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UK artist and songwriter groups welcome government commitment to music industry reform during Friday's Brennan Bill debate
Coalition For App Fairness is not a front for Epic Games, other app makers argue as Apple tries to halt payment link injunction
Stream-ripper Yout says labels still haven't identified the YouTube technical protection measures it is meant to be side-stepping
41% of British people listening to podcasts on at least a monthly basis
Like you, Prince William prepares for the week ahead by listening to AC/DC
Hulu pulls Astroworld documentary after social media backlash
Comedy content removed from Spotify in dispute over joke copyrights
Apple says Ninth Circuit should ignore other app makers when considering Epic injunction
NetEase's music business lists on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
TikTok launches Creator Next hub, adds new monetisation tools
Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music round up 2021
Other app makers back Epic over pending injunction that will force Apple App Store rule change
Google voluntarily de-lists The Pirate Bay in response to ISP-targeting web-blocking injunction
BandLab Technologies rebrands as Caldecott Music Group
Baby Shark NFTs arrive just in time for Christmas
Apple v Epic alternative payment links dispute now in the Ninth Circuit appeals court
Copyright groups criticise EU Council's 'general approach' to Digital Services Act
Movie producers want right to sue WOW customers it identifies as part of its safe harbour case with the internet firm
Spotify piloting TikTok style feed and curating Netflix soundtracks
Fortnite maker buys Rock Band maker
Steve Aoki to DJ Sonic The Hedgehog 30th anniversary show
Yout blocked in Brazil again following criminal copyright complaint
One Liners: Ed Sheeran, Lil Wayne & Rich The Kid, Bloc Party, more
Music sharing community loses Discord presence after pre-release leak of Adele's 30
NetEase music IPO is back on
Artist behind The NFT Bay says the project is a warning to potential NFT buyers
Adele convinces Spotify to stop shuffling albums
Setlist: There’s only room for one Republic in music, says Universal
Total music right revenues rose 2.7%, according to Will Page's latest study
Jonah Hill to star in Martin Scorsese's Grateful Dead biopic