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Album titles - who likes to score and play (animal rights are important too)?



Singles: Dirty Vegas – Ghosts, EMI; Dr Rubberfunk - Step On It, GPS Recds; Fionn Regan - Little Miss Drunk, Anvil; Flesh & Bones - I Love You, Multiply; Ja Rule - Livin It Up, Def Jam; Jazzanova - That Night (Remixes), JCR; Slo-Mo - Death Of A Raver, Circus.

Albums: Gerling – Headcleanerz, Mushroom/Infectious; The High And The Lonesome - From The Playground, db Recds; V/A - Phil Asher Present Headphone House, Slip N Slide.


With rapper Mystikal declaring his innocence over rape charges after his arrest last Thursday authorities have revealed they have confiscated a video of the alleged assaults. The rapper, real name Michael Tyler, is accused of threatening to turn a female acquaintance in to the police for accepting unauthorised cheques from his bank account if she did not have sex with him. Police reports say the unidentified woman arrived at the rapper's home on 3 Jul where he allegedly confronted her about several cheques written to her from his bank account without his consent. He allegedly forced the woman to perform oral sex on him before calling two male acquaintances, Leland Ellis and Vercy Carter, who arrived shortly thereafter. It is then alleged the star raped the woman in front of his two acquaintances, both of whom also allegedly sexually assaulted the woman. "During the attacks, the victim was repeatedly threatened with prosecution of the cheques and great bodily harm," read the police statement. After the attacks, the woman was allowed to leave Mystikal's residence and was treated and released from a local hospital. On Friday, with the rapper’s lawyers denying all charges, authorities revealed they confiscated a video of the alleged sexual assaults from the Mystikal's Baton Rouge home. The tape, which has been placed into evidence, allegedly shows the offence taking place. Tyler was released on Thursday afternoon on $250,000 bond. If convicted on the rape charge, he would face a mandatory life sentence. Extortion carries a prison term of one to 15 years.


Sharon Osbourne has admitted her cancer is more serious than was initially diagnosed. After treatment earlier this month for colon cancer she was believed to be making a full recovery. But she told People magazine in the States last week that the cancer had spread. Reports say doctors, who believed they had removed the cancer, later found cancerous cells in one of two lymph nodes removed during the procedure, indicating it had moved beyond her colon. As a result Sharon will undergo three months of chemotherapy starting next week. It is expected that the treatment will be included in the filming of the next series of MTV’s The Osbournes. Needless to say the news had a bigger affect on Ozzy than Sharon herself: "He was hysterical, just terrified," she told People. "The doctor had to come over and sedate him." "I've always had a plan that I'd get sick before she did, that I'd die before she did, but my plan didn't work out," Ozzy told the magazine. "Life has a way of kicking you in the nuts." But Sharon added that her chances of survival were "very, very good" and went on to joke about the cancer. ''Why'd they have to find it in my bum of all places?'' she said.


Howard Rose, aged 49, the man behind the broadcasting industry lo-fi trade mag the Radio Magazine died this weekend, just weeks after he sold the title. Though low in production qualities, the Radio Magazine played (and continues to play) an important role in updating the radio industry and radio enthusiasts on the latest news and, more so than the mainstream trade titles like Broadcast, on the gossip and the tricky issues being discussed by many in the industry. Rose was set to continue as editor even though he had sold the magazine, and there is no word yet on who will take his place.


Troubled R’n’B star R Kelly is facing another civil lawsuit. Charles Freeman, a private detective from Kansas City is suing him, claiming that the singer hired him to locate a stolen videotape and didn't pay up in full. He is now seeking $75,000 in damages. Freeman's suit claims Kelly hired him via private detective Jack Palladino last August and agreed to pay him $100,000 plus up to $40,000 in expenses to recover the stolen videotape, described in a contract as a “performance tape”. Freeman claims he recovered the tape, and that he fulfilled contract obligations to not take copies of the tape, and to keep his work secret. He claims he was then paid $65,000, and was told that the remainder of his fee would be forthcoming. Freeman still awaits payment. Palladino's office, which has been working with Kelly on various sex tape and bootleg issues, refused to comment. The accusations do not help Kelly’s defense against videos that allegedly show the singer having sex with a 14 year old girl. If there is any truth in Freeman’s story it shows the star acting very suspiciously over a certain video tape. But Kelly's camp said that the singer plans to defend himself vigorously against this latest lawsuit. "We're confident that when the facts come out," Kelly's spokesperson Allan Mayer said, "the suit will be shown to have no merit."


