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European Commission lays into the tech sector over copyright directive lobbying, as everyone else comments on the final draft
Fyre founder Ja Rule wants to have another go at staging an
Copyright Directive remains controversial as final draft agreed
ISM launches new series of how to guides
EU Council overcomes deadlock on European Copyright Directive, as IMPALA clarifies its position on the copyright reforms
Setlist: HMV, Spotify, Terminators
Music industry consensus collapses as copyright directive talks near completion
BMG partners with SESAC on Indian digital song licensing
One Liners: Atlas Music Publishing, Mixcloud, Julia Michaels, more
Spotify reports first quarterly operating profit, buys a couple of podcast companies
Copyright directive talks could resume after France and Germany compromise over reach of article thirteen
US Copyright Royalty Board confirms 44% increase in streaming royalty on songs
PledgeMusic suspends payments to artist campaigns
Pandora hits back at investment fund that's seeking access to Sirius deal documents
Code-sharing community questions if Deezer can force block of stream-ripping tool
Spotify in talks to buy podcasting company Gimlet Media
PledgeMusic issues new statement over ongoing late-payment issues
Setlist: 20 years of CMU – Spotify and streaming revolution
Marshmello to perform live in Fortnite this weekend
Pandora CEO steps down as SiriusXM takeover goes ahead
Benji Rogers returns to PledgeMusic as company attempts to resolve financial issues
CMU Insights: Find out what happens to the digital dollars at latest CMU masterclass
One Liners: Joe Hammill, Warner Music, Sam Smith, more
Spotify removes tracks after another possible scam gaming the system
Setlist: Pitchfork, Viagogo, Spotify
PledgeMusic issues statement amid latest artist payment problems
CMU Insights: Introducing the MMF Fan Data Guide
Record industry's latest stream-ripping lawsuit dismissed in US court
RealNetworks doubles its stake in Napster