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Xfm relaunch reportedly imminent

By | Published on Friday 28 August 2015


More gossiping this week about the planned relaunch of Xfm, with Popbitch reckoning an official announcement is due within the next ten days.

Though, while initially saying that – as previously mooted – the revamped station would become Capital Rocks, better intelligence this morning suggests owner Global has actually opted for Radio X. That, presumably, is a result of Global’s plan to make X properly national, but via mainly online and digital rather than FM channels.

Though, while the new look Xfm will be keeping its X, other rumours that the revamp will shift the station more into Absolute rock radio territory seem to stand, with Chris Moyles, Vernon Kay, Johnny Vaughan and Ricky Wilson all tipped for shows. As for incumbents, Popbitch says: “Dan O’Connell, Phil Clifton and John Kennedy are thought to be staying on too … we’re not sure about the rest of the line-up”.

UPDATE 28 Aug 2015, 16.30:  Some people inferred our original report on this story – as contained in the CMU Daily – as if we were saying that all the other current Xfm DJs were being axed as a result of the relaunch (possibly because that’s how it inadvertently ended up reading). This is not what we meant at all. Meanwhile – to the people asking us what this means for occasional CMU columnist and Xfm DJ Eddy Temple Morris – we can confirm he will be making an announcement next week.