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Yungen signs to Sony/ATV

By | Published on Wednesday 14 March 2018

Pictured, left to right, in the photo are David Ventura (Sony/ATV Head of A&R, UK), Isaac Kyerematen (House Of Forever), Alex Sparks (Sony/ATV A&R Manager), Yungen, Byron Coote, Simon Dixon (Bray & Krais) and Jamal Rahman (Sony/ATV Business Affairs Manager)

Sony/ATV has signed UK rapper Yungen to a worldwide publishing deal, covering his back catalogue as well as future releases.

“Yungen represents a new generation of artists and songwriters”, reckons Sony/ATV UK Head Of A&R David Ventura. “He is a true talent who we had to work with and bring into the Sony/ATV family. Excuse my French but his lyrics are de la balle! Everything he has achieved is impressive and it is only the beginning of his journey. We are all very excited to have him on the Sony/ATV roster”.

In case you were wondering “de la balle” is French slang for ‘really awesome’. What Ventura’s done there is say “excuse my French” and then said something in French, rather than saying it to excuse some swearing that’s in English, like you’re supposed to.

Clever? No, what he should have said is “Excuse my French, but his lyrics are fucking tremendous”. What’s the point of asking people to excuse your French if you’re going to go around actually speaking French? If I was Yungen, I’d call this whole deal off right now. Let’s see if Senior A&R Manager Alex Sparks can turn things around.

“Having been a fan of Yungen for a long time it is a real pleasure to have him join our family as his talent is indisputable”, says Sparks. “He has had a great start to his career and his continued drive to be the best is inspiring. We are incredibly excited to join forces with his team and help him achieve his ambitions”.

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s faultless – after all, Sony/ATV is a company not a family – but at least there’s no French. Or excuses for French without a subsequent English swearword. Like Fucktrumpet. Or cockweasel. The French famously have no word for cockweasel, so that would have been ideal had he gone down the old “excuse my French” route. But he didn’t. He always plays it safe does Sparksy.

Yungen, meanwhile, comments: “Je suis excité de travailler avec une équipe aussi réputée qui est tout aussi excitée à propos de moi et de ma musique. Tout ce que je veux, c’est créer de la bonne musique, pour qu’elle atteigne tous les coins du globe et qu’elle réussisse avec ceux qui croient en moi. Sony/ATV se sentait comme à la maison dès la première fois que je marchais dans le bâtiment”.