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Weezer album not named after clothing brand

By | Published on Friday 27 August 2010

Yesterday we reported on an interview with Weezer guitarist Brian Bell, in which he said the band had named their new album ‘Hurley’ after clothing brand Hurley International, because the company had funded some of the recording of the album. Then, he said, they put a picture of ‘Lost’ character Hurley Reyes on the cover to be post-modern. But it seems he was mistaken and that was all a load of rubbish.

Writing on the forum on the band’s website, Bell said: “Just wanted to clear something up. Recently I did an interview in Denver where I was asked why we called the album ‘Hurley’. I mistakenly said that Hurley funded the album. I later found out that it wasn’t true at all. Weezer paid for every penny of this recording. The reason the record is called ‘Hurley’ is because Hurley (Jorge Garcia) is on the cover. We thought about leaving the record untitled for the fourth time, but that causes a lot of problems and he knew people would end up calling the record ‘Hurley’ anyway. We got no money for calling the record ‘Hurley'”.

So, that’s definitely all cleared up then. Although, Bell also said in the interview that the band had appeared in an advertising campaign for the clothing brand. Maybe that didn’t happen either. Or maybe it did and the band were careful not to spend any money they got from that on the album.