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In today's CMU Daily:
- Radio 1 to rejig evenings
- Now Black Sabbath are headlining Ozzfest
- Eminem given greenlight to sue Apple
- More names added to Fairtrade gig
- Doherty writes from rehab
- Ministry do sponsorship deal with Barclaycard
- Single Review: Rachel Goswell - The Sleep Shelter Ep
- Tarka tonight
- Labels face threat to their newest income stream
- Indie line up for controversial new movie
- Quincy Jones' charity gig pulls in the crowds
- Mase returns
- French rocker will appeal murder conviction
- MTV hope to buy into German rival
- Album Review: David R Black - Trinity
- Procul Harum most played radio track
- Midweeks update
- Morrissey doesn't understand hip hop
- Capital launch ring tone venture
- Wogan rants on Eurovision voting
- Lost Beach Boy album to get release
- Single Review: Avenue D - Do I Look Like A Slut
- Imbruglia re-signs to BMG, Gates wants to go classical
- Radiohead's Greenwood in residence at BBC
- Kerrang! plan million pound launch
- Britney leaves stage in tears


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From the archives - "We are still angry young men. In fact, if anything now we're actually even angrier. We used to see problems. Now we see potential solutions that people just ignore." The Levellers in issue 15 of CMU.


There is some speculation this morning as to what will happen to Radio 1's specialist show line up following the news Andy Parfitt is planning a 'shake-up' to the station's evening schedules.

Speaking to the Independent about his plans for an evening schedule revamp, Parfitt was suitably vague about what that meant for flagship specialist presenters like Pete Tong, Tim Westwood, Gilles Peterson, Judge Jules, Seb Fontaine, Steve Lamacq and John Peel.

Parfitt: "All of those shows appeal to particular musical communities, I'm really pleased that they have credibility within these specific communities, but I think the job of Radio 1 - given that we are a national broadcaster - is that we can't just preach to the converted. What I'm talking about is trying to arrange the universe of Radio 1 specialists in such a way that it matches people's lifestyles and moods. Frankly, there will always be some compromises because there are a limited number of slots and everyone would like more time."

At least three of the station's night time presenters are expected to be 'affected' - whether that means the axe is unclear. In fact the only clear thing about the revamp at the moment is that Zane Lowe is safe - word is his time slot is about to he doubled.


Following the news yesterday of disappointment among the US rock community that a 'special Ozzfest announcement' last Friday did not confirm the rumours Black Sabbath would reform for the touring festival this summer - yesterday Ozzfest organisers went ahead and announced, erm, Ozzy's former band would, after all, be headlining the event.

The news in itself was not too surprising, given rumours of a Sabbath reunion had been doing the rounds for weeks and Ozzy himself seemed to confirm the band would tour again in a recent radio interview. However the timing of the announcement is a little odd - a much trailed 'special announcement' is used to launch an unsigned band competition, the big announcement everyone wanted came without warning.

There is much speculation last Friday's announcement was meant to be about Black Sabbath, but last minute delays in getting confirmation meant a different news story had to be rolled out last week. That delay might relate to the news that original Sabbath drummer Bill Ward will not be part of the reunion - he will be replaced by the drummer from Osbourne's solo band, Mike Bordin.

That explanation gained ground yesterday when Ward made a statement on his exclusion from the reunion. He told reporters: "This morning I received the very sad news that Mike Bordin is to play drums with Black Sabbath on Ozzfest '04. Last week I did receive a proposal which allowed no room for negotiation. There are some details on the proposal that don't work for me. I was asked to respond by Friday, May 14th. I wrote a brief letter of decline on Thursday, May 13th. I answered directly at the proposal, and left out any personal comments, other than I was sad to have to decline. What I did not put in my response was this: I'm willing to be flexible, I'm willing to compromise, I'm willing to negotiate, I'm willing to play. I think that's all I can say for now, but I want you to know, I'm not being the bad guy here. However Black Sabbath is, and always will be an important priority in my life. I support Geezer's, Tony's and Ozzy's decisions to move ahead into Ozzfest '04 without me".


Eminem has often rapped about how MTV censors his work. Whether he will now be rapping about how the network infringed his brand identity by screening an ad that implied endorsement of a commercial product with out prior agreement remains to be seen - what rhymes with copyright litigation?

