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CMU Digest 29.11.21: Brennan bill, Four Tet, Astroworld, Night & Day, BRIT Awards
CMU Digest 22.11.21: Spanish visas, Astroworld, music rights revenues, Tidal, Republic
CMU Digest 15.11.21: Astroworld, performer ER, Jay-Z, The Scala, Apple
CMU Digest 08.11.21: Brexit, the reciprocity approach, Jay-Z, Live Nation, HYBE
CMU Digest 01.11.21: CISAC, Universal Music, COVID Passports, Epic Games, Genius
CMU Digest 25.10.21: CMA, UK Music, CRB, IFPI, Kobalt
CMU Digest 18.10.21: Sony Music, Copyright Royalty Board, Black Lives In Music, Hipgnosis, Lyric Capital, Coldplay
CMU Digest 11.10.21: FLVTO/2conv, COVID Passports, Boiler Room, Friendly Fires, Driift
CMU Digest 04.10.21: CAA, Sony Music, Eddy Grant, Roblox, Twitch
CMU Digest 27.09.21: Universal Music, Economics Of Streaming, Creators' Earnings, Twitch, Yout
CMU Digest 20.09.21: RIAA stats, Apple, COVID Passports, Little Mix, StubHub
CMU Digest 13.09.21: AWAL, COVID Passports, economics of streaming, Viagogo, Quad9
CMU Digest 06.09.21: Apple, PayPerformers, Universal Music, disability study, Primephonic
CMU Digest 30.08.21: Nirvana, Sex Pistols, Megan Thee Stallion, TekSavvy, Flo & Eddie
CMU Digest 23.08.21: Secondary ticketing, streaming black boxes, Audiam, Tencent, repeat infringers
CMU Digest 16.08.21: App stores, COVID rules, Vivendi, Four Tet, Universal Music
CMU Digest 09.08.21: COVID insurance, Sony Music, Spotify, Twitter, Bob Dylan
CMU Digest 02.08.21: Tencent, Women In CTRL, CRB, FLVTO/2conv, Reservoir
CMU Digest 26.07.21: Universal Music, Gymshark, Sex Pistols, European Commission, Sony Music Publishing
CMU Digest 19.07.21: Economics Of Streaming, COVID, Chance The Rapper, The Sex Pistols, Brexit
CMU Digest 12.07.21: COVID-19, Sainsbury's, GECAT Pass, Artist Growth Model, Hipgnosis
CMU Digest 05.07.21: HYBE, Brexit, Spotify Discovery Mode, Damon Dash, IMS stats
CMU Digest 28.06.21: Events Research Programme, Sony Music Australia, Damon Dash, Universal Music, #LetTheMusicMove
CMU Digest 21.06.21: COVID, Kevin Brennan, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Somethin Else, Jay-Z
CMU Digest 14.06.21: Sony Music, COVID, Performer ER, Roblox, TikTok
CMU Digest 07.06.21: Spotify, Universal, festivals, YouTube, Believe
CMU Digest 01.06.21: NetEase, COVID-19, Cox Communications, Brexit, Canadian web-blocks
CMU Digest 24.05.21: AWAL, Triller, Events Research Programme, Vivendi, HD streams
CMU Digest 17.05.21: Believe, Apple, Lady A, BRITs, mental health guides
CMU Digest 10.05.21: AIF, PRS, Apple, Live Nation, Vimeo
CMU Digest 03.05.21: Tencent, Brexit, Downtown, Spotify, PRS
CMU Digest 26.04.21: COVID, #fixstreaming, Apple, Know Your Business Customer, Maria Schneider
CMU Digest 19.04.21: Tencent, Fyre Festival, Triller, Live Nation, Capital Xtra
CMU Digest 12.04.21: Maria Schneider, Events Research Programme, Lil Nas X, Digital Markets Unit, Young
CMU Digest 05.04.21: Katy Perry, PACT, Bob Dylan, Universal Music, TuneIn
CMU Digest 29.03.21: Brexit, COVID, IFPI, IMPALA, economics of streaming
CMU Digest 22.03.21: Brexit, Spotify, BBC, iHeart, MDRCs
CMU Digest 15.03.21: Brexit, women in music, SGAE, Pirate Monitor, ASCAP
CMU Digest 08.03.21: Tidal, SoundCloud, COVID-19, Apple, Viagogo
CMU Digest 01.03.21: Spotify, COVID-19, economics of streaming, BPI, Triller
CMU Digest 22.02.21: MLC, Vivendi, CISAC, Virgin Music, BPI
CMU Digest 15.02.21: Sony Music Publishing, economics of streaming, Brexit, Dwight Yoakam, TikTok
CMU Digest 08.02.21: Triller, streaming inquiry, Viagogo, VAT cut, AWAL
CMU Digest 01.02.21: PRS, Cox Communications, stream manipulation, BOTS Act, Liberty Media
CMU Digest 25.01.21: Economics Of Streaming, Glastonbury, Brexit, consent decrees, Amazon
CMU Digest 18.01.21: Brexit, Cox Communications, Nicki Minaj, DEAG, Capitol Studios
CMU Digest 21.12.20: Tencent, Twitter, platform responsibility, Lil Wayne, Spotify
CMU Digest 14.12.20: Ivors Academy, PRS, Ticketmaster, NTIA, Creative Passport
CMU Digest 07.12.20: Chance The Rapper, COVID-19, DCMS select committee, Twitch, Spinrilla
CMU Digest 30.11.20: COVID, culture select committee, TikTok, Instagram, 0207 Def Jam
CMU Digest 23.11.20: UK Music, Apple, Triller, Taylor Swift, Ticketmaster
CMU Digest 16.11.20: Twitch, COVID-19, festivals, Viagogo, Nirvana
CMU Digest 09.11.20: Live Nation, Spotify, EMMA, MegaUpload, Google
CMU Digest 02.11.20: Spotify, CISAC, Twitch, UMAW, TikTok
CMU Digest 26.10.20: COVID-19, Viagogo, Channel 4, Ed Sheeran, Culture Recovery Fund
CMU Digest 19.10.20: DCMS select committee inquiry, and, BBC Sounds, RDx, Spotify
CMU Digest 12.10.20: Stairway To Heaven, G-A-Y, BMG, Kickass, Stream Manipulation
CMU Digest 05.10.20: Music Venue Trust, Polaris, TikTok, Twitch, Kelly Clarkson
CMU Digest 28.09.20: COVID-19, TikTok, YouTube, CISAC, OfCom
CMU Digest 21.09.20: TikTok, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, BBC Sounds, TuneIn
CMU Digest 14.09.20: RIAA, safe harbour, COVID-19, radio royalties, Hipgnosis
CMU Digest 07.09.20: Amazon, Freeplay, TikTok, Taylor Swift, Gaana
CMU Digest 31.08.20: TikTok, Napster, Fortnite, stream manipulation, Tracy Chapman
CMU Digest 24.08.20: COVID, Fortnite, StubHub, PRS, Apple Music
CMU Digest 17.08.20: Genius, Stairway To Heaven, Fortnite, NMPA, Cox Communications
CMU Digest 10.08.20: Live Nation, TikTok, AM/FM Act, Tunecore, Snapchap
CMU Digest 03.08.20: COVID funding, Wiley, consent decrees, Triller, StubHub
CMU Digest 27.07.20: Q, COVID-19, Viagogo, TikTok, Burger Records
CMU Digest 20.07.20: COVID-19, Migos, Digital Dollar, Spotify, Billboard charts
CMU Digest 13.07.20: COVID-19, Lady A, Global, YouTube, Youth Music
CMU Digest 06.07.20: COVID-19, Eight Mile Style, YouTube, TikTok, Mixmag
CMU Digest 29.06.20: Live Nation, COVID-19, Viagogo, Trax Records, SoundExchange
CMU Digest 22.06.20: Apple, Live Nation, COVID-19, EMI Records, The Carters
CMU Digest 15.06.20: Black Out Tuesday, Viagogo, Tidal, AEG, Twitch
CMU Digest 08.06.20: Warner Music, Black Out Tuesday, Cox Communications, Spotify, Festival Republic
CMU Digest 01.06.30: Warner Music, StubHub, Bauer Media, Ultra Music Festival, Maverick
CMU Digest 25.05.30: ERA, Copyright Office, Spotify, Q magazine, 6ix9ine
CMU Digest 18.05.20: Keep Music Alive, AIF, UK Music, Warner Music, Canadian web-blocks
CMU Digest 11.05.20: IFPI, ERA, Spinrilla, Quincy Jones, Love Parade
CMU Digest 04.05.20: Live Nation, COVID-19, SXSW, Music Venue Trust, Spotify
CMU Digest 27.04.20: Tickemaster, UK radio, Taylor Swift, Sonos, Mixcloud
CMU Digest 20.04.20: UK Music, StubHub, Katy Perry, SGAE, Bonzo Dog Band
CMU Digest 13.04.20: COVID-19, Universal Music, Post Malone, You Raise Me Up, YouTube
CMU Digest 06.04.20: COVID-19, Paradigm, Eminem, Spinrilla, termination rights
CMU Digest 30.03.20: COVID-19, self-employed, emergency funds, Lizzo, StubHub
CMU Digest 23.03.20: COVID-19, economic support, live streaming, Katy Perry, BPI stats
CMU Digest 16.03.20: COVID-19, business rates, Led Zeppelin, safe harbour, NMPA
CMU Digest 09.03.20: COVID-19, Viagogo, Resso, stream manipulation, Lizzo
CMU Digest 02.03.20: Peloton, Touts, Ticketfly, RIAA, Bertelsmann
CMU Digest 24.02.20: Post-Brexit visas, Cloudflare, Pearl Jam, BBC, Recording Academy
CMU Digest 17.02.19: Universal, touts, online harms, Spotify, Soundcloud
CMU Digest 10.02.19: Warner Music, Spotify, YouTube, Cox Communications, buyout deals
CMU Digest 03.02.20: Grassroots venues, Copyright Directive, Peloton, StubHub, digital royalties
CMU Digest 27.01.20: Recording Academy, FYE, FUGA, Payola, BBC
CMU Digest 20.01.19: Spotify, Recording Academy, Guvera, Ariana Grande, HMV
CMU Digest 13.01.19: Sofar Sounds, UK Music, Koko, First Access, Merlin
CMU Digest 23.12.19: Cox Communications, Discovery Networks, Live Nation, Tencent, Viagogo
CMU Digest 16.12.19: General Election, Taylor Swift, Soundgarden, Ninth Circuit, Bytedance
CMU Digest 09.12.19: Genius, TuneIn, GMR, Spinal Tap, UK Music
CMU Digest 02.12.19: Tencent, Viagogo, TRNSMT, MLC, Jay-Z
CMU Digest 25.11.19: Taylor Swift, AM-FM Act, Apple Music, Coldplay, UK Music
CMU Digest 18.11.19: Taylor Swift, Distribution Revolution, MLC, big tech, Nirvana
CMU Digest 11.11.19: Spinal Tap, TuneIn, CISAC, Children In Need, MCD
CMU Digest 04.11.19: Taylor Swift, MMF, 360 Reality Audio, Piracy, Apple
CMU Digest 28.10.19: Lizzo, Pledge, PPL, Spotify, Musicians' Union
CMU Digest 21.10.19: Vivendi, Atlantic, Chuck D, MegaUpload, Internet Infrastructure Coalition
CMU Digest 14.10.19: Katy Perry, Lil Peep, HMV, SoundExchange, Apple
CMU Digest 07.10.19: Brexit, SGAE, RIAA, Spotify, Live Nation
CMU Digest 30.09.19: Led Zeppelin, Robert Fripp, IFPI, WME, The Clash
CMU Digest 23.09.19: Live Nation, AXS, MLC, BMG, Harry Warren
CMU Digest 16.09.19: Consent decrees, Deezer, Content ID, UK Music, Cox Communications
CMU Digest 09.09.19: Alibaba, Viagogo, RIAA, Soundgarden, Fyre Festival
CMU Digest 02.09.19: RCN, Tencent, Chrysalis, Universal fire, NMPA
CMU Digest 26.08.19: Led Zeppelin, Eminem, Baby Shark, Tidal, Drake
CMU Digest 19.08.19: CRB, consent decrees, Spotify, Cox, SoundExchange
CMU Digest 22.07.19: Viagogo, Sony, Universal, Woodstock 50, Salt-N-Pepa
CMU Digest 15.07.19: MLC, Live Nation, Music Declares Emergency, Spotify, BBC
CMU Digest 08.07.19: Spotify, Taylor Swift, Viagogo, Ed Sheeran, Charter Communications
CMU Digest 01.07.19: SGAE, Universal Music, Ticketmaster, Apple, Kanye West
CMU Digest 24.06.19: Vivendi, Wixen, stream manipulation, Eventbrite, Genius
