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X-Factor UK to air in the US

By | Published on Thursday 7 August 2014

The X-Factor

Now, if there’s one thing ‘X-Factor USA’ proved, it’s that there’s immense interest in the talent show franchise Stateside. Using the American definition of ‘immense’ there, which means ‘not much at all’.

Anyway, ‘X’ fan(s?) in the US need not fear the axing of his (their?) favourite show, because AXS TV, the TV offshoot of AEG’s ticketing platform led by Mark Cuban and Ryan Seacrest, has done a deal to air the British version in America.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, AXS TV will air editions of the next season of the UK talent show the day after ITV broadcasts it over here. Which means I guess we’ll finally get to find out if American viewers really can’t understand anything Cheryl Cole says. Assuming they can hear her above all the booing.