Anyways, a judge in the US has given the greenlight for Eminem's legal people to sue Apple over an advert for the computer company's iPod. The lawsuit relates to a TV advert where a young boy is seen singing along to music playing on his iPod - the track he sings is Slim Shady's 'Lose Yourself'. The rapper's people say they did not give permission for the track to be used in this context, and as such their copyright was infringed.

Apple argued that the advert in no way implied that Eminem endorsed the product, nor was there any way the average viewer would infer such endorsement. On those grounds they wanted the case thrown out of court.

However US District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor yesterday ruled Eminem's publishers did have a case and gave the go ahead for them to proceed with their legal action. They will now sue, among others, Apple, TBWA/Chiat/Day, the agency who made the ad, and MTV, who screened it.


More line up news on that charity gig in aid of Fairtrade, which takes place at the London Coronet on 27 May. Added to the previously reported live sets from Starsailor, Shack and Hal are DJ sets from Dot Alison, Fred Deakin and special guests.

Confirming their involvement in the gig, Starsailor vocalist James Walsh told reporters: "We're delighted that we can help raise the profile of Fairtrade, who are gradually levelling the playing field of international trade."


Even in these days of reality TV and rolling celeb coverage do we rarely get such an insight into someone's inner turmoil - but that is what we seem to be getting from Libertine Pete Doherty as he keeps a web diary of his time in the Priory clinic attempting to kick his drug addiction.

Yesterday he reported that he has been put on 'suicide watch' after staff found old marks on his body. Writing on Doherty writes under the heading of 'still on suicide watch': "Evidence of self-harm upon my skinny person but nothing could be further from my mind as I awake brighter tailed and bushier eyed than I have done for many a year. Yes children the deliriums and caterwaulings are giving in to, well, Peter Doherty, whoever the fuck that may be. Today I'm definitely steadier on my feet and shall have a little exploration of this clean place which is probably full of celebrities in towelling robes. Enough to make anyone give up crack and smack. Might even try a few press-ups.... er, yeah 17 should suffice for now. NURSE! where's my apple juice and coffee and biscuit like on the poster?"


Ministry of Sound have confirmed a sponsorship relationship with Barclaycard to support their Summer Sessions gigs at music festivals in Barcelona, Berlin, London and Brighton this summer.

Confirming the sponsorship, Barclaycard's Alaric Churchill told reporters: "Barclaycard is all about giving people the chance to grab an opportunity when it comes along and we did the same when the Ministry of Sound asked us to get involved in the sessions. We're looking forward to some outstanding summer days and nights."


SINGLE REVIEW: Rachel Goswell - The Sleep Shelter EP (Beggars / 4AD)
The debut solo single (and forthcoming album) by Rachel Goswell is a particularly welcome treat for anyone (myself included) who, over the years, has been thrilled by her beautifully plaintive vocal contributions to former band Slowdive and their current incarnation Mojave 3. Indeed, fans have been starved in recent years, with the last three Mojave albums seeing Ms Goswell mainly, sadly, on backing vox duties; the "soft sighing siren" at songwriter Neil Halstead's side. Immediately impressive herein is the fragile serenity of opener 'Plucked', by far the best of the five songs. A simple folky number, adorned by little more than a delicate acoustic guitar and some gorgeous, sparse strings, it's blanketed by the melancholy and sensitivity that characterise her two aforementioned bands. Tantalisingly short at just three minutes long, it leaves you hushed and heartbroken throughout. The pick of the other tracks is the jaunty country rock of 'Stickin' With Grace' which, like the rest of the EP, has a faint (though possible misleading) scent of the 70s about it. Rachel's song-writing may yet lack the confidence and pop sensibility of Neil Halstead's, but this shouldn't detract from what is a very promising EP indeed. She could be one of the best musical discoveries you'll make all year. MS
Release date: 17 May
Press contact: Beggars IH [all]


Recently installed CMU favourite Tarka plays the Metro club in London tonight - a fine opportunity to discover this excellent New York resident Brit. Press info from Smash Press or Cool Delta - and check out the Tarka interview in the artist section at


Record labels are facing a new online threat to their newest income stream. A new piece of software is being marketed in the US and Canada which lets music fans create their own ringtones from MP3s stored on their computer. Some fear the software, called Xingtone, will kill a burgeoning new revenue stream for the labels before it has even taken off.

