Latest news about digital and direct-to-fan platforms

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Sony Music to boost royalty reporting and speed up payments
TikTok owner plotting music service launch for this autumn
Italian version of Copyright Directive says non-infringing material must be blocked
Australian court orders web-blocks against stream-ripping sites
PledgeMusic publishes links for accessing data and downloads
Spotify to launch in-car listening device, but only for research purposes
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Beatport puts new streaming service for DJs into beta
One Liners: Funnel Music, Flying Lotus, Angel Olsen, more
Spotify's Soundtrap launches editing tool for podcasters
US case over Apple's app store monopoly allowed to proceed
BBC boss outlines ambitions for Sounds app and its
Setlist: 20 years of CMU – The saga of MegaUpload and Kim Dotcom
New MMF guide explains why songwriters are often missing out on their digital dollars
Ruling against Indian streaming service could have implications for Spotify's battle with Warner
PledgeMusic acquisition falls through, administration looms
One Liners: R Kelly, Deezer, Tool, more
Neil Young to reflect on Pono debacle in new book
RIAA gets court order to access contact information of piracy sites using Cloudflare
New service allows you to select your funeral music while you're still alive
Tinder launches 'festival mode' for people who inexplicably want to interact with others at live music events
MegaUpload lawsuits postponed yet again
YouTube CEO says battle against European safe harbour reforms is not over
Sepultura comment on Lebanon ban, announce livestream of Dubai show
One Liners: Spotify, Jayda G, Hayden Thorpe, more
Twitter announces content partnerships with Live Nation and MTV
Setlist: 20 years of CMU - How web-blocking became the anti-piracy tool of choice
US government publishes its annual piracy gripe lists
Paste Media Group buys fan data platform NoiseTrade from flagging PledgeMusic