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ANDY MALT | Editor
Andy heads up the team, overseeing the CMU Daily, website and Setlist podcast, managing social channels, reporting on artist and business stories, and writing the CMU Approved column.
Email andy@unlimitedmedia.co.uk

CHRIS COOKE | Co-Founder & MD
Chris provides music business coverage, writing key business news and the CMU Guides. He also leads the CMU Insights consultancy unit and the CMU:DIY future talent programme, as well as heading up CMU publisher 3CM UnLimited.
Email chris@unlimitedmedia.co.uk

SAM TAYLOR | Head Of Special Projects
Sam oversees the commercial side of the CMU media, leading on sales, sponsorship and business development, as well as heading up key projects at our consultancy unit CMU Insights.
Email sam@unlimitedmedia.co.uk or call 020 7099 9060

CARO MOSES | Co-Publisher
Caro helps oversee the CMU media as a Director of 3CM UnLimited, as well as heading up the company’s other two titles ThisWeek Culture and ThreeWeeks Edinburgh, and supporting other parts of the business.
Email caro@unlimitedmedia.co.uk

Contributors: Aly Barchi, Dan Le Sac, Eddy TM, Marc Samuels, Paul Vig.

You will also find reviews in the CMU archives from: Abi Willey [AW], Adam Strandt [AS], Andy Malt [AHM], Caro Moses [CM], Cat Gordon [CG], Daisy Harriet [DH], David Jones [DJ], Duncan Geere [DG], Emily Gosling [EG], Gav Murphy [GM], Georgina Stone [GS], Gordon Bruce [GB], Harry Haste [HH], Ian Marshall [IM], Isabelle Amazon-Brown [IAB], Jadie Leigh Troy-Pryde [JTP], Josh Baines [JAB], Jane Wright [JW], Kevin Wilson [KW], Marc Samuels [MS], Maria Buckley [MB], Michelle Yong [MY], Mike Ellis [ME], Owen Smith [OS], Patrick Glen [PG], Paul Vig [PV], Samir Gelu [SG], Seri Davies [SD], Sophie Keys [SK], Stephen Smith [SJS], Terri Williams [TW], Thomas Meek [TM], Tom Ayres [TA], Tom Clinton [TC], Tom Hawkins [TH].

Web Stuff: Chris Cooke, Alan Ogilvie, Sam Taylor.

Founders: Chris Cooke, Alastair Walker, Fraser Thomson.

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