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In today's CMU Daily:
- EU expected to comment on Sony BMG merger tomorrow
- PC Pro reckon iPod not the best for digital play
- No Sabbath reunion for Ozzfest - it would seem
- Single Review: Adem - These Are Your Friends
- Musicians pay tribute to producer Most
- Outkast Andre booked for movie
- Celine cancels another week of Vegas shows
- Kiss man annoys Islamic community is Oz
- Madonna announces Manchester date
- Single Review: Muse - Sing For Absolution
- GLC announce world tour of Wales
- Shady and Fiddy to host Detroit Hip Hip Summit Action event
- Libertine Doherty in rehab
- Irish ISP launch first download platform in Ireland
- Dylan to headline Belfast music festival
- Album Review: Special Combo - Swirl People
- More telling offs from OfCom
- Avril Lavigne: relationship with Manson is platonic
- TaTu girl is expecting first child
- Kelly Rowland gets engaged
- Bedingfield says God told his parents he'd be in a crash
- Chris Martin celebrates birth with comedy rap


CMU is six years old this week - to celebrate look out for our revamped website online at plus a brand spanking new issue of the CMU Weekly out now.

From the archives - "Then Nirvana came along and we listened to a lot cooler music. If it hadn't been for Nirvana we'd still be listening to a load of dodgy spandex bands. But they turned us on to Led Zep, Bowie and more and made us more open minded musically. Thank God for Nirvana". Ash in issue seven of CMU.


More from the 'major label merger nonsense' file. According to the trusty financial press, the European Commission will make its formal objections to the proposed merger of BMG and Sony known to both parties tomorrow. The two majors will then have two weeks to respond to these objections - either countering the arguments or making concessions that alleviate concerns.

Insiders reckon that EU officials remain concerned over the implications of further consolidation of the music industry, and will have particular questions regarding the vertical integration of Sony's new digital music service Connect and how closely it will work with Sony's music operations. Others expect officials to make some demands regarding both major's publishing assets, even though those companies are not actually part of the merger proposals.

Once both majors have responded to the European Commission's concerns officials will make a final decision on whether to let the merger go ahead. That decision is expected on 25 Jul, though some reckon that deadline will not be reached. Bertelsmann chief Gunter Thielen told Bloomberg News last week that he expects the merger to get the go ahead with only "some changes in some countries" but admitted that another postponement of any decision might be in the works.


The iPod may be everyone's first choice digital music player, but according to a new survey in PC Pro magazine, Apple's player is actually someway behind some of its competitors when it comes to performance. The techy mag compared 18 different players from a range of manufacturers, including Dell, Digital Networks, Creative Labs and Archos - and they found a number of problems with the industry leader.

PC Pro journalist Nick Ross explains: "The iPod and iPod Mini are the two best known portable MP3 players because Apple has pumped money into a huge marketing campaign, but there are some fantastic lesser-known alternatives. The iPod is over-priced when compared with these competitors. It also falls down on battery life, with some portable MP3 players lasting three times as long, while its lack of support for Windows Media files will upset many PC users."

Apple are yet to comment on the survey but remain buoyant regards the continued success of iPod and the iPod Mini, reporting that Hitachi, who makes the 4GB disk drive for the Mini players, is spending about $200 million to double production at its Thailand factory in order to meet public demand.

However insiders reckon Apple will be watching its competitors increasingly closely as digital music slips into the mainstream. Sony, in particular, are expected to stage a considerable assault on Apple's dominance in this area when they simultaneously launch the next generation of mini-disc players (complete with digital music capability) and their Sony Connect download platform next month.


Speculation galore as to what is going on - or not - behind the scenes at Ozzfest following widespread disappointment in a 'special announcement' made on the Ozzfest website on Friday.

The announcement had been trailed for days before it was made. When it finally arrived on Friday, fans were told that Ozzy's people will be running a new bands competition, the prize of which is a slot on the main stage at Ozzfest this year. While such a programme is undisputedly exciting, especially for young metal bands, it was not the news everyone was expecting - that of a Black Sabbath reunion at Ozzfest.

Rumours of Ozzy Osbourne's old band headlining the tour began weeks ago and some felt they had been confirmed by Ozzy who, when recently asked by a radio station as to whether Black Sabbath would reform, simply said "I think so". After that internet message boards were buzzing with anticipation that an official announcement of a Black Sabbath reunion at Ozzfest was due - hence the disappointment on Friday.

