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In today's CMU Daily:
- Jacko trial date set
- Oasis top Q album survey
- Aura investigate former membership secretary
- Usher equals Beatles and Bee Gees on Billboard performance
- Single Review: Thirteen Senses - Do No Wrong
- Utah court turns down viewer's lawsuit over Nipplegate
- Footie tracks ready for the chart competition
- R Kelly gets court permission to tour
- Geldof not involved in reported Live Aid 2
- Single Review: The Blueskins - Stupid Ones
- Sting reschedules gigs
- Celine dion back on Las Vegas stage
- Job losses due at BMG Germany
- Album Review: Various - Blaze:Found Love
- So where do we stand with The Libertines
- Avril says Britney acts "inappropriately"
- Aussie radio station ban The Vines after difficult promo gig
- Courts in Belgium side with labels over anti-piracy technology


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FESTIVAL REVIEW: Homelands 2004
Well, the first official summer festival of 2004 has been and gone. This Saturday CMU tripped off to the Mattersley Estate in Hampshire in search of the music, the mayhem and the mud that is Homelands. All this week our team - Serena Read, Jon Wright and Janey Morgan - walk and talk you through the proceedings arena by arena.

Mixed opinions over all regards the proceedings and atmosphere at large. Many positive words to come, but first Serena Read - Hampshire local and Homelands regular - casts here critical eye on the big name high-production Arena 1 and home of house Arena 2

Arena 1 - Dedicated music fans or disaster music jumble sale?
Sassy, sexy, bodacious and voluptuous - enough about me - what's the word on Arena 1? Billed as one of the grooviest arenas, set aside for "dedicated music lovers", perhaps my hopes were too high. I'm a dedicated music lover and I don't believe the hype - not even when it's fired up by Roger Sanchez and Too Many DJs. They're both favourites of mine: Roger knows how to punch out some savvy little demon numbers and Too Many DJs kick arse when it comes to lifting the mix. So what happened in Arena 1? Very little unfortunately. There were some energetic moments, but they were mainly fuelled by the energy of the people rather than the music being played. All in all - seriously too try-hard - no style or substance - and, frankly, a bit of an insult to dance and trance music and its organic roots.

Arena 2 - The House of Homelands
One of the most ram packed arenas on site - was it worth the crush to get in? Not really. It was the seventh time I'd seen Groove Armada headline the house - it wasn't their strongest set by any means, yet it was still the best performance of the night. Each time I returned to the house arena, I was let down by the cheesiness of the tunes - where was the lift, the build and the bang? I'm sorry guys, but Homelands is no longer the home of house. More impressive than the house music, in fact, was the marketing engine that launched a hamper of new 'Mean Fiddler' branded products and services all at silly prices. If it's trendy new drinks and a day out at a kind of Hampshire version of Margate that you're after, then Homelands 2004 delivered. But the festival just doesn't seem to deliver any more for those of us after some seriously scrummy house music, the stuff that makes you come alive and dance the night away in a euphoric state. Those looking for the "real thing" could do a lot worst than check out the new Glade Festival that launches next month - it may well deliver what I had desired (and expected) here. SR

So, anything good to say about Homelands 2004? Well, actually, yes, a lot. Check out Jon Wright and Janey Morgan's words on all things live, hip hop, drum & bass and eclectic electronica each day in this week's CMU Daily.


And so the saga drags on. The judge overseeing the Michael Jackson child abuse case has set 13 Sep as the date to start the trail proper. However he said that date was very likely to be put back even further to give lawyers on both sides more time to prepare - Jacko's lawyers, for one, indicated this weekend they would need more time.

In the same announcement Judge Rodney Melville said he was delaying making a decision on the defence's request to have Jacko's $3 million bail reduced. The prosecution have objected to that request, saying they fear Jackson will flee the country if the bail is dropped too much.

Melville also confirmed he will not give the media access to the actual indictment that has been issued against Jackson. Despite a few hints by Jacko's defense team, the details of the actual case against the singer remain shrouded in secrecy. However the judge said he had no intention of bowing the media pressure to release more info, adding: "I do not feel you are taking my orders for sealing as seriously as I am giving them."


Oasis have topped a poll by Q Magazine designed to find the Best British Album. The Gallagher's album 'Definitely Maybe' has topped the poll of Q writers, putting it ahead of the Beatle's 'Revolver' which is at 2, and albums from The Sex Pistols, Radiohead, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, The Smiths, Led Zeppelin, Massive Attack and Pink Floyd. The survey is published in the Jul issue of the magazine, out today.


Peter Horrey, the Membership Secretary of Aura - the industry body for professional recording artists and studio producers - has been dismissed following what are being described as "significant financial irregularities". The organisation says it uncovered "financial problems" during the handing over of its financial transactions to royalties body PPL. As a result they have secured a high court injunction to freeze Horrey's assets, brought in an independent accountant to go through the society's accounts and filed a lawsuit against its former Secretary in a bid to retrieve the allegedly missing funds.

Speaking to Music Week, Horrey said he could say little about the matter until he had secured legal repesentation: "There is a dispute, but I can't really comment until I have seen a lawyer. It is quite a serious situation."


Well, it's good to be Usher just now. Not only was his album one of only two this year to shift a million units in the US in the first week of sale, and not only has that album - 'Confessions' - now been at number one in the Billboard album chart for eight weeks, but now he has equalled a record only previously achieved by the Bee Gees and the Beatles - having three tracks in the Billboard singles top ten at the same time. This week Usher will have the number one single with 'Burn' while 'Yeah!' is at four and 'Confessions Part II' is at 9. If the latter track gets to number one next week he will have equalled another Beatles record - holding three consecutive US number ones - something the Beatles did back in 1964.


