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Wu-Tang Clan selling hand sanitiser to benefit charity projects in Ottawa

By | Published on Friday 22 May 2020

Protect Ya Hands hand sanitiser

Wu-Tang Clan have started selling their own brand of hand sanitiser called Protect Ya Hands. It’s like their 1993 track ‘Protect Ya Neck’, see? Except it’s hands. Necks, unfortunately, have not yet been shown to be a strong transmitter of the virus that causes COVID-19.

A collaboration between the group’s lifestyle brand 36 Chambers and skincare company Jusu, the hand sanitiser is one of a number of products that the hip hop group is selling in aid of charity projects in Ottawa, Canada. For each bottle sold, another will be donated to a homeless shelter, as will a share of the profits – the main beneficiary being the Ottawa Mission Foundation.

The $20 hand cleaner is “all-natural, plant-based, vegan hand sanitiser with a spicy citrus scent” and its bottle has a bamboo top. Don’t know if that swings it for you, if the charity stuff didn’t.

“On 2 Apr 2020, a simple donation and tweet from Wu-Tang Clan was sent out in support of a campaign for the Ottawa Food Bank”, reads a statement from the hip hop outfit and their 36 Chambers company. “Within 48 hours, that action helped spur an additional $280,000 in contributions. In turn, the thousands of people who donated have inspired us to further lend a hand during this unprecedented crisis”.

“Whether it’s through our music, or our actions, the purpose of 36 Chambers is to always see a better tomorrow”, it goes on. “In collaboration with Mayor Jim Watson and the city of Ottawa, 36 Chambers is releasing the A Better Tomorrow Collection: three products that collectively will benefit the Ottawa Food Bank, The Ottawa Mission Foundation and Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario”.

The other two products in the collection are a t-shirt and a bowl of vegan food.

Why Ottawa though? 36 Chambers President Mustafa Shaikh explains to Canada’s CTV: “We have a buddy in Ottawa, Adam Miron, and when the whole food drive thing was happening he reached out to see if we could get [Canadian TV presenter] George Stroumboulopoulos to retweet the food drive because he knows we have a good relationship [with him]”.

“Instead”, he goes on, “we just hopped on an internal Wu call and decided to make a donation ourselves and share the message. We didn’t think it was going to become as big of a deal as it became. It was inspiring to us just how many people from Ottawa responded to it. That inspired us to work with the city of Ottawa to raise more funds and release the Better Tomorrow collection. It was great for RZA to give his blessing”.

So that’s why Ottawa. Stop asking.