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Weezer to record Weezer-inspired album

By | Published on Friday 12 February 2021


Weezer are currently gearing up for the release of their new album ‘Van Weezer’ in May, as well as promoting surprise album ‘OK Human’, which came out last month.

The band are also planning to release four more albums each inspired by a different specific artist, including Elliott Smith, Franz Ferdinand and… Weezer.

The band’s Rivers Cuomo announced the ‘inspired by’ project earlier this month, saying that each record would correspond “to one of the four seasons”, so a winter album inspired by Elliott Smith would feature “lots of loss and despair and [be] kind of quiet”.

Quizzed further about that project on a new episode of the ‘Kyle Meredith With…’ podcast – which is out later today – guitarist Brian Bell says that one of the albums will be inspired by Weezer’s younger selves.

“I ain’t joking”, says Bell. “A Weezer-inspired Weezer album. We sometimes refer to [2001 single] ‘Island In The Sun’ as a sound, as a thing. And one of my favourite quotes from [drummer] Pat [Wilson] was, like, when Rivers got all into co-writing and stuff, I don’t know when that was – [2009 album] ‘Raditude’ period or whatever – Pat goes, ‘I want him to co-write with the guy that wrote [1992 single] ‘Say It Ain’t So'”.

And so that, apparently, is what they plan to do. How feasible it is to try to write like yourself in your 50s and yourself in your 20s at the same time remains to be seen. But it seems like a fun experiment to try out.