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Westlife get stuck in air at Liverpool gig

By | Published on Wednesday 23 March 2011


Well, if you will go flying without wings. Westlife were left hanging above their audience at a gig in Liverpool last week after a technical fault caused the wires that had pulled the warblers into the air to jam. They were left sitting on a bar high above the Liverpool Echo Arena waiting for security staff to work out how to pull them down.

A bystander told the Mirror: “At one point, the boys sit down and start singing from a big swinging bar which transports them around the arena. Embarrassingly, it broke down and got stuck. A load of security guys had to manually lower the bar and help the lads to the stage. They were mortified”.

On the bright side, it disproves the theory nothing interesting ever happens at a Westlife gig. I suppose something interesting had to happen eventually.