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Approved: Patricia Lalor
CMU Digest 30.03.20: COVID-19, self-employed, emergency funds, Lizzo, StubHub
Approved: Craig Irving
Approved: Pêtr Aleksänder
CMU Digest 23.03.20: COVID-19, economic support, live streaming, Katy Perry, BPI stats
Approved: Jasmine Jethwa
Approved: Ben Lukas Boysen
CMU Digest 16.03.20: COVID-19, business rates, Led Zeppelin, safe harbour, NMPA
Approved: Jennifer Touch
Approved: Ohmme
Approved: Ohmme10 March 2020

CMU Digest 09.03.20: COVID-19, Viagogo, Resso, stream manipulation, Lizzo
Approved: Minais B
Approved: Minais B5 March 2020

Approved: William Kz
CMU Digest 02.03.20: Peloton, Touts, Ticketfly, RIAA, Bertelsmann
Approved: Song Sung
Approved: Song Sung27 February 2020

Approved: Choir Boy
Approved: Choir Boy25 February 2020

CMU Digest 24.02.20: Post-Brexit visas, Cloudflare, Pearl Jam, BBC, Recording Academy
Approved: Anna B Savage
Approved: Anna B Savage20 February 2020

Approved: Nicole Mercedes
CMU Digest 17.02.19: Universal, touts, online harms, Spotify, Soundcloud
Approved: MT Low
Approved: MT Low13 February 2020

Approved: Li Yilei
Approved: Li Yilei11 February 2020

CMU Digest 10.02.19: Warner Music, Spotify, YouTube, Cox Communications, buyout deals
Approved: Madge
Approved: Madge6 February 2020

Approved: Mentrix
Approved: Mentrix4 February 2020

CMU Digest 03.02.20: Grassroots venues, Copyright Directive, Peloton, StubHub, digital royalties
Approved: Wuh Oh
Approved: Wuh Oh30 January 2020

Approved: Kala Chng
Approved: Kala Chng29 January 2020

CMU Digest 27.01.20: Recording Academy, FYE, FUGA, Payola, BBC
Approved: Grisly Faye
Approved: Grisly Faye23 January 2020