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In today's CMU Daily:
- BET nominations announced
- Macca reduces the sound
- Album Review: TV On The Radio - Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
- 50 Cent may face charges
- Courtney back in court
- Manson sues ex-bandmate
- Middlesbrough fest line up looking good
- Sony sign with Napster UK
- Merged Warner labels prepare for roster cull
- Oasis announce Glasto warm up gig
- Franz man altercates with Slim Shady minder
- Ministry take over Telstar dance compos
- Government prepares to pilot analogue turn off
- Weller returns with EP
- Keating favourite for BBC2 top job
- Wise Buddah signed up to make Radio 2 programmes
- Eurovision suffers technical hitch in voting system
- Fassie funeral postponed for statesmen
- Album Review: Keane - Hopes And Fears
- Audioslave start work on album for Interscope
- Beachbomb in Barcelona
- Exit in Serbia
- Fox re-edit gay show press release after PC concerns



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: G Club @ Vibe Bar
Amid the curry houses of Brick Lane lurks the multifunctional Truman Brewery Complex, which houses the rather good Vibe Bar - a venue which, given its courtyard, is even more attractive when the sun is shining (which it is at this particular moment in time). The Vibe Club hosts a diverse range of nights - tonight's is looking particularly good. You've got up and coming DJ Dan Tait, Defected's Gerald Elms pushing out some deep house vibes and Shovel (he of M-People) banging his bongos as the live percussion accompaniment. A good atmosphere and a diverse mix of people make this a really good night - but get there early to ensure a bench in the sun.

Fri 14 May, 7pm - 1am, Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, E1, free b4 8pm, £3.50 after, more info from

Put your club night up for the tip -


The nominations were announced yesterday for the 2004 BET Awards - the awards event recognising talent in the Black cultural community in America. The music components act as something like an American version of the MOBOs - and nominations wise OutKast, Beyonce, Lil' Jon, Usher and Kanye West all fare well this year.

OutKast top the nominations count, being up for six awards for the hugely successful 'Speakerboxx/The Love Below' album - nominations include Best Group and Video Of The Year.

Next in the nomination stakes are Beyonce and Lil'Jon, who have five nominations each. Both Usher and Kanye West come in with four awards.

Award organisers also confirmed that they will honour the Isley Brothers with a Lifetime Achievement Award and actor/activist Danny Glover with the Humanitarian Award. Artists booked to perform at the event include Usher, Janet Jackson, OutKast and the Isley Brothers.

The BET Awards (all three hours of them) take place on 29 Jun at LA's Kodak Theatre.


Paul McCartney has agreed to turn down his practice sessions at the Millennium Dome after complaints from neighbours across the Thames. Macca is reported to have paid £250,000 to rent the empty Dome for three weeks as a venue for rehearsals for his upcoming European tour. But residents on the Isle of Dogs weren't impressed when his music started to carry.

One local resident, Eric Pemperton, told reporters: "I thought someone was listening to a ghettoblaster in one of the other flats. I had the windows closed and the front door just open enough to let the cat in and out. It took me a while to realise that this bass was coming from the Dome on the other side of the river. I rang up the environmental health officers at the council and they told me 'It's Paul McCartney'. I said 'So what?, he doesn't pay my rates, and if it was me that was doing this I would have been prosecuted'. I don't care who it is. It is bad enough that he arrives every morning in a noisy helicopter. I thought it was quite unacceptable and even my cat was disturbed."

Never one to disturb a cat, McCartney has agreed to keep his practicing down to 92 decibels.


ALBUM REVIEW: TV On The Radio - Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (Beggars/4AD)
New York, New York; it never ceases to amaze me. The amount of new and, might I add, stunning talent to wander out of the sidewalks of the Big Apple in recent years has been stunning: BRMC, Strokes, Scissor Sisters (10*), Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Cantinero to name but a few. Despite an admiration for the New York scene that brought us these bands, I'm pleased to say I wasn't aware of these guy's origins when I slipped the CD in the player, so I didn't enter with preconceptions good or bad. What I was greeted with was an amazing symphony of new and old, done in such a unique way that it is nigh on impossible to pick out any one specific influence. Genre wise, there's highs of jazz and lows of nu-wave electro, all with a rock backbone that is astounding - before I knew what hit me I was waxing lyrical. This is a true New York album, very much in the Warhol warehouse mindset, a masterpiece which, despite its newness, sounds like it has been aged to perfection - smooth and fresh on the pallet so much so, that I can't decide whether to drink it or just to continue to swirl it around in my mouth. BS
Release Date: 7 Jun
Press Contact: Beggars IH [all]


Despite attempts to play down the altercation that took place during a surprise 50 Cent performance last week, latest reports suggest the rapper may face criminal charges over the incident.

