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Bandcamp announces plans to simplify pressing vinyl releases
The Mighty Boosh announced as UK Record Store Day ambassadors
One Liners: Madonna, PJ Harvey, Morrissey, more
One Liners: BMG, MMF, AIF, more
Subscription services account for more than 60% of UK recorded music revenues, as fans switch from ownership to access
Closed HMV stores re-opening, as Sunrise does new deals on rent
Pearl Jam announce five-headed ambassador attack for Record Store Day 2019
Setlist: HMV, Spotify, Terminators
HMV's Oxford Street shop among those to close
HMV deal saves 100 stores
New bidder emerges as decision on HMV's future gets closer
Setlist: Pitchfork, Viagogo, Spotify
Sports Direct chief bidding for HMV
Bandcamp to open physical record shop
Setlist: R Kelly, HMV, Rihanna
HMV administrators confirm offers have been made for the business
More consumption and cash in 2018 - it’s your year-end record industry stats
ERA comments on HMV administration
HMV UK heading back into administration
HMV stores in Hong Kong to close after tough year
One Liners: Bucks, Sentric, Record Store Day, more
Setlist: UK Music, Sony, SoundCloud
Music industry comments on UK budget fun times
HMV biggest seller of music discs this summer, though Amazon still leads entertainment retail at large
ERA hits out at IFPI's disc free music consumption report
One Liners: ERA, SoundExchange, Independent Music Cup, more
Setlist: 20 years of CMU - The collapse of HMV
71% of UK vinyl sales go to big spender 'superfans'