The record labels to date have benefited little from the ringtone explosion, because with the standard or 'polyphonic' tones only the publishers receive any royalties. However the next generation of ringtones, so called 'real tones', used 30 second snippets of actual songs, therefore the owners of the recordings - ie the record label - also benefit. With this in mind, and with the continuing popularity of buying ringtones, many in the major labels have been getting very excited of late about the potential of huge revenues to be made through the sale of realtones.

However, with Xingtone music fans can simply make their own realtones from their MP3 collection, and send their creations to their mobiles at the touch of a button. The software retails for just $15, and once downloaded can be used infinitely, even with illegally downloaded MP3s. If the system catches on it could seriously jeopardise the success of the young realtones market.

Ted Cohen, EMI Music's Senior Vice President Of Digital Development And Distribution, told the San Jose Mercury News: "It's problematic, because it has the potential to eviscerate the business model early in its development."

Xingtone does have some friends in the US industry. Hollywood Records has entered into a number of promotional partnerships with the company and Artemis Records included the software on the most recent album from Sugarcult. The labels hope that the option for fans to make their own ringtones from the albums they buy will provide an incentive to buy the CD, and then allow fans to promote their favourite music to their friends.

However senior players at the majors, who are increasingly counting on the potential income of ringtone sales in their financial projections, will become increasingly concerned if the software is taken up by a mainstream audience. They may look to the mobile firms to block the downloading of home-made ringtones onto handsets on the basis that the telephone operators also stand to lose out on ringtone sales. Whether the mobile firms, who also make money on the air time required to move tracks from PC to mobile, will play ball remains to be seen.


Fans of the Madchester movie that was '24 Hour Party People' can expect another indie affair music wise from the latest film from its director Michael Winterbottom, although even the most raucous nights at the Hacienda probably don't compare with the subject matter of new film 'Nine Songs'.

The new movie, which features music from Franz Ferdinand, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Dandy Warhols and Super Furry Animals among others, is being described as "the most sexually explicit in the history of UK cinema" featuring, as it does, scenes of oral sex and ejaculation. The explicit sex scenes are intercut with scenes of the bands playing live - making it a bit like channel hopping between 4Music and the Playboy channel.

Following its screening at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday night, Winterbottom told the Guardian: "I had been thinking for a while about the fact that most cinematic love stories miss out on the physical relationship, and if it is indicated at all everyone knows it is fake. Books deal explicitly with sex, as they do with any other subject. Cinema has been extremely conservative and prudish. I wanted to go to the opposite extreme and show a relationship only through sex. Part of the point of making the film was to say, 'What's wrong with showing sex?'"

It remains to be seen if British censors demand any cuts before allowing a UK release.


Over 450,000 packed out Rome's Circus Maximus on Tuesday night for Quincy Jones' 'We Are The Future' concert. As previously reported the charity event - which featured performances from Carlos Santana, Norah Jones, Alicia Keys, Andrea Bocelli, Herbie Hancock and Josh Groban among others - is the first in a programme of fundraising initiatives to help children in war-torn countries. The concert was broadcast live on MTV Italy and by Yahoo!, and XM Radio. It will air on MTV elsewhere in the world over the next few weeks.


Rap star Mase - who bowed out of the hip hop world a few years back to devote his life to God - is set to return with a new album for P Diddy's Bad Boy Entertainment label. According to the New York Post, Mase has already recorded a new single called 'Welcome Back' and is now working on a new album. Given his new spiritual lifestyle we're told there will be no explicit lyrics this time round.


French rock star Bertrand Cantat is appealing against that eight year jail sentence for the murder of his actress girlfriend Marie Trintignant. As previously reported, Cantat was found guilty of killing his girlfriend by Lithuanian courts earlier this year - the incident that led to Trintignant's death having taken place in the Lithuanian town of Vilnius. While the actresses family continue to call for a tougher sentence for Cantat's crime, the singer's lawyer yesterday confirmed he would appeal the against sentence.


MTV parent company Viacom are reportedly attempting to take over the company that owns rival German music TV network Viva. Word is Time Warner and Universal Music Group, are considering selling their share in Viva to Viacom, giving the MTV parent a 46% stake in the German channel, and increasing its hold on music television there. The other 54% is held by institutions and individuals.