50 Cent made a surprise appearance at the Spring Jam event staged in Springfield, Massachusetts by local radio station WZMX-FM. During the performance 50 Cent was hit by a water bottle thrown by an audience member. He jumped into the crowd and that is when the alleged 'incident' took place. Organisers of the event insist that, while there was some trouble caused by certain crowd members pushing once 50 Cent had jumped off the stage, the rapper himself did not lash out and the whole thing was over in less than a minute.

However a representative for the local District Attorney has told The Boston Herald that the rapper faces allegations of criminal conduct during the fracas, and that local police are now investigating the incident and will decide whether or not to press charges in the next few days. Local police told MTV: "We are trying to get statements from witnesses and victims to find out what happened."

50 Cent's management and label are yet to comment on the incident or the likelihood of charges being filed.


Talking of misguided surprise performances - Courtney Love was back in court yesterday, but not for yet another hearing on those increasingly boring drugs charges. No, this hearing related to that impromtu night club performance back in Mar when Love's microphone swinging routine left one audience member with a nasty cut on his head. That audience member - Gregory Burgett - is now pressing charges and Love is accused of third-degree assault and reckless endangerment - charges that could carry up to a one year prison sentence.

Love pleaded not guilty to both charges. Outside the courtroom she claimed Burgett was motivated to pursue with the charges for financial reasons, saying he had been "approached and offered money" to press charges. She did not elaborate on who made the offer or why. Love is due back in court for a full hearing on the case on 28 Jun.


Elsewhere in legal news, Marilyn Manson and bandmate Madonna Wayne Gacy are suing another former bandmate, Scott Putesky, and Florida based independent label Empirewerks Records over the release of an album of material made by Manson's old band Spooky Kids.

Manson claims that the re-release last month of Spooky Kids' 1993 album 'Lunch Boxes & Choklit Cows' infringed an agreement between Manson/Gracy and Putesky from 1998. In addition the use of Manson penned illustrations and his likeness on artwork infringes copyright and trademark.
The lawsuit is looking to have the sales and distribution of the re-released album halted, and seeks at least $500,000 in damages.

A lawyer for Putesky and Empirewerks told reporters this week that Manson's lawsuit was "ill-conceived", adding: "We've tried to work things out with Manson. He doesn't respond."


Ask around what British city you most associate with very fine music, and I think its fair to say most of you would say Middlesbrough. So it is no surprise, perhaps, that the Middlesbrough Music Live festival, due to take place on 31 May, has such a good line up. We're talking The 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Electric Six, The Ordinary Boys, Kosheen, Razorlight, Goldie Lookin' Chain, Dogs Die In Hot Cars, The Dead 60's, The Features, The Open, Bloc Party, The Glitterati, Kasabian and My Red Cell. And not only that, there are slots still available on the bill and promoter Graham Ramsay is giving you the option to nominate bands via website

Ramsay told the NME: "Every year, a huge number of the bands we book come from suggestions from the public... we'd love people to e-mail and tell us who they want to see, and we'll do our best to book the most popular suggestions."


Following their deal with Wippit yesterday, Sony have confirmed another digital music deal in the UK, this time with Napster. The Roxio owned download service is expected to announce its plans for UK roll-out in the next few weeks. Although not clear how much of the Sony catalogue will be available via the service, Sony did announce that two exclusive tracks from Sony UK artists Hope of the States and The Zutons would be available via Napster at launch.

Commenting on that deal, Sony Music International president Rick Dobbis told reporters: "There's no doubt that Napster is an important outlet for our roster of established superstars, and we also see the service as a great way to introduce fans to emerging artists. As a result, we are delighted to be able to offer the service's users exclusive tracks from The Zutons and Hope of the States at debut."


