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We’re not really Queen, says Brian May

By | Published on Tuesday 13 December 2011


Brian May has said that without Freddie Mercury and John Deacon, the dead horse he and Roger Taylor keep flogging isn’t actually Queen. He didn’t quite put it like that though.

May told BBC 6music: “Are we Queen? In a sense we are but in another sense we never can be. We keep getting asked to do things which is great but it’s that being Queen thing. I think we’ll have to make a film [called] ‘Being Queen, What Does It Mean?’ The good thing about it is, we are a sort of open book, we can interact with people when it comes up”.

Yeah, a film. They haven’t done that yet, have they? There’s just the tours, the stage show, the re-issues, and of course the never ending official tribute act venture Roger Taylor is working on. Pretty good going for a band whose existence is in question. And of course there’s those previously reported planned releases from the Mercury-era archives (albeit limited to a few singles rather than a full album).

On that, May said: “We are not actually working on dredging loads and loads [of] stuff up, we just find stuff now and again that is interesting. There is a couple of very interesting tapes with Freddie singing with Michael Jackson that we’re looking at. Those kind of things we can work on together and it’s nice that in a sense Freddie is still involved in it”.