ALBUM REVIEW: David R Black - Trinity (1000 Watt)
Crack The Whip - Hell Yeah, this is what I have been looking for, a Brit-Rock Album that is chronically dark, yet not in a heavy and compromising way. Black and his band have a level of musical integrity that gives me the confidence to truly define them as art-house rock, a label I can't help thinking Franz Ferdinand are just too poppy to hold. It's hard to avoid having a strong connection to this kind of rock, conveying, as it does, dark realities over the popular vibe of unrealistic happiness. In its own dark way it's a sound that provides a lot more happiness, showing you what is real. Black and his band have a genuine sound - a real band, for real people, with a frothy layer of grit on the side. BS.
Release Date: 7 Jun
Press Contact: Work Hard PR [all]


Surprise on this side of the desk - though at least one of me colleagues claims to not be surprised in the slightest. Either way, Procol Harum's 1967 hit 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale' is the most played track on British radio of all time according to a new survey by royalties body PPL, who did the airplay sums to celebrate their 70th birthday.

Second most played, and surely no surprise here, is Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody', benefiting of course from topping the charts twice. Third is Wet Wet Wet's 15-week Four Weddings & A Funeral chart-topper 'Love Is All Around', fourth The Everly Brothers' double a-sided 'All I Have To Do Is Dream'/'Claudette' and fifth is Bryan Adams' record breaking chart topper '(Everything I Do) I Do It For You'.


The Morrissey faithful have been a busy record shopping and new album 'You Are The Quarry' is pretty damn likely to top the albums chart on Sunday - giving Sanctuary Records their first ever number one album. Singles chart wise and Frankee's 'Fuck You Right Back' looks likely to stay at number one with new entries expected in the top 10 from Cassidy featuring R Kelly, The Corrs, Ghostface Killah, Muse and The Calling. Abba's 30th anniversary 'Waterloo' re-release is expected to go Top 20, which is quite an achievement given that everyone in the entire world must already own the Abba Gold compilation.

Talking of charty type things, William Hill have given the DJ Spoony remix of The Farm's Alltogethernow - the official song for the England football team during Euro 2004 - 4/7 odds of topping the charts. Xfm's alternative England anthem - 'Born In England' - which includes vocals from The Libertines, Supergrass and Delays has 7/1 odds of topping the charts.


And talking of Morrissey type things, Mozza has said he doesn't understand hip hop and wishes someone would explain it to him. Talking about his decision to shun radio because it played too much music he didn't appreciate, Morrissey told French magazine Les Inrockuptibles: "Hip-hop remains a great mystery to me. I wish that somebody could explain it to me". Perhaps I'll put CMU's History of Hip Hop back online - that should help.


For those not yet ready to bootleg their own ringtones with Xingtone, Capital Radio have formed a partnership with Western Union-owned Eposs's Ringtones Online to make ringtones, and eventually other mobile content, available to listeners of their various radio stations. The partnership will begin with the revolutionary sounding Ringtone of the Week which will air on 96.4 BRMB, Choice FM, the Century Network and other Capital group stations having already been tested on Capital's Scottish station Beat 106. Basically presenters will try and flog a different ringtone on air each week geared towards tracks being played on each station's own playlist.

Announcing the programme, Capital Radio's Head Of Mobile And Interactive Tom Laidlaw told reporters: "We believe that radio has a bright and important future in linking up listeners and music via their mobile phone. Ringtone of the Week is a natural extension to the range of services we want to offer our listeners, based around the musical position of our stations and brands."

Capital's ringtone venture follows that announcement by Chrysalis who hope to combine their radio network and music publishing catalogue to launch a major ring tone service.


Terry Wogan has been whinging about the politics involved in Eurovision voting again, after the voting at Saturday's nights Contest saw a huge bias in favour of Eastern Europe where a plethora of smaller countries all voted for each other's tracks.

Speaking on his Radio Two breakfast programme Wogan said: "It's not a song contest any more. It's a political voting contest. It's so unfair," adding that the event's organiser the European Broadcasting Union should take action to find a fairer voting system.

Of course, given that it is now the general public in each country that vote, it is hard to see what could be done to overcome the tendency for countries to vote for song from their geographic neighbours, favouring those with more borders. And of course you could argue voting patterns don't represent political bias but the fact that popular votes are more likely to favour songs from cultures closer to their own. Given we are probably culturally closer to America the days of being assured a top five place in the Eurovision are over - unless of course we go for my idea of putting up an established British artist with an existing Eastern European fan base!


