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Approved: King Hannah
Approved: King Hannah17 September 2020

Approved: Susu
Approved: Susu15 September 2020

CMU Digest 14.09.20: RIAA, safe harbour, COVID-19, radio royalties, Hipgnosis
Approved: Herizen
Approved: Herizen10 September 2020

Approved: Liraz
Approved: Liraz8 September 2020

CMU Digest 07.09.20: Amazon, Freeplay, TikTok, Taylor Swift, Gaana
Approved: Phelimuncasi
Approved: Phelimuncasi3 September 2020

CMU Digest 31.08.20: TikTok, Napster, Fortnite, stream manipulation, Tracy Chapman
Approved: Sharp Veins
Approved: Sharp Veins27 August 2020

Approved: Object Blue & TSVI
CMU Digest 24.08.20: COVID, Fortnite, StubHub, PRS, Apple Music
Approved: Raven Bush & Coral Dolphin - Moonglades
Approved: Deradoorian
Approved: Deradoorian18 August 2020

CMU Digest 17.08.20: Genius, Stairway To Heaven, Fortnite, NMPA, Cox Communications
Approved: Acid Coco
Approved: Acid Coco13 August 2020

Approved: Bekah CC
Approved: Bekah CC11 August 2020

CMU Digest 10.08.20: Live Nation, TikTok, AM/FM Act, Tunecore, Snapchap
Approved: Naomi Banks
Approved: Duval Timothy
CMU Digest 03.08.20: COVID funding, Wiley, consent decrees, Triller, StubHub
Approved: Tolani
Approved: Tolani30 July 2020

The Artist:Entrepreneur Day from FAC and CMU:DIY this Saturday
Approved: Acera197
Approved: Acera19728 July 2020

CMU Digest 27.07.20: Q, COVID-19, Viagogo, TikTok, Burger Records
Approved: Nadia Rose
Approved: Club Paradise
CMU Digest 20.07.20: COVID-19, Migos, Digital Dollar, Spotify, Billboard charts
Approved: Sen Morimoto
Approved: Dimorphodons
CMU Digest 13.07.20: COVID-19, Lady A, Global, YouTube, Youth Music