Since then there has been speculation on said message boards that a reunion was being planned, but that it was pulled at the last minute, and that the band competition announcement was made because some 'exciting news' had been promised. Some say the video clip that carried Friday's news was originally called '' but was changed at the last minute to '', suggesting some news about Black Sabbath had been originally planned.

Either way, for the time being at least, organisers of Ozzfest maintain that their line up is headlined by Ozzy, Judas Priest and Slayer, and not Black Sabbath.


SINGLE REVIEW: Adem - These Are Your Friends (Domino)
Adem's 'Homesongs' is one of the most surprising, extraordinary albums of the year thus far. The erstwhile Fridge bassist unexpectedly managed to construct a beautifully paced set of folktronica elegies, all underpinned by Adem's craggy yet affecting voice. Like its parent album, 'These Are Your Friends' (an obvious single choice, though unlikely to garner the airplay it undoubtedly warrants) may take time to warm to, but once seduced, it's impossible not to feel amiable towards its beguiling humanity and melodicism. Seldom has a man with such a rich vocal timbre managed to sound so emotive (Kelly Jones take note). Meanwhile, a glockenspiel relentlessly chimes away whilst rustic acoustic guitars slowly ebb and flow in the background, providing a perfect counterpoint to the simple, touching lyrical sentiments conveyed. Think an alt-country version of Radiohead's 'No Surprises', sung by a less paranoid, and possibly more suntanned, man than Thom Yorke, and you're about halfway there. MS
Release date: 10 May
Press contact: Ian Cheek PR [CP, RP] Best Est [NP] Size Nine [CR, RR, NR]


A host of music stars were on hand to pay tribute to the late music producer Mickie Most yesterday during the unveiling of one of those blue heritage plaques in his honour outside his former studios in North London. Bill Wyman, Mick Hucknall and Kim Wilde were all on hand at the ceremony in St Johns Wood.

Most worked with many great musicians over the years, including Lulu, Jeff Beck, Hot Chocolate and Suzi Quatro. He was also known to the wider public as a judge on the seventies TV talent show New Faces. He died last year at the age of 64 after suffering from mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer often linked to asbestos exposure.


Following news that OutKast's Andre 3000 was involved in a new animation project, confirmation yesterday that he is also signed up to appear in an as-yet-untitled film with Emmy-winning TV helmer Paris Barclay in talks to direct.

Word is the film is set in the mid-1970s, and tells a Romeo & Juliet style story in which an upper-middle-class musical prodigy named Valentine (Andre) and a lower-class free-spirited woman named Chevon fall for each other, but face opposition from their families who oppose their interracial relationship. Problems arise when an accidental shooting caused by Chevon's police officer brother is blamed on Valentine - and so the plot thickens...

Commenting on the project Andre told reporters this week: "This is a story that I have been passionate about being a part of for a long time. This project is coming to life at a perfect time in my theatrical career. The whole team is really excited about the possibilities."


Celine Dion has cancelled another five performances of her nightly Las Vegas show due to that neck injury. Word is doctors have said she should rest until early next week at the earliest before resuming her show at the city's Caesars Palace venue.


Kiss bassist Gene Simmons has caused Kilroy-style controversy during an interview on an Australian radio station where he was plugging his band's Sydney and Brisbane gigs. Somehow the conversation got onto Islamic fundamentalism, and so the controversial remarks rolled out.

Firstly Simmons said: "This is a vile culture and if you think for a second that it's willing to just live in the sands of God's armpit, you've got another thing coming. They want to come and live right where you live and they think that you're evil."

Accusing certain Islamic cultures of treating women "worse than dogs", he continued: "You can send your dog to school to learn tricks, sit, beg, do all that stuff - none of the women have that advantage."

Needless to say, many in Australia's Muslim community weren't too impressed. Yasser Soliman, chairman of Victoria state's Islamic Council told reporters last week: "Mixing the entertainment world with the political and religious world is a minefield. I think it would be good for overseas speakers and commentators to be given some sort of advice in regards to our vilification laws here. They leave and go back to where they arrived from, but they leave behind a big mess that we have to live with."


