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Approved: Faith Eliott
CMU Digest 18.03.19: Apple, Spotify, Nirvana, Kanye West, UK Music
Approved: The Claque
Approved: Sazzie
Approved: Sazzie12 March 2019

CMU Digest 11.03.19: NMPA, Viagogo, Spotify, ReDigi, Childish Gambino
Approved: Tennin
Approved: Tennin7 March 2019

Approved: Shhe
Approved: Shhe5 March 2019

CMU Digest 04.03.19: Spotify, Universal Music, Consent Decrees, Global Radio, Copyright Directive
Approved: Pinty
Approved: Pinty28 February 2019

Approved: Erland Cooper
Approved: Erland Cooper26 February 2019

CMU Digest 25.02.19: SoundCloud, Michael Jackson, Local Radio Freedom Act, Termination Rights, Copyright Directive
Approved: Doomsquad
Approved: Doomsquad21 February 2019

Approved: Darcy Baylis
Approved: Darcy Baylis19 February 2019

CMU Digest 18.02.19: Copyright Directive, INgrooves, Kanye West, Michael Jackson, The Great Escape
Approved: Lunatraktors
Approved: Lunatraktors14 February 2019

Approved: Fifty Grand
Approved: Fifty Grand12 February 2019

CMU Digest 11.02.19: Copyright Directive, HMV, Spotify, Termination Rights, NMPA
Approved: Sônge
Approved: Sônge7 February 2019

Approved: Jackie Mendoza
CMU Digest 04.02.19: Kanye West, Rolling Stone, Youth Music, Ticketbande, Pandora
Approved: Yugen Blakrok
Approved: Josefin Öhrn And The Liberation
CMU Digest 28.01.19: Viagogo, PledgeMusic, iHeartMedia, FLVTO.biz, Pitchfork
Approved: Daniel Thorne
Approved: Sarah Walk
Approved: Sarah Walk22 January 2019

CMU Digest 21.01.19: Viagogo, Article Thirteen, HMV, Rihanna, Tidal
Approved: Maria Somerville
Approved: Corella
Approved: Corella15 January 2019

CMU Digest 14.01.19: R Kelly, Michael Jackson, music venue business rates, Warner/Chappell, HMV
CMU Approved in 2018
CMU Approved in 201810 January 2019