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CMU Digest 10.05.21: AIF, PRS, Apple, Live Nation, Vimeo
CMU Digest 03.05.21: Tencent, Brexit, Downtown, Spotify, PRS
CMU Digest 26.04.21: COVID, #fixstreaming, Apple, Know Your Business Customer, Maria Schneider
CMU Digest 19.04.21: Tencent, Fyre Festival, Triller, Live Nation, Capital Xtra
Approved: Jinjé
Approved: Jinjé15 April 2021

Approved: Feral
Approved: Feral13 April 2021

CMU Digest 12.04.21: Maria Schneider, Events Research Programme, Lil Nas X, Digital Markets Unit, Young
CMU Digest 05.04.21: Katy Perry, PACT, Bob Dylan, Universal Music, TuneIn
Approved: Meet Me @ The Altar
Approved: Charmaine
Approved: Charmaine30 March 2021

CMU Digest 29.03.21: Brexit, COVID, IFPI, IMPALA, economics of streaming
Approved: Scotch Rolex
Approved: Pauli The PSM
CMU Digest 22.03.21: Brexit, Spotify, BBC, iHeart, MDRCs
Approved: Alewya
Approved: Alewya18 March 2021

Approved: Naoko Sakata
CMU Digest 15.03.21: Brexit, women in music, SGAE, Pirate Monitor, ASCAP
CMU Digest 08.03.21: Tidal, SoundCloud, COVID-19, Apple, Viagogo
CMU Digest 01.03.21: Spotify, COVID-19, economics of streaming, BPI, Triller
CMU Digest 22.02.21: MLC, Vivendi, CISAC, Virgin Music, BPI
CMU Digest 15.02.21: Sony Music Publishing, economics of streaming, Brexit, Dwight Yoakam, TikTok
CMU Digest 08.02.21: Triller, streaming inquiry, Viagogo, VAT cut, AWAL
CMU Digest 01.02.21: PRS, Cox Communications, stream manipulation, BOTS Act, Liberty Media
CMU Digest 25.01.21: Economics Of Streaming, Glastonbury, Brexit, consent decrees, Amazon
CMU Digest 18.01.21: Brexit, Cox Communications, Nicki Minaj, DEAG, Capitol Studios
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CMU Digest 21.12.20: Tencent, Twitter, platform responsibility, Lil Wayne, Spotify
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On The CMU Stereo 202017 December 2020

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