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Young Thug threatens to use Lil Wayne’s delayed album title

By | Published on Thursday 28 May 2015

Young Thug

Rapper Young Thug got into trouble with Lil Wayne earlier this year when he announced that he planned to call a new mixtape he’d made ‘Carter 6’. When it was released in April, the name had been altered to ‘Barter 6’. But now Thug is saying that he has his sights set on a more contentious name for his next mixtape.

Speaking to No Days Off Radio , Young Thug said: “I’ma drop one more mixtape before my album … I’ll probably name it ‘Tha Carter V’ cos the original ‘Carter V’ still ain’t came out yet. I don’t know what the fuck they doing, slowcoaching. So I’ma put that muthafucker out for em”.

Originally announced in August last year for an October release, Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter V’ album has seen its launch date moved back several times. Now it is being delayed indefinitely by a lawsuit filed by the rapper against his label Cash Money in January over an allegedly unpaid advance. Last month the lawsuit was moved from New York to New Orleans, where Lil Wayne originally signed his deal with the label in 1998.

You can watch Young Thug’s full interview with No Days Off Radio here: