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Weezer launch their own robot vacuum cleaner

By | Published on Wednesday 21 April 2021


Merch, eh? That’s the thing, isn’t it? You’re probably thinking that by now every weird piece of band merch has been done. But that’s because you lack imagination. What about a vacuum cleaner, huh? An artist-branded vacuum cleaner. Never been done. Except it has, because now Weezer have their own robot vaccum cleaner, the Wroomba.

The Wroomba (the ‘w’ is silent, the the way) is made by iRobot – the maker of normal, boring, non-music-related Roomba robot vacuum cleaners – and is designed to look like a CD. Although, I guess, given its size, it probably looks more like a laserdisc. What’s a laserdisc? Ask your gran.

Apparently dreamed up as a way to promote the band’s latest album ‘OK Human’, the band announced in a tweet: “Are you longing for a new friend? Perhaps a robot one that cleans up after you? We got you covered. Introducing the Wroomba (the w is silent)”.

An attached video claims that “studies show that nine out of ten humans have dreamed of Weezer cleaning their house”.

How much does this thing cost though? Don’t tell me your fingers aren’t twitching to buy one as soon as I give you the necessary information. Why else would you have read this far? Well bad luck! Your credit card will have to stay in your pocket today. Money cannot buy these things.

If you want one, there are five up for grabs as competition prizes. So, not entirely bad luck. But you’ll need very very very good luck if you’re going to get one. Also, you’ll need to be resident in the US. Other than that, it’s basically yours. Enter here.