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Weller watches ‘X-Factor’, but doesn’t like it

By | Published on Tuesday 10 April 2012

Paul Weller

So, for any of you that are collecting ‘aging rockers dissing ‘X-Factor’ quotes’, here are two more courtesy of a recent edition of the Radio Times.

First up Paul Weller, who when asked if he’d appear on ‘X-Factor’ or ‘The Voice’ told the magazine: “Would I be a judge? Would I hell. I’d be too embarrassed to be on those shows. You get some of these kids who think they’re a little bit ‘edgy’, got a bit of a Pete Doherty haircut. You’re not edgy, really, mate. Otherwise you wouldn’t be on an effing talent show, would you?”

When asked if Simon Cowell was due some credit for helping get ‘X’ alumni One Direction to the top of the US albums chart, Weller continued: “Dunno, cause I’ve never heard em. I do know what you’re talking about. But I wouldn’t give him anything, personally”.

Despite having never heard 1D sing, Weller has admitted to sometimes tuning into the ‘X’ franchise, something Noel Gallagher had already revealed via Sky Arts’ ‘Jo Whiley’ show. Gallagher said: “Weller watches it. He denies it, but I know for a fact that he does because his daughter is one of my daughter’s best friends. I’d go to her: ‘Did you watch ‘The X Factor’?’ and she said: ‘Yeah, watched it with my dad’. And I’d say: ‘Well that is interesting'”

But Weller has responded to that claim via Shortlist, saying that he may well watch the show with his daughter, but that doesn’t mean he has to like it. “Yeah, I do watch it, but I also watch ‘Peppa Pig’ with my six year old boy. And I’m more of a fan of ‘Peppa Pig’ than I am of ‘The X-Factor’. If anything, it makes more sense”.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Radio Times-based ‘X-Factor’ dissing, Jools Holland has also criticised the talent show machine – though in a slightly more polite ‘do em if you want’ kind of way. He told the mag: “Budding artists need a break, I suppose. But music’s not like a competition. It’s an art form. I wouldn’t knock the competition shows if that’s what people want to do. But there’s a difference between having it like a game show and having it as something that connects with your spirit and moves you … that’s what music’s supposed to be about”.