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Zayn takes iHeartRadio Award meant for Fifth Harmony

By | Published on Tuesday 7 March 2017

Zayn Malik

Fifth Harmony used to be a five piece pop group, but one member left. Zayn Malik used to be in a five piece pop group, but he left. You can see how the two might get confused, can’t you? Which must be how Malik came to receive an award meant for Fifth Harmony on Sunday.

Both acts were up for the public-voted Best Music Video prize at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, with Malik announced as the winner on the night for ‘Pillowtalk’. Not actually at the ceremony, he tweeted a video acknowledging the apparent win, saying: “Hello to everyone at iHeart. I’m currently in Paris, sorry I can’t be there. A little birdie told me that I’ve actually won an award, so thank you very much. I’m very honoured”.

The thing is though, birds can’t actually talk, so Zayn is silly to go around pretending that they’re telling him he’s won awards. Because yesterday iHeart tweeted congratulations to Fifth Harmony for winning the prize. Perhaps a simple mistake, but then the official list of winners published on the iHeart site also has the group’s ‘Work From Home’ video marked as the Best Music Video winner.

What exactly happened still isn’t clear. Rather than an Oscars-style fessing up moment, it appears that iHeart is just pretending everything went to plan and hoping that no one will notice. Seems like they’re getting away with it so far, huh?

The good news is, awards are stupid and in a few days no one will even remember that any of this happened.