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Approved: Martha Skye Murphy
Approved: Loz KeyStone
Approved: Loz KeyStone3 December 2019

CMU Digest 02.12.19: Tencent, Viagogo, TRNSMT, MLC, Jay-Z
Approved: Dan Kanvis
Approved: Dan Kanvis28 November 2019

Approved: Meljoann
Approved: Meljoann26 November 2019

CMU Digest 25.11.19: Taylor Swift, AM-FM Act, Apple Music, Coldplay, UK Music
Approved: Charlotte Spiral
Approved: Japanese Television
CMU Digest 18.11.19: Taylor Swift, Distribution Revolution, MLC, big tech, Nirvana
Approved: MT Hadley
Approved: MT Hadley14 November 2019

Approved: Magda Drozd
Approved: Magda Drozd12 November 2019

CMU Digest 11.11.19: Spinal Tap, TuneIn, CISAC, Children In Need, MCD
Approved: The Keep
Approved: The Keep7 November 2019

Approved: No Swoon
Approved: No Swoon5 November 2019

CMU Digest 04.11.19: Taylor Swift, MMF, 360 Reality Audio, Piracy, Apple
Approved: Tess Guthrie
Approved: Tess Guthrie31 October 2019

Approved: Plastic Sun
Approved: Plastic Sun29 October 2019

CMU Digest 28.10.19: Lizzo, Pledge, PPL, Spotify, Musicians' Union
Approved: Nardeydey
Approved: Nardeydey24 October 2019

Approved: Tuvaband
Approved: Tuvaband22 October 2019

CMU Digest 21.10.19: Vivendi, Atlantic, Chuck D, MegaUpload, Internet Infrastructure Coalition
Approved: Malcolm McLean - Freak Like Me: Confessions Of A 90s Pop Groupie
Approved: Hello Cosmos
Approved: Hello Cosmos15 October 2019

CMU Digest 14.10.19: Katy Perry, Lil Peep, HMV, SoundExchange, Apple
Approved: Cartel Madras
Approved: Goodnight Louisa
CMU Digest 07.10.19: Brexit, SGAE, RIAA, Spotify, Live Nation
Approved: Alev Lenz
Approved: Alev Lenz3 October 2019

Approved: Anne Müller
CMU Digest 30.09.19: Led Zeppelin, Robert Fripp, IFPI, WME, The Clash