Artist News Brands & Merch inspires ‘ill’ i.wear line

By | Published on Friday 28 February 2014

Ocular poster-boy is creative directing, with all his aesthetic might, a line of “ill.i Optics”, which is a cool way to say “glasses”. Named ‘ill.i’, I deduce, because they make eyes appear super-ill. As ill as Will’s, even.

Whilst Mr didn’t design the specs themselves, leaving that instead to a real designer (George Gorrow, one-time boss of now-liquidised Australian brand Ksubi), he did… well, erm… he inspired them via his “early career”, and via his admiration for hip hop artists from the 1980s.

Riffing heavily on the ‘eye’ and ‘seeing’ theme, Will says: “I see a gap in the world of eyewear and this is my installment of what I feel is missing. I want this to be an honest brand – it’s about dedication and passion”. And… vision. And magnification. And 2-4-1 frames. Will’s optics will hit all good optician shops later this year, in September. So look out for that.

Okay, enough. Bar this trailer which doesn’t actually show many glasses. It’s mostly just black squares.