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YG reportedly loses $60,000 fee after performing Fuck Donald Trump

By | Published on Monday 6 March 2017

Donald Trump

Rapper YG has reportedly done himself out of $60,000. But it was all for a good cause. He apparently breached his contract for a show on Friday night by performing his track ‘Fuck Donald Trump’.

The track was released back in March 2016 when Trump was still just a contender for the Republican presidential nomination. Since then it’s become something of a calling card for YG. He even offered to perform it at Trump’s inauguration for $4 million. Amazingly, he was not taken up on the offer.

On Friday, YG was headlining San Diego State University’s annual sustainability event GreenFest. According to reports, it had been stipulated in his contract that he would not be allowed to perform ‘Fuck Donald Trump’.

Neither side has commented on the rumours that this means the rapper will miss out on a $60,000 fee for the show, but he did later post a video of the performance noting that he “wasn’t supposed to perform” ‘FDT’.

Last April, police in LA shut down a video shoot for the track, which to outsiders just looked like a large group of people chanting “Fuck Donald Trump”.