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Wild Flag stop waving

By | Published on Friday 6 December 2013

Wild Flag

Indie-rock confederacy Wild Flag – the superband featuring members and ex-members of Sleater-Kinney, Helium, The Minders and Quasi – has “kinda run its course”, apparently, having only released the one LP back in 2011.

In an article in The Skinny, which states Wild Flag are officially “no more”, one-time Sleater-Kinney drummer, now Quasi player Janet Weiss, says: “It was great but I think it just kinda ran its course. It’s hard to have a band when you live five hours apart by plane”.

So, location got in the way, like it always does. On the bright side, Wild Flag’s factions are still showing signs of life, with Sleater-Kinney (who might yet reunite) guesting recently on-stage with Pearl Jam, and Weiss releasing a 24 track album titled ‘Mole City’ as part of Quasi.