The axe has been risen, and is about to fall, oh yes. According to the LA Times the 170 strong roster of the recently merged Warner divisions Atlantic Elektra is going to be cut by 50% as part of the major's bid to save $200 million post-Edgar Bronfmann takeover. Which 85 acts will be shown the door is yet to be confirmed - though it's gonna have to be a very wide door way.


Oasis will play a warm-up gig for their headline Glastonbury slot at the 2500 capacity Poole Lighthouse on 23 Jun. It will be the first proper outing for Zak Starkey - Ringo Starr's son - who will replace Alan White as drummer at upcoming Oasis gigs. The Bees will provide support on the night - full ticket info at


Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos has been telling MTV about a run in with one of Eminem's security guards backstage at Top of the Pops. The band were at the BBC to record a performance of new single 'Matinee'. Having finished their set, Kapranos explains: "I walked past a chink in the curtain and Eminem was doing his rehearsal. This bouncer went: 'Hey you, keep walking', or something like that.

Because of the attitude he had I said: 'Say's who?' And this 28-stone guy is like: 'Says me'. Then it was such a like comedy moment. He came lumbering toward me like those old kind of wrestlers and we kind of collided and I thought I was going to go flying, but I just ended up being enveloped by all this flab. And then we just parted gently. Next thing, everybody round me just went nuts and I think Glen knocked his hat off and Nick punched him in the face and then all these like security guys came and pulled him away. It was like school or something."


As we all know, there just aren't enough dance music compilations out there, so good news yesterday that Ministry of Sound have acquired two of the popular dance compo series previously controlled by the now defunct Telstar. The Euphoria and Breakdown series - which between them have sold in excess of 4 million units worldwide - will now be handled by the Ministry team. Both titles are expected to have two releases each in the next 12 months - the first Ministry released Euphoria compilation will come out on 21 Jun.

Paul Williams, partner of Menzies Corporate Restructuring which is overseeing the winding up of Telstar told reporters yesterday: "We're confident that the sale of Euphoria and Breakdown to Ministry of Sound is a very positive move for these brands, as their new owner has an excellent track record of supporting and developing such brands".


The government is looking for "suitable sites" to pilot the turn-off of analogue TV signals. As previously reported, the plan is to completely turn off analogue signals across the UK by the end of the decade. The government wants to test the implications of have just digital TV signals available - and word is two sites in Wales, of all places, are likely to be chosen for the pilot.

Those keen to see the turn off of analogue TV signals say they are encouraged by the take up of digital TV across the country - especially since the arrival of the Freeview service. The whole thing kinda falls down, of course, when you consider that most digital TV households will own at least one additional portable TV using analogue signals. And teletext devotees (you know you are) tell me teletext services on digital TV are very flash, but actually rather rubbish, and that they always turn back to analogue services to access Ceefax.


Paul Weller's first release on V2 will be an EP, timed to coincide with a series of live dates this summer. 'The Bottle EP' will be released on 14 Jun - and can be previewed via audio streams at Word is a covers album is also in the pipeline for later this year.


BBC4 controller Roly Keating is expected to be announced as the new controller of BBC2 today, after a second round of interviews with possible contenders. BBC bosses are said to pleased with Keating's handling of BBC4 that began life with stories of zero ratings but which has won much critical acclaim (if not huge audiences) for a number of series over the last year. Keating is likely to perform well on some of BBC2's key aims in the period preceding BBC charter renewal - more documentaries, more current affairs, more arts, that kind of thing. But he will be faced with the challenge of finding some new ratings winners. Insiders reckon losing the Simpsons to Channel 4 will have a big effect on BBC2's more mainstream audience - and some point out the channel's comedy output is not what it once was.


Independent radio production company Wise Buddah has been commissioned to make three music programmes for Radio Two - a Tony Robinson fronted programme about popular classical music, a Steve Lamacq presented documentary charting the rise of indie, and another series of Courtney Pine's Jazz Crusade.


