Latest news about digital and direct-to-fan platforms

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Setlist: Counting the impact of COVID on the UK music industry
Streaming services push for pre-2018 song royalty rate in US Copyright Royalty Board proceedings
Google cuts its commission for in-app subscription fees
NFT group bought Wu-Tang's single copy album for $4 million
Free, social and video platforms online account for 45% of music consumption, according to IFPI
Spotify partners with Shopify
Artists and songwriter groups welcome Competition & Market Authority's streaming market study
CMU Library: Economics Of Streaming Inquiry Timeline
UK competition regulator announces market study into music streaming
Spotify welcomes latest proposals in US Senate to regulate the tech giants
Apple Music unveils mid-price subscription package
Setlist: Coldplay's plans to make touring eco-friendly
US movie companies persuade VPN and server hosting companies to instigate some web-blocks
Spotify triples the number of podcasts it makes about Spotify
Secondary ticketing campaigners back call for
One Liners: Måneskin, Nathan Evans, Crossfaith, more
TikTok adds music agencies to its approved suppliers for brands
Major labels seek $83 million in damages from Russian stream-ripper
One Liners: Ed Sheeran & Elton John, Kylie Minogue & Years & Years, Tears For Fears, more
YouTube deletes two official R Kelly channels
One Liners: Adele, Ronan Keating, Kim Petras, more
Deezer buys into Driift
Warner partners with SMS mailing list service Community
PopBuzz to launch Little Mix tenth anniversary podcast
Dice acquires Boiler Room
Next Big Sound to close
Setlist: Donald Trump's Electric Avenue fair use failure
Spotify launches DJ Mixes
BIMM and Spotify partner on scholarships programme
CMU Library: Economics Of Streaming Inquiry Timeline