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YouTube hits back against lawsuit over Content ID access
Spotify brings news to the UK
Donald Trump says he'll only approve TikTok deal if Oracle is in control of the app
The Pirate Bay renews main domain name to 2030 after lapsed URLs sell at auction
TikTok's Oracle deal has Donald Trump's
Stream-ripping case could be put on hold pending petition to US Supreme Court
Warner teams up with Super Simple Songs
Setlist: Kanye West puts record deals in the spotlight
One Liners: Chris Difford, Beatport, Pendulum, more
Apple again insists Fortnite ban should stay in place
Podcasts are now on Amazon Music, just like you wanted
One Liners: NetEase Cloud Music, Janelle Monáe, Travis, more
Lapsed Pirate Bay domain name sells for $50,000
Stream-ripping grew 1390% in three years, says PRS For Music
Apple launches subscriptions bundle product Apple One
Spotify allows artists to list livestreamed concerts
SACEM announces licensing deal with Twitch
CMU Insights webinars kick off next week
One Liners: Vince Power, TuneCore, Slowthai, more
Facebook secures music deals for its gaming app
TikTok submits plans for Oracle alliance to US government
Microsoft out of the running to buy TikTok US
Byta launches BETA programme
TuneIn starts restricting international stations in the UK after major labels' legal win
One Liners: Tion Wayne, Motown UK, James Blake, more
Setlist: Music industry numbers - the week in stats
RIAA stats show record industry mainly COVID immune thanks to streaming
US government says court should not and cannot interfere in Bytedance ban based on TikTok employee's complaint
One Liners: Chrissie Hynde, BMG, David Guetta & Sia, more
Apple hits back at multi-billion dollar Epic Games for masquerading as the underdog in Fortnite app payments dispute