There were some technical problems during the voting at the semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Wednesday night which meant some phone votes were not counted. Deutsche Telekom's Spanish subsidiary Digame, who are overseeing the phone vote process, admitted their software had made some errors shortly after the semi-final event in Istanbul on Wednesday night, but stressed that when the process was redone the same ten countries came out as winners. The European Broadcasting Union who produce the Contest have ordered a full report on the problems, and have requested reassurances from Deutsche Telekom and Digame that the same problems won't re-occur on Saturday for the main Contest.

As previously reported, there are so many countries in Europe now, some were made to enter the semi-final in order to win a place in the main Contest on Saturday night. The ten countries who won a place at the final are Greece, Bosnia, Albania, Serbia and Montenegro, Malta, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Croatia, Macedonia and Cyprus.


The funeral service for South African pop star, Brenda Fassie - who died last weekend - has been postponed so that key government officials will be able to attend. Both Nelson Mandela and President Thabo Mbeki are visiting Zurich this weekend as part of the country's bid to host the World Cup football finals in 2010. The funeral will now take place on 23 May so both men can attend - although a memorial service will go ahead today.


ALBUM REVIEW: Keane - Hopes and Fears (Universal/Island)
I can understand why the Keane boys have been receiving so much positive publicity of late - they are talented musicians, and from what we can see they are all set to become quite a Money Maker for their label. But let's play devil's advocate for a few sentences - are they really 'that good'? 'Hopes & Fears' is a good album, but nothing on it is luminously unique, and they do sound pretty much like many other bands who are doing the rounds just now. To be fair, lead singer Tom Chaplin has a glorious voice, but it does have a squeaky hinge that is unfortunately similar to that of one Justin Hawkins. The tracks are diabolically catchy, and there again is a Darkness similarity. In fact, come to think of it, that may well be Keane's downfall. Like the Darkness, here is a great band that make great songs but who are not (or at least not yet) the genius artists much of the hype will have us believe. Which inevitably leads to disappointment. Which is a shame, because without the hype that precedes it 'Hopes & Fears' is not a disappointed album. BS.
Release Date: May 10
Press Contact: Wild [CP, CR] Universal IH [RP, RR, NP,NR]


The second album from rockers Audioslave will come out on Universal label Interscope - the first album came out on Sony label Epic. The switch is a compromise between the two majors - Audioslave member Chris Cornell is contracted to Interscope via his band Soundgarden, but the rest of the band (Tom Morello, Brad Wilk and Tim Commerford) are signed to Epic via their Rage Against The Machine deal. Work on the second album is about to begin.


With that long long drive to Glastonbury you often feel like you've arrived in a different country, and T in the Park technically is in a different country (well, for those readers based South of the border anyway), but if you want a really exotic festival experience how about this one.

CMU favourites The Cuban Brothers and Mr Scruff have been added last minute to the line up of Beachbombing 2004 - the seaside week long beats festival in Barcelona. The event runs from 12 - 20 Jun, alongside the city's Sonar Festival which, in itself is an exciting affair featuring this year Massive Attack, Gangstarr, Sketch Show, Francois K, 2 Many DJ's, Buck 65, Madlib and around 100 other of the worlds leading cutting edge artists.

More details at and


Or alternatively - how about this one. News in yesterday about the Exit Festival in Serbia of all places. The largest music festival in South-East Europe this year's bill includes Massive Attack, Neneh Cherry, Goldfrapp, the Pet Shop Boys, Roger Sanchez and Timo Mass. It all takes placed in the Serbian city of Novi Sad within the walls of a Napoleonic fortress.

Anyone interested in the event can buy a fully inclusive package, including flights, festival pass and accommodation, for £299 from Avante Garde Travel. Press info about the event and that package from Millennium Public Relations on 020 8605 2211. More on the festival itself at


As is becoming a Friday tradition - not music related, but an amusing story all the same.

American network Fox has sent out an apology regarding one of its press releases. The release related to a new show called 'Seriously, Dude, I'm Gay' in which two straight men have to convince all of their friends they have become gay overnight. Their performances are judged by a panel of gay men, and whoever they deem to be most convincing wins $50,000.

Midway through the PR campaign to promote the show Fox bosses got cold feet by some of the lines in their press release, issued an apology and circulated an edited release. Apparently the opening line - "It's a heterosexual male's worst nightmare: turning gay overnight" - and the information that contestants would be judged by "jury of their queers" - were deemed inappropriate on second reading!

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