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US music industry ramps up pressure over unlicensed music on Twitch
Apple and Amazon say they'll cooperate with new app-blocking copyright rules in Russia
Stream-ripping site sues the labels, argues it is simply offering a time shift service
US musicians group calls for cent-per-stream payouts in Justice At Spotify campaign
One Liners: Tencent, Harry Styles, Outkast, more
One Liners: SoundCloud, Raekwon, Ariana Grande, more
German record industry welcomes latest court ruling in Cloudflare case
Apple launches music TV channel
Snapchat rolls out its music library feature
Setlist: Parliament probes the economics of streaming
Parliament's culture select committee to investigate the economics of music streaming
The battle over Pirate Bay blocking in the Netherlands may finally be over
OfCom formally launches investigation into BBC Sounds
University Of Brighton and CMU team up to put the spotlight on music data
New industry exchange for recordings data up and running
Spotify allows podcasters to add music to shows (finally)
One Liners: TikTok, Andrew WK, Ariana Grande, more
Russian stream-ripper formally takes his copyright dispute to US Supreme Court, and says the majors should support that move
Fortnite can remain banned from Apple's App Store until Epic legal battle reaches court next year
Warner Music renews licensing deal with Soundtrack Your Brand
Kickass founder disappears halting US extradition attempts
RCN latest ISP to accuse record industry of bad conduct when issuing copyright takedowns
Majors test new Russian law to take down unlicensed music apps
Brazilian stream manipulation services go offline after industry action
Paul Firth and Jillian Gerngross promoted at Amazon Music
Music and movie industries' MegaUpload lawsuits postponed yet again
Amazon Music HD partners with Universal and Warner
Apple and Epic agree that a jury shouldn't rule on all their disagreements
Triller signs deal with ICE
Polaris signs YouTube deal, ending video site's standoff with Koda in Denmark