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WME|IMG becomes Endeavor

By | Published on Tuesday 10 October 2017


Talent and booking agency group WME|IMG is rebranding as Endeavor, because WME|IMG is far too many letters for one company name. And that ‘|’ isn’t even a letter. How do you even say ‘|’. “Who do you work for?” “Oh, I work for double-you emm eee schculackunk eye emm gee”.

No, that doesn’t work. Much better to say “I work for Endeavor”. And those of you paying attention – is anyone paying attention? – may remember that the E in WME|IMG stands for ‘Endeavor’. Endeavor being the talent agency that merged with William Morris in 2009, before it merged with IMG in 2014.

Actually, Endeavor will be the parent company name, and there will still be a WME division and an IMG division, alongside the other units of the wider business that operate under different names like UFC and Droga5. Alas, there is no ‘|’ division. The schculackunk is being lost forever. Which is a very sad development indeed. I will miss it greatly.

Anyway, here is Endeavor’s Ari Emanuel saying some nonsense about the name change: “WME|IMG represented a pivotal moment in our company’s history, but it does not accurately reflect the extent of our diversity or indicate where we’re headed. In creating Endeavor, we now have a holding company that represents the very definition of the word itself, constantly striving to push boundaries on behalf of our clients and owned properties”.