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Album Review: You Me At Six – Hold Me Down (EMI/Virgin)

By | Published on Monday 22 February 2010

You Me At Six

I want to like You Me At Six. I do. I really do. But something about them, particularly in ‘Hold Me Down’, reminds me way too much of Panic! At The Disco. Who are shit. Really shit. Like, steaming pile of dog shit, shit.

However, what You Me At Six don’t have are annoying American twangs to their vocals (but only just), and, like most Ramen-ites and Ramen-alikes, they are catchy as hell. I just have to listen to one song once and already I’m humming along to it on the next listen. Curse or gift? That’s debatable. But I’ll give them that – the catch-factor. And this track is certainly not going to go against them in the eyes of their already adoring fans.

‘Hold Me Down’ is an ample cocktail of pop-punk, pseudo-emo skinny scene boy/creature poetry, whiny yet tuneful vocals and good use of guitar-to-robot-pop-noise-making-machine ratio. They may not win any new fans with this one, but they’re certainly not going to lose any either. TW

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