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Wiley scraps new album

By | Published on Tuesday 4 February 2014


Wiley has announced that he’s scrapping his new album, ‘Snakes & Ladders’, and starting again. The long player, which was apparently finished, had been due for release through Ninja Tune/Big Dada. The rapper also says that he’d spent 42,000 Canadian dollars (the album was recorded in Toronto) on the new record before deciding that it wasn’t good enough. That works out a little more than the £15,000 he was planning to “piss up the wall” last year.

“I am gonna scrap ‘Snakes & Ladders’ and start again cos I ain’t happy with it – [it] needs to be epic or else there is no point”, he tweeted, adding: “I very rarely [scrap something and restart from scratch] this that’s why I am gonna try it”.

The last time something about one of his albums displeased Wiley he leaked it – on that occasion in protest at an error on one of the tracks his then label Warner Music had sent to iTunes. And, of course, there was that time he uploaded every unreleased track on his hard drive to the net. Don’t expect that to happen again any time soon, though.

“I ain’t leaking shit either”, he said. “Not this time – I’m 42 thousand dollars in …NO LEAKS”.

But don’t worry, you can still listen to the five tracks he has already released from the new album, ‘Flying’, ‘And Again’, ‘One Step Further’, ‘Born In The Cold’ and, appropriately, ‘Fuck It’: