Westlife add ITV special to farewell itinerary

By | Published on Wednesday 26 October 2011


Westlife certainly are milking their split for all it’s worth. Having originally announced that they would release a new single, their second greatest hits compilation, and embark on a UK tour before actually calling it quits, they’ve now added an ITV special to that list.

Details have not yet been made available, but Digital Spy reports that the show will probably air before the end of the year, most likely after an edition of ‘X-Factor’ on ITV1.

And for all of you who still think they’re splitting up because they’re sick of each other, stop it. The band said via their Facebook page yesterday: “We know it doesn’t make for a good story but regardless of what you might read in the papers this was wholeheartedly a united decision. Obviously there is already a huge amount of speculation as to what exactly is next for us all, but until you hear it from us it remains just that; speculation”.