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Wu-Tang Clan to resurrect Wu Wear 

By | Published on Wednesday 16 August 2017

Wu-Tang Clan

The Wu-Tang Clan are bringing back their clothing line Wu Wear via a new partnership with Live Nation’s merchandise business. And how do we know this? Because Clan man RZA has waffled on about it a bit.

“Wu Wear was the first hip hop brand to be in the windows on Macy’s 34th St”, he told Billboard. “Now that we are aware and re-energized for our legacy, we felt it was the proper time to re-enter the market. Not in a boutique way, but to go big, once again”.

The hip hop outfit’s outfits first went on sale in 1995 and were only discontinued in 2008. Though, says Wu Tang associate and original Wu Wear creator Oliver ‘Power’ Grant, that’s not stopped bootleggers from flogging t-shirts containing the group’s branding. Which is another reason for bringing back the official clothing line.

Says Grant: “Yesterday in Little Italy there’s a guy right in the middle of the block with a whole shirt stand. All types of shirts and the biggest one in the middle was what? The Wu-Tang shirt. I’m like, ‘Yo, who is this guy paying?'”

No one, that’s who. But now you’re in business with Live Nation, I’m sure they can get their legal beagles on the case against all those bootleg t-shirt sellers. Or, indeed, any theoretical bootleg t-shirt sellers, as is the live firm’s speciality.