought the $25k pre-order package on late last night. Time to figure out how to get a Greyhound to the Galapagos”.

How indeed? How indeed? Luckily, the listing stipulates that Cuomo’s travel must be paid for separately from the $25,000, which might cover the cost of developing a coach with in-built hovercraft capable of travelling 1000km over the Pacific Ocean.