Madonna has confirmed another UK date - she will play the Manchester Evening News arena on 15 Aug, her first gig in the city since a performance at the Hacienda club in 1984. Tickets go on sale on Friday morning - the best seats will set you back £150.


SINGLE REVIEW: Muse - Sing For Absolution (Warner/Taste)
This isn't the obvious choice for the third (not including the download only) single from Muse's mind-boggling good album 'Absolution'. There are other much poppier and melodic tracks on the LP - 'Endlessly' for one. That said, I suppose this song sounds how people expect Muse to sound: quiet ivory tinkling intro, building up to a big, dramatic, crescendo with plenty of wailing guitars. Apparently the Devonshire trio have now sold a million copies of 'Absolution' which is presumably why they were allowed to go off to make one of the most expensive looking promo videos I have seen in a long time. The Muse boys jet off into space, their space craft encountering asteroid fields etc until eventually they arrive on another planet. There's even a twist in the ending. The effects are amazing. So if you've already got the album, even if you don't seek out the single, seek out the video. JW
Release date: 17 May
Press contact: Ian Cheek [CP, RP] Warners IH [NP, CR, RR, NR]


The Goldie Lookin Chain have announced details of their forthcoming 'world tour' of, erm, Wales. Announcing the tour GLC's Eggsy said: "The tour is going to be the next phase in our experiment. Essentially what we want to do is recreate the carnage of the Vietnam conflict. Or spreading the intrigue created by the Maxwell House coffee adverts of the Eighties. Naturally, the venues chosen to begin this process are all based in Wales. Partly because we believe in giving our homeland the payback it deserves for supporting us so much, but mainly because Billy gets travel sick and none of us have actually got the toll to cross the Severn Bridge anyway."

Dates as follows:
22 Jun: Bangor Hendree Hall
23 Jun: Wrexham Central Station
24 Jun: Pontypridd Muni Arts Centre
25 Jun: Swansea Patti Pavilion


Well, this one should get the kids out. Hopefully enough of those 'kids' will be of voting age, and clever enough to tick the box without 'Bush' written next to it. That is to say, Eminem and 50 Cent have been confirmed as hosts for the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network's Detroit event on 22 May. The main aim of the day is to ensure the city's youth and black populations are signed up to vote in forthcoming Presidential elections.


Presumably if you're planning any budget for the Libertines, you'd make sure you had a line in there for rehab. If so, that budget is in use just now because it seems Pete Doherty has checked himself into the London branch of the Priory.

The NME reports that friends of the singer have said it is "pretty obvious" why Doherty is at the clinic - ie to kick his high profile drug addiction.

Writing about the experience on his website - - Doherty writes: "I'm fine... they've whacked me on loads of medication. 16 different colours [of] pills like hundreds of thousands or Bassets Jelly Babies. Very deranged and murky recollection of the last few days. A gaggle of nurses around my crinkly bed, they all jump as I wake up and yelp something about jelly. Then I notice a needle sticking out of my arm and spots of blood. What the fuck is going on? Vomit and shrieks, some girl warbling down the corridor in a towel. At least my laptop is here still. The only one who ever stood by me."

While Doherty battles his addiction, final mixing work is under way on the Libertines' second album on which, as previously reported, co-producer and former Clash man Mick Jones has said: "a record as good as this only comes along once in a generation".


Calling all you Irish Kazaa users out there - the old "well, there's nowhere else to download from" excuse is about to wear thin. Irish internet service provider Eircom have announced plans to launch Ireland's first online music store.

The new digital platform will be run by London based OD2, who are the company behind most of the key download services already operating in the UK, including The Eircom service will launch with 250,000 tracks from some 8,500 artists. New tracks will be added on a regular basis, with hopes to have some music available online up to six weeks before retail release.

Announcing the service, Eircom MD Fintan Lawler told reporters yesterday: "We are delighted to add the music club to our suite of content at This new development now makes broadband a must for all music lovers allowing them download their favourite songs from a collection of 250,000 in a minute, up to 10 times faster than a traditional dial up connection."

Eircom will be keen to make the most of their first-to-market status in Ireland. The big players in the download space - Apple, Napster and Sony - are all expected to launch their European services in the next few months.


