Wiley leaks LP

By | Published on Thursday 21 March 2013


Wiley has ‘done a Death Grips’ and leaked his new LP, ‘The Ascent’, apparently because he was exasperated with iTunes over an error on one of its tracks, and wanted to give his ‘people’ a scare.

“I am leaking my album at 7pm… Americans do it so I am doing it”, he tweeted late Tuesday night, adding that “a mistake” had been made on ‘Rubicon’ in the version iTunes had, and he wanted to change it. “I hate being an idiot but sometimes people only listen when you are being a idiot”, typed the maddened MC, who later said: “All day my label and manager have been ignoring me ya na and now they are talking to me lol fiuegfiugeuogfoegofgeuofgoegfoge. A million events have led up to this day as well”.

Wiley has since seemingly complied with his label (that’s Warner Music) and iTunes’ wishes, and taken the ‘Ascent’ MP3 off the internet. But only because, he says, the ‘Rubicon’ gaffe has been set right.

He added yesterday via Twitter: “I can’t have music going out that ain’t correct… Dappy taught me that”. Hmph, trust Dappy to muscle his way into this. ‘The Ascent’ is officially released on 1 Apr.