CMU Digest 17.06.19: MegaUpload, BOSS Act, Viagogo, Stairway To Heaven, Distrokid
CMU Digest 10.06.19: iTunes, consent decrees, Eventbrite, SGAE, Viagogo
CMU Digest 03.06.19: Warner, SGAE,, Iron Maiden, Snapchat
CMU Digest 20.05.19: NME, Woodstock, Canadian copyright, Beatport, Borderline
CMU Digest 13.05.19: PledgeMusic, Wynk, Rolling Stone, Universal Music, Michael Jackson
CMU Digest 29.04.19: Amazon, Notorious Markets, NoiseTrade, BBC, Spotify
CMU Digest 15.04.19: Spotify, Radiohead, Music Choice, Online Harms, Boomplay
CMU Digest 08.04.19: Ticketmaster, IFPI, Red Bull, iHeart, Drowned In Sound
CMU Digest 01.04.19: Copyright Directive, CD Baby, MSG Sphere, Charter Communications, Vodafone
CMU Digest 25.03.19: Live Music Report, Apple, BPI, Grande, Radio 3
CMU Digest 18.03.19: Apple, Spotify, Nirvana, Kanye West, UK Music
CMU Digest 11.03.19: NMPA, Viagogo, Spotify, ReDigi, Childish Gambino
CMU Digest 04.03.19: Spotify, Universal Music, Consent Decrees, Global Radio, Copyright Directive
CMU Digest 25.02.19: SoundCloud, Michael Jackson, Local Radio Freedom Act, Termination Rights, Copyright Directive
CMU Digest 18.02.19: Copyright Directive, INgrooves, Kanye West, Michael Jackson, The Great Escape
CMU Digest 11.02.19: Copyright Directive, HMV, Spotify, Termination Rights, NMPA
CMU Digest 04.02.19: Kanye West, Rolling Stone, Youth Music, Ticketbande, Pandora
CMU Digest 28.01.19: Viagogo, PledgeMusic, iHeartMedia,, Pitchfork
CMU Digest 21.01.19: Viagogo, Article Thirteen, HMV, Rihanna, Tidal
CMU Digest 14.01.19: R Kelly, Michael Jackson, music venue business rates, Warner/Chappell, HMV
CMU Digest 24.12.18: Spotify, MegaUpload, Viagogo, Brexit, HMV, Music Venue Trust
CMU Digest 17.12.18: Tencent, Article Thirteen, Blurred Lines, Kraftwerk, Ticketmaster
CMU Digest 10.12.18: Tencent, Apple, Mixcloud, WINTEL, Ticketmaster
CMU Digest 03.12.18: Viagogo, touting caps, The Cellar, web-blocks, Record Union
CMU Digest 26.11.18: YouTube, Rammstein, Taylor Swift, Wireless, Skrillex
CMU Digest 19.11.18: Article thirteen, Viagogo, EMI, NetEase, Ed Sheeran
CMU Digest 12.11.18: Spotify, Google, CISAC, IP Rights Distribution Fund, AIF
CMU Digest 05.11.18: Viagogo, YouTube, Sony, UK Music, SoundCloud
CMU Digest 29.10.18: YouTube, Bestival, BBC, Spotify, IPO
CMU Digest 22.10.18: Distrokid, American Law Institute, IMPALA, Soundtrack Your Brand, ERA
CMU Digest 15.10.18: MMA, SoundCloud, ECSA, IFPI, Sky
CMU Digest 08.10.18: BASCA, Ticketfly, NAFTA, Tencent, National Trading Standards
CMU Digest 01.10.18: Pandora, Ticketmaster, Ricky Nelson, Bestival, EMI
CMU Digest 24.09.18: Spotify, MMA, Sony/ATV, Childish Gambino, Taylor Swift
CMU Digest 17.09.18: Copyright Directive, Viagogo, MMA, Troy Carter, Ja Rule
CMU Digest 10.09.18: Viagogo, Copyright Directive, Dr Luke, BPI, Chris Evans
CMU Digest 03.09.18: Copyright Directive, Michael Jackson, Viagogo, Spinal Tap, Cox
CMU Digest 28.08.18: Eventbrite, Shazam, Grande, Spotify, CBS Radio
CMU Digest 20.08.18: Ticketmaster, Viagogo, Warner, Disney, IMPALA
CMU Digest 13.08.18: Warner, Spotify, Guvera, YouTube, stream-ripping
CMU Digest 06.08.18: MMA, Vivendi, Deezer, Cox Communications, EMI
CMU Digest 30.07.18: MMA, ticket touts, Eventbrite, Cliff Richard, Spotify
CMU Digest 23.07.18: Cliff Richard, Route 91, Spotify, Ed Sheeran, ICE, SACEM
CMU Digest 16.07.18: Blurred Lines, Childish Gambino, ISM/MU, Sony Music, Cardi B
CMU Digest 09.07.18: Copyright directive, SGAE, MegaUpload, Strongroom, bots ban
CMU Digest 02.07.18: Chart, MMA, Prince, AEG, Beats
CMU Digest 25.06.18: Copyright directive, Prince, Beats, FanFair, YouTube
CMU Digest 18.06.18: Sony, SGAE, Stream Ripping, Young Fathers, StubHub
CMU Digest 09.03.18: NME, ASA, Universal Music, Redefining Music Education, iTunes LP
CMU Digest 02.03.18: Spotify, PPL PRS, Robomagic, iHeartMedia, Time Inc UK
CMU Digest 23.02.18: Amazon Tickets, Spotify, touting rules, agent of change, CD sales
CMU Digest 16.02.18: SGAE, touting rules, Dice, Songwriters Guild Of America, Music Moves Europe
CMU Digest 09.02.18: Shazam, Google, Apple Music, Spotify, CISAC
CMU Digest 02.02.18: CRB, Pandora, safe harbour, YouTube, agent of change
CMU Digest 26.01.18: Spotify, YouTube, Little Mix, Kim Dotcom, Rainbow Venues
CMU Digest 19.01.17: Songkick, agent of change, MMF, Notorious Markets List, smart speakers
CMU Digest 12.01.18: Agent of change, Facebook, Music Modernization Act, Lana Del Rey, 19 Recordings
CMU Digest 05.01.18: Wixen, Spotify, 2017 stats, IMPEL, France Télévisions
CMU Digest 22.12.17: Universal, Stop2018, agent of change, BMI, Rolling Stone
CMU Digest 15.12.17: Spotify, National Trading Standards, Shazam, EC, YouTube
CMU Digest 08.12.17: Eventim, Warner Music, YouTube, safe harbour, Help Musicians
CMU Digest 01.12.17: Rainbow Venues, CMA, web-blocks, London Plan, SMG
CMU Digest 24.11.17: FanFair, MU, Vivendi, Route 91 Harvest, Pandora
CMU Digest 17.11.17: CISAC, 696, Prince, UK Music, Guvera
CMU Digest 10.11.17: Thekla, Digital Music Europe, Sci-Hub, Tidal, vKontakte
CMU Digest 03.11.17: FanFair, Sainsbury's, Prince, Webster PR, V Festival, Apple
CMU Digest 27.10.17: WINTEL, NMPA, YouTube, The Pirate Bay, EFF
CMU Digest 20.10.17: Songkick, touts, Spinrilla, European Digital Rights, The Pirate Bay, Sci-Hub
CMU Digest 13.10.17: Mixcloud, SACEM, Cloudflare, Prince, touts, Hope & Glory
CMU Digest 06.10.17: Spinal Tap, Guvera, Sci-Hub, Fyre Festival, Ticketmaster, MegaUpload
CMU Digest 29.09.17: Spotify, Fair Play Fair Pay Act, Dweezil Zappa, Bell Canada, Royalty Flow
CMU Digest 22.09.17: RIAA, UK Music, Spotify, Rolling Stone, New Order, Martin Garrix
CMU Digest 15.09.17: Spotify, IOW Festival, Chance The Rapper, We Shall Overcome, Tencent, Sharebeast
CMU Digest 08.09.17: YouTube-mp3, Warner, Facebook, Hope & Glory, Toni Basil, Spotify
CMU Digest 01.09.17: Viagogo, Goldman Sachs, Kanye West, musicFIRST, Merlin
CMU Digest 25.08.17: Warner Music, YouTube, The Pirate Bay, ReDigi, AIF, Beatbox
CMU Digest 18.08.17: SoundCloud, Pandora, RIAA, Spinrilla, Cinram, Manchester Arena
CMU Digest 11.08.17: Hope & Glory, Warner Music, Festival Republic, Y-Not, Tidal, KickassTorrents
CMU Digest 04.08.17: SoundCloud, Spotify, Spinrilla, Kanye West, Tomorrowland, Y Not
CMU Digest 21.07.17: Viagogo, 1972, BBC, Spotify, Believe, Songkick