Talking of Irish readers, though those North of the border this time, if you were annoyed at missing out on the Bob Dylan set at London's Fleadh Festival, well worry no more. Bob Dylan is headlining a new festival being staged at Stormont, Belfast. He will be supported by The Thrills, Gary Moore, Paddy Casey, Mundy, Damien Dempsey, The Walls, Ricky Warwick, Gary Jules and Polly Paulusma. All takes place 26 Jun - more at


ALBUM REVIEW: Special Combo - Swirl People (Aroma Records)
Belgian duo Dewever and Belmans step forth with their second album, and all in all, it's a rather enjoyable house journey. Tracks wise there's 'Lideloo Dow Dow' - house and jazz thrown in with equal measure to create a St Germain-esque sound. The title track adds some funk and hard hitting beats; the catchy 'Nonicone' has guitar frets galore; while 'My Thoughts' and 'Feel Real Good' are well done party tracks. There are some weaker moments - Latin sounding 'Liar Liar' is a bit average, 'Let You Go' chafes somewhat and 'Say What' is bit bland. But things pick up for the finale - good quality pumping house from 'Extend the Knowledge'. PV
Release date: 17 May
Press contact: EPM [all]


Another set of OfCom listener / viewer complaint reports are out - and fun reading as always.
Manchester radio station Key 103 got rapped for broadcasting 'offensive' text messages relating to that tragedy in Morecambe Bay that caused the death of 21 Chinese cockle pickers. OfCom said late night presenter James Stannage should have aired more caution before reading out the listener comments - especially relating to the use of the word "chink".

Less serious, more amusing, is the complaint upheld against Children BBC regarding the hidden camera show Stitch Up. During one of its sequences a Greek tourist could be heard in the distance mouthing off in his native language - those that understood the lingo heard him say: "I'm going to fuck your virginal mother". Although the Beeb claimed the sequence was inaudible and incomprehensible, OfCom upheld the complaint.

Also quite amusing was an upheld complaint against MTV. The staff member who was monitoring the text dedications coming into the network's The Message Factory one night failed to see messages containing the word "fuck" and "shit" sneaking through the system and going out on air (or perhaps they thought it was funny to let them be broadcast). Either way MTV has apologised and fired said staff member.

Complaints were also upheld against ITV for some on screen text - some viewers objected to the word 'fuck' appearing in the subtitles to 50 Cent's performance at the televised Brit Awards.


A particularly bulging 'inane gossip' file today. Firstly Avril Lavinge has told reporters her friendship with Marilyn Manson is purely platonic. Responding to rumours that the two have been hanging out together in hotel rooms, Lavigne told "It's so healthy when I can sit down and talk to another artist who's doing what I'm doing."


Next up, one half of TaTu (remember them?) has confirmed she is pregnant by her long term boyfriend. Having suggested that claims the TaTu girls were lesbians were just a publicity stunt, Julia Volkova confirmed last week she is expecting a child with boyfriend Pasha Sidorov. However, no need to worry that Volkova is planning to settle down into married life - boyfriend Sidorov is already married with a daughter. TaTu partner Lena Katina says she will wait until Volkova is ready to perform again before continuing with their pop career.


More gossip - Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child has announced her engagement to Dallas Cowboys star Roy Williams - though a date for the wedding is yet to be set. Fellow Destiny girls Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams joined Kelly at her engagement party this weekend.


This one from the slightly nutty file. Committed Christian, Daniel Bedingfield, has told the Sun that his parents were told by God that he would be involved in a car crash three weeks before it happened. As previously reported, the singer broke his neck in a crash in New Zealand in Jan when his jeep overturned and crushed him.

Bedingfield tells the tabloid: "God told my parents I was going to be in a crash three weeks before it happened. He told them I wouldn't be paralysed or brain damaged but it would be serious. After that they kept begging me not to drive - but obviously I did. I'm still not sure why I lost control of the car. It was a difficult stretch of road but I wasn't going too fast."


And finally, Coldplay have put a spoof glam rock/rap video on their website ( to celebrate the birth of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow's baby.

Wearing a Darkness-style wig, Martin raps on the video: "I'll be there through the thin and the thick, I'm gonna clean up all the poo and the sick. There's shit going down that you can't disguise, when your boobs dem got ten times the size. The cups gone up from an A to D, it's bad for you but it's fun for me." Fun, fun, fun.

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