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Wild Beasts’ Hayden Thorpe releases new solo single

By | Published on Wednesday 10 April 2019

Hayden Thorpe

Former Wild Beasts frontman Hayden Thorpe has released a new track, ‘Love Crimes’. It’s taken from his debut solo album ‘Diviner’, which is out on 24 May.

“I guess the record, in a sense, is a break-up record, about me breaking up with myself, and therefore my new relationship with my new self”, he tells the NME. “But I’m not sure how strongly it informs the record. I’m not sure. I actually think we all exist now in the church of self, where we all have available to us all ways of seeing the world and believing in the world. We believe what we need to believe. But what we believe is also changeable”.

Of returning to music, he adds: “It’s a huge relief, to be honest. I always remember a documentary with Gary Barlow, saying how quiet it went after Take That, and how the phone wouldn’t ring. I always thought, ‘Oh, get over it, Gary, pull your socks up!’ But it turns out Gary Barlow was right. It does get quiet”.

Never doubt Barlow. Except for all the obvious reasons. Thorpe concludes: “For a while there, my internal world and my external world weren’t matching up. The reality of having music ready to go and it not being out, it’s kind of like a secret pregnancy. It feels good just to have my inner world and my outer world finally in sync”.

Watch the video for ‘Love Crimes’ here: