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Wrongtom announces new label, ‘punky reggae’ compilation

By | Published on Tuesday 30 October 2012


Producer and DJ Wrongtom has announced the launch of his new record label Rongorongo, the first release from which will be a compilation that will “shine a light on the grey area between punk and reggae”, entitled ‘Spiky Dread: Issue 1’.

Explaining how the compilation came together, Wrongtom told CMU: “‘Spiky Dread’ started out as a mixtape which quickly spiralled into an idea for a documentary, then a lack of time and money led it back to becoming a compilation. It occurred to me, whilst making a mix of post-punk disco tracks, that so many of these bands had tried their hand at a reggae release or experimented with dub to varying degrees, so with the help of my mate Ed Zed we started documenting our favourite records at Skank Blog Bologna whilst chasing up the owners of some of the lesser known records we’d uncovered. A year or so later and here it is”.

On the label itself, Tom added: “Rongorongo is the name of the ancient alphabet of the Rapa Nui from Easter Island, I mainly chose it because I like alliteration and repetition, but also the characters are cool, they remind me of a cross between work by Keith Haring and Sally Cruikshank. And then there’s the obvious namesake too. I’m not entirely sure where Rongorongo will go in future, but I’ve already got the second release lined up, a re-release of The Offs’ first record (who also feature on ‘Spiky Dread’), and I have plans to release my usual vintage dancehall business on an offshoot called Rongorock – something which will hopefully tie in with the Wrongtom Meets series on Tru Thoughts”.

‘Spiky Dread: Issue 1’ will be released on 17 Dec, the tracklist is as follows:

The Offs – Cool Down
Glaxo Babies – Who Killed Bruce Lee? (version)
Family Fodder – Bass Adds Bass
Chantage – Same Thing Twice
Ruts DC – Pleasures Of The Dance
Jah Scouse – Merge
Peter & The Test Tube Babies – Trapper Ain’t Got A Bird
Return Of The Panthers – Calling Captain Nemo
Sir Horatio – Sommadub
Red Beat – More Or Less Cut
Dangerous Girls – Danger
Bad Brains – Stay Close To Me
The Slits – Animal Space
Electric Guitars – Work