Planet Pop, the new music festival which takes place during the Edinburgh Festival, announced their line up this weekend. Founded in 1996 Planet Pop has consistently brought some of the best new and innovative acts to perform in the Scottish capital each August, and this year is no different. The ful line up this year is:

Sun 4 August (La Belle Angele, £4): We Believe in Planet Pop (opening night party) featuring bis, The Silver Pill, Huckleberry, When Pilots Eject (formerly Annie Christian) and Torqamada

Mon 5 August (La Belle Angele, £9): Ugly Duckling + The Olympic Lifts

Thurs 8 August (La Belle Angele, £4): Babacool + Terrapins Found Us + support

Fri 9 August (La Belle Angele, £7): Chris Brokaw (ex-Codeine) + James Orr Complex + Stuart Braithwaite

Sun 11 August (La Belle Angele, £4): Severin + Cruiser + Slowloris

Thurs 15 August (The Venue, £7): 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster + support

Fri 16 August (The Venue, £5): Camera Obscura + Odeon Beatclub + The Boy Cartographer

Mon 19 August (Studio 24, £9): Jay Farrar + Jason Walker

Thurs 22 August (La Belle Angele, £4): SL Records Night featuring ballboy +The Starlets + desc + Barrichello

Thurs 22 August (Beat Jazz Basement, £6): Orquesta Dinamita + special guest DJ

Mon 26 August (The Venue, £7): Vue + The Magnificents

Wed 28 August (The Liquid Room, £13.50): The Rezillos + support

Thurs 29 August (The Liquid Room, £4): Degrassi + Part Chimp + Macrocosmica + Senator (open to under-14s)

Fri 30 August (The Liquid Room, £4): EVOL Birthday Party featuring Pilotcan + Ex-Tigers + Go Commando + Sons & Daughters(includes entrance to EVOL)

Press info from Nadine McBay on 0131 229 6016, email [email protected]


Some are saying that Fischerspooner’s chart performance has been disappointing with single ‘Emerge’ debuting at number 25 this week. The flagship act of the ‘electro-clash scene’ has been hugely hyped since their £2million signing to new Ministry imprint F Studios. Some are saying the acts huge marketing spend, and consierable meda support, has failed to engage the public. But others say it is an acceptable performance for a new act and emerging genre. But Warren Fischer told Radio 1: "My personal opinion in the fact we hit Top 40 is mindblowing. So, you know, I'm totally ecstatic... never expected to be there."


US bands are set to take a day off on September 11th to allow Americans to mark the anniversary of the NYC and Washington attacks in a quiet way. The Rolling Stones tour, which opens Sept. 3 in Boston, will skip the date, as will outings by Cher, the Goo Goo Dolls, and Aerosmith, while Bruce Springsteen, the Who, Jimmy Buffett, Santana, and Creed have all scheduled multi-week breaks that keep them off the road on Sept. 11.”We should not be playing that night this year," VP of House of Blues Concerts Larry Vallon told Billboard, "The country's attention will be diverted elsewhere. They'll be solemnly remembering that day... Partying down with rock stars doesn't seem to be the most appropriate thing." However Goo Goo Dolls bassist Robby Takac has said he wouldn't have minded playing that day, and that he was not involved in the decision not to. "The idea behind the whole terrorist plot, you gotta remember, is to foil everyday life. So if we had had a show that day, I wouldn't have said I didn't want to play. Should you remember the day? Hell, yeah. But do I think everyone should sit in their house and be gloomy and mourn? No. I think that's counterproductive. I don't think you should interrupt life to acknowledge and act like that."


Reggae star Beenie Man has teamed with Janet Jackson and Britney's video director on his forthcoming Neptunes penned release. Beenie spent the day on the beach with Janet to finish filming thew ideo for ‘Feel It Boy’, his next single. Dave Meyers, the man behind recent clips for Britney Spears and Ja Rule directed.

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