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You can buy Sia’s breath in a jar, if you want

By | Published on Tuesday 28 October 2014


Sia released her single ‘Breathe Me’ ten years ago this year, and it’s taken all of that time for someone to come up with this idea. This Friday, as part of the Adelaide Film Festival, a jar containing the singer’s breath will be auctioned off to raise money to help to support filmmakers in the South Australian capital. Really.

AFF CEO Amanda Duthie explained: “Gorgeously and magnificently, she breathed into a jar for us. Her breath is in a Mason jar with silver sealing wax, so no one can accidentally open it. Whoever wins it will be able to break the seal – or just let it be”.

I know that opening the jar and breathing in its contents would fit the whole ‘Breathe Me’ set up at the start of this story, but why would you do that? For one thing, it would destroy any resale value the jar might have. And this might be the only family heirloom the winning bidder has to pass down to their children (especially if this is the type of thing they waste their money on). Plus why risk the possibility that Sia had eaten a really garlicky lunch before depositing her breath? These are important things to consider.

Anyway, the auction will take place at the Channel Nine studios in Adelaide at 6.30pm this Friday. Silent bids are being accepted from people who can’t attend too, but I think that would be taking this whole thing a bit too far.