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Will Rihanna and Chris Brown now reunite on stage?

By | Published on Monday 26 March 2012


Speculation is rising that, having been recently reunited on record, Rihanna and Chris Brown might now perform together on stage, at the Brisbane date of Aussie urban music festival Supafest next month.

According to Australian news site NewsAU, management for the two artists have been considering another professional collaboration for the one time power couple of American pop, and feel that a duet at a festival outside the US might be the best option.

Both artists are seemingly set to appear at the Brisbane date of Supafest in their own right, Brown as a headliner, which has possibly caused the onstage reunion rumours. However, NewsAU cites sources as saying some kind of on stage reunion is a “definite possibility”, though that any such collaboration “won’t be decided until the last minute”.

Of course there are many who are annoyed at the speed with which Brown has been rehabilitated by the American pop machine, which has been handing over awards and headline slots like they are going out of fashion, even though the star is still on probation for beating Rihanna unconscious in the street during the Grammy Weekend of 2009.

And while it’s obviously great that Rihanna has been able to get her life back together after the assault, those critics fear that her helping her violent ex with that speedy rehabilitation sends out a bad message to other victims of domestic abuse around the world. Any on stage reunion is likely to push that debate to fever pitch.