Weezer to re-issue Pinkerton

By | Published on Wednesday 28 April 2010

Weezer have announced that they are preparing a re-issue of their second album, ‘Pinkerton’, as they come to the end of their current contract with Geffen.

The deluxe edition of the band’s 1996 second album will feature an bonus disc of extras. Bassist Scott Shriner told Billboard: “[The second disc is] a ton of b-sides from a big period of time. Rivers [Cuomo] has been mostly in charge of picking which songs are gonna be on that … I played on a lot of the songs. Some of the songs were around before I [joined] the band [in 2001]. There’s so many cool things that we’ve recorded that never made the [albums], I think they had to get out there. Finally it’s going to happen”.

The band have also provided a track for the fourth ‘Shrek’ film, ‘Shrek Forever After’, which hits cinemas in May. As you may remember, they previously contributed a song to the second instalment of the movie series. Shriner says of the new song: “[It] was really fun to do. We’re all fans of ‘Shrek’. A lot of us have kids. It just sounded like a really fun idea”.

Meanwhile, the band are reportedly considering their options after their current recording contract expires. Although, says Billboard, they have not ruled out re-signing to Geffen.