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X-Factor winner’s winning single will be digital-only for first time

By | Published on Tuesday 29 November 2016


Bad news people, the post-victory single from this year’s ‘X-Factor’ winner won’t be getting a CD release. So, however much you were hoping to celebrate with a shiny piece of plastic the potential win of one of this year’s hot contenders – like Burt Curtain, Shelly ShowerCap or the Simon Cowell-coached boyband BRXT – you’re going to have to make do with a new-fangled download or stream. It’s as if ‘X-Factor’ bosses think it’s 2013.

According to the Official Charts Company, last year’s ‘X-Factor’ champion Louisa Johnson somehow managed to shift 30,000 physical copies of her cover of ‘Forever Young’, while 2014 victor Ben Haenow sold 92,000 CD copies of his winning-lap single ‘Something I Need’. Who’d have thought it possible? Though some prime racking in the country’s finest supermarkets have helped with those CD single sales in past years, a strategy that used to secure ‘X-Factor’ winners the Christmas Number One spot in the olden days.

But no more. While whichever ‘X-Factor’ finalist most quickly navigates the inflatable assault cause, performs the best waltz with a failed politician and/or bakes the biggest Victoria sponge will immediately release a track, just as soon as Bob Holness has declared them the overall winner on 11 Dec, said track will only be available in a digital form. Sorry Aunty Sheila, but that’s modern living.

I’ve never actually watched ‘X-Factor’. Is that the one hosted by Kate Thornton?