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Approved: Francesca Burattelli
Approved: Flying Moon In Space
CMU Digest 08.05.22: US mechanical rates, Coldplay, Live Nation, TuneIn, Kanye West
CMU Digest 01.05.22: Spotify, NetEase Cloud Music, Article Seventeen, Digital Services Act, PRS
CMU Digest 24.04.22: Astroworld, Deezer, Justin Bieber, Kesha, termination rights
Approved: Gag Salon
Approved: Gag Salon21 April 2022

CMU Digest 17.04.22: Deezer, Astroworld, The Leadmill, Backstreet, Justin Bieber
Approved: Léa Sen
Approved: Léa Sen14 April 2022

Approved: Ethel Cain
CMU Digest 10.04.22: Ed Sheeran, Spotify, BBC Sounds, Bob Dylan, Cardi B
Approved: Ghxst
Approved: Ghxst7 April 2022

Approved: Alissic
Approved: Alissic5 April 2022

CMU Digest 03.04.22: Universal Music, The Leadmill, Spotify, Copyright Royalty Board, Fortnite
Approved: Konvent
Approved: Konvent31 March 2022

Approved: Marina Herlop
CMU Digest 27.03.22: IFPI, Spotify, UK budget, Google, FLVTO/2conv
Approved: Efé
Approved: Efé24 March 2022

Approved: Elaine
Approved: Elaine22 March 2022

CMU Digest 20.03.21: AWAL, Spotify, Capitol UK, Ticketmaster, Genius
Approved: Findlay
Approved: Findlay17 March 2022

Approved: Greenness
Approved: Greenness15 March 2022

CMU Digest 13.03.22: Ed Sheeran, Ukraine response, Katy Perry, RIAA, TikTok
Approved: Tess Parks
Approved: On Man
Approved: On Man8 March 2022

CMU Digest 06.03.22: Ukraine response, Bandcamp, ERA, Astroworld, Dua Lipa
Approved: Diner
Approved: Diner3 March 2022

Approved: Nilüfer Yanya
CMU Digest 27.02.22: Live Nation, Utopia, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Astroworld, Megan Thee Stallion
Approved: Auclair
Approved: Auclair24 February 2022

Approved: Tomberlin
Approved: Tomberlin22 February 2022