The long lost Beach Boys album, 'Smile', which was Brian Wilson's attempt to better the Beatles and surpass his own 'Pet Sounds' album, but which was shelved after the rest of the band deemed it too 'avante garde', will be released in Sep.

Following those live performances of the legendary album by Wilson last year a new recording of 'Smile' will be released on Nonesuch Records, featuring the ten-member band who have performed at the live show.

As previously reported, Wilson also releases a new album of original material on Warner later this Summer.


SINGLE REVIEW: Avenue D - Do I Look Like A Slut (Electric Blue)
Despite its glaringly obvious nods to Kraftwerk, 'DILLAS' - essentially a foulmouthed, feisty, female-fronted electroclash tune with plenty of 'tude - could only have really emanated from New York. The cheeky 'white female rapping' of the two vocalists Daphne D and Debbie D for some reason makes me think of what an older and ruder Daphne and Celeste might sound like if they'd made a terrifyingly fashionable synthcore record after spending too much time getting hot and sweaty down Nag Nag Nag. And that is meant to be a recommendation (of sorts). With its infernal catchiness and good title, we can expect to see t-shirts and more emblazoned with "Do I Look Like A Slut?" throughout the summer. Meanwhile, the song itself may well attain minor anthem status, though you can be sure that, although you'll love it the first few times you hear it, by the tenth listen you'll probably hate it with a vengeance. MS
Release date:17 May
Press contact: Ferrara PR on 07946 523 007 [all]


Natalie Imbruglia has signed to a new BMG imprint, despite being previously dropped by the major's mainstream label RCA. Imbruglia is one of the first signings to a new BMG label set up by former Innocent Records boss Hugh Goldsmith and former Telstar man Jeremy Marsh. A friend of Imbruglia has told the Mirror: "Nat's really a rock chick. But RCA wanted her to be poptastic and appeal to the younger side of the market while being like Kylie. She's very head-strong and luckily Hugh and Jeremy came to the rescue. They know she's a huge talent and want to work with Natalie and her ideas."

Meanwhile, following those reports Gareth Gates was being dropped from BMG pop imprint S Records, word is Gates has said he wants to put his pop career behind him and work on more musical projects, possibly going the classical route. Well, it could work I suppose.


Talking of playing with something more classical, Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood has become a composer in residence at the BBC, a role which will include writing new work for Radio 3. Previously held by Art of Noise's Anne Dudley, the job gives him access to the BBC's many musical resources, including the BBC Concert Orchestra.

Greenwood's manager Bryce Edge confirmed the appointment, explaining: "He will have access to the resources, the archives, the scores, and most importantly the BBC Concert Orchestra. He will be able to workshop things he has written with the full orchestra. And it is an incredibly flexible arrangement."
As for writing a new piece of work for Radio 3, Edge added: "It could take him two years or six months, and it can be as short or as long as he wants."

Greenwood will undertake his BBC role alongside his work with Radiohead.


EMAP have confirmed they will stage a million pound marketing campaign to celebrate the launch of Kerrang! Radio in the West Midlands - the first time the Kerrang! radio operation has broadcast full time on FM. With the usual strapline of Music With Attitude the residents of Birmingham and the surrounding region are about to be barraged with TV advertising, guerrilla marketing, street teams, bus ads and promotions in local print media.

The station's Marketing Director, Lisa Blower, explains: "Kerrang! is a huge media brand which will already be fully understood by many of our potential listeners. We have had to design a creative, which will be considered cool by the Kerrang! aficionados, whilst also being exciting but unthreatening to the wider audience. The West Midlands is a large and competitive market, so we decided to completely own one high impact medium during launch which has led to a heavyweight transport campaign. Together with prime-time TV advertising and clever use of guerrilla, ambient and street work, the West Midlands will know they are ready to rock."


More drama in the life of Britney. Apparently the popstress abruptly left the stage of a Berlin gig in tears. Even though the finale music of her show was still playing Spears reportedly got straight into her car and was driven to her hotel, where she rushed straight past waiting fans. The latest drama follows rumours Britney is fed up with her current tour - which has been criticised for miming sequences - and she is desperate to go home.

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