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Will Young to get more soulful on sixth album

By | Published on Wednesday 21 March 2012

Will Young

Will Young has revealed that he’s started discussing his next album with songwriting partners Kish Mauve (who, although best known for writing for and with Kylie, worked with Young on his last record ‘Echoes’), and that they are thinking of doing something a bit different than his last Richard X produced long player – maybe something more soulful. Or classical.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Young said: “I want to start writing again. I actually met up with Kish Mauve the other day and we got really excited about writing the record. I feel like it’s just the beginning really. Maybe it’ll be a bit more soul-ey next time. I wouldn’t mind going a bit more soul… cut to me in a tunic doing a classical sixth century Bard album”.

The classical thing isn’t totally a joke, because it seems Young does want to do a classical project, though at the moment that’s very much a side venture. He continued: “That’s a different thing – that’s more like a project. That wouldn’t be like the big main album. I’m trying to get my head around that at the moment. I know what will happen, I’ll start it and it’ll probably end up being the next friggin album”.

Back to ‘Echoes’, and a third single has just been released, ‘Losing Myself’, the video for which is here: