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Approved: Mrley
Approved: Mrley23 September 2021

Approved: Kurtis Wells
Approved: Kurtis Wells21 September 2021

CMU Digest 20.09.21: RIAA stats, Apple, COVID Passports, Little Mix, StubHub
Approved: Cumgirl8
Approved: Cumgirl816 September 2021

Approved: Hamish Hawk
Approved: Hamish Hawk14 September 2021

CMU Digest 13.09.21: AWAL, COVID Passports, economics of streaming, Viagogo, Quad9
Approved: Nation Of Language
Approved: Pyra
Approved: Pyra7 September 2021

CMU Digest 06.09.21: Apple, PayPerformers, Universal Music, disability study, Primephonic
CMU Digest 30.08.21: Nirvana, Sex Pistols, Megan Thee Stallion, TekSavvy, Flo & Eddie
CMU Digest 23.08.21: Secondary ticketing, streaming black boxes, Audiam, Tencent, repeat infringers
CMU Digest 16.08.21: App stores, COVID rules, Vivendi, Four Tet, Universal Music
CMU Digest 09.08.21: COVID insurance, Sony Music, Spotify, Twitter, Bob Dylan
CMU Digest 02.08.21: Tencent, Women In CTRL, CRB, FLVTO/2conv, Reservoir
Playlists: Brand New On CMU and CMU Approved
Approved: Rachika Nayar
Approved: Foxlee
Approved: Foxlee27 July 2021

CMU Digest 26.07.21: Universal Music, Gymshark, Sex Pistols, European Commission, Sony Music Publishing
Playlists: Brand New On CMU and CMU Approved
Approved: Indigo De Souza
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Approved: July Jones
CMU Digest 19.07.21: Economics Of Streaming, COVID, Chance The Rapper, The Sex Pistols, Brexit
Playlists: Brand New On CMU and CMU Approved
Approved: Shn Shn
Approved: Shn Shn15 July 2021

Approved: Lenny
Approved: Lenny13 July 2021

CMU Digest 12.07.21: COVID-19, Sainsbury's, GECAT Pass, Artist Growth Model, Hipgnosis
Approved: Allison Ponthier
Approved: H33ra
Approved: H33ra6 July 2021

CMU Digest 05.07.21: HYBE, Brexit, Spotify Discovery Mode, Damon Dash, IMS stats