SINGLE REVIEW: Thirteen Senses - Do No Wrong (Universal/Vertigo)
Thirteen Senses have been compared to Coldplay and Keane by the press which seems rather unfair, definitely a case of damning with faint praise, even if unintentionally. Infact the Truro based band are a more subtle proposition. Like the aforementioned bands they do have a certain epic and anthemic vibe but their delicate yet glacial sound and sweet vocals remind me more of Danish band Mew. This their second single marks them out as very promising contenders. JW
Release date: 31 May
Press contact: Hall or Nothing [CP, RP, NP] Mercury IH [CR, RR, NR]


Amidst all the OTT paranoia that followed Janet Jackson's Nipplegate routine back at the Superbowl earlier this year, one sensible court ruling, though actually ruled so on a technicality.

One Eric Stephenson of Utah had sued CBS parent company Viacom on the grounds of 'false advertising' because the half time show at the Superbowl had been billed as 'family viewing'. He argued the event's billing led him to expect marching bands, balloons and patriotic celebration rather than simulated sex by 'some dancers', rock star Kid Rock wearing the US flag as a poncho and of course Jackson's boob-revealing routine.

However Viacom's legal people argued that Stephenson was using the wrong legal process to take up such issues - they argued he should have, in fact, filed a federal lawsuit or sent his complaint to the Federal Communications Commission watchdog, which is currently investigating the incident.

The court in Salt Lake City hearing the case agreed with Viacom and ruled against Stephenson. No word yet on whether he plans to take the matter further.


Tough competition for the really-rather-awful DJ Spoony remix of The Farm's 'Alltogethernow' - the official record of the England football team for Euro 2004. Word is unofficial rival 'Born In England' put together by Christian O'Connell on Xfm's breakfast show is currently top of the Amazon website's pre-order singles chart. Then again, with the official track out yesterday, and the Xfm track released next Monday, both could have their own moment of chart glory. Assuming either of them can push Frankee's FURB off the top of the singles chart, of course, which isn't a foregone conclusion.

For all those who have asked, The Farm remash is released by Demon, press by Slice PR, radio by Sharp End. The Twisted X track is relased by Universal Music TV, press contact is Universal Music TV IH.


R Kelly is headlining New York radio station Hot 97's Summer Jam concern on 12 Jun, having been given permission by a Chicago court on Friday to tour the US to promote upcoming album 'Happy People'. R Kelly needs permission to leave his home state, of course, while the very long running child-pornography case against him rumbles on.


According to The Sun, Bono is planning to mark the twentieth anniversary of Live Aid next year by staging another major charity music event in the UK, this time with the aim of easing Third World debt.

According to the paper, Bono has the backing of Tony Blair in a bid to stage a second edition of the legendary 1985 concert where performances from the likes of Queen and David Bowie helped to raise tens of millions for famine relief in Africa. The paper reckons London's Hyde Park or Knebworth would be first choice venues for such an event, and that more details about the event will be confirmed later this week.

Whether such an event is indeed planned, and if Bono is the man behind it, remains to be seen. However we do know that reports Bob Geldof would once again be involved are not true. He told reporters yesterday: "I told the Sun this afternoon it was not true. This [kind of reporting] only serves to undermine the concerted efforts of those concerned with the tragedy of poverty in Africa. However, if the Prime Minister wants to organise a Live Aid II, then good luck to him."


SINGLE REVIEW: The Blueskins - Stupid Ones (Domino)
Coming from a family of bands who seem to take their rock 'n' roll spirit from the instant mix coffee jar that the contemporary garage rock scene has become, Wakefield's proud sons The Blueskins jump on the same bandwagon with the rest of the 22-20's creating a song which I can't help thinking will come and go like the wind - instantly forgettable, nothing special, nothing to see here people. The B-side's not so bad though. In fact 'You Stole The Sun' should easily have been the leading track, with more variation in musical styles, going from modest pace to intensive throbbing, making it all sound that little more interesting. YN
Release date: 24 May
Press: Wild [CR, CP] Hall Or Nothing [RP, NP] Domino IH [RR, NR]


Sting has rescheduled the UK gigs he had to cancel last month because he was suffering from laryngitis. New dates as follows:

19 Nov: Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
20 Nov: Glasgow SECC
22 Nov: Manchester Evening News Arena
23 Nov: Birmingham NEC Arena


Talking of returns to the live circuit - Celine Dion was back on stage in Las Vegas last week after a two week break to recover from a neck injury. Back on stage Dion told her audience: "I know I don't have to talk to you about the last two weeks... because I could talk for hours. But things happen and sometimes we get injured. I've missed being here, I've missed you and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for giving us the privilege to perform for you tonight."


According the German Financial Times, BMG Germany is about to axe 20% of its workforce, which will mean in the region of 60 people leaving the major label's home country division. Cuts are said to be part of ongoing restructuring.


ALBUM REVIEW: Various - Blaze:Found Love (Slip'N'Slide)
The first compilation offered from New Jersey boys Hedge and Milan takes us on a solid ride through the more soulful aspect of house - a great soundtrack to the summer. From the top, highlights include: Peven Everett's classic 'I Cant Believe I Loved Her', Blaze's own Latin afro-influenced house number 'Brand New Day', Jihad Muhammed's hi end jazz track 'Movement Blues' and the DJ Spinna reworked dancefloor smasher 'You'. All this plus new Blaze track 'Found Love' - a chilled sweet little acoustic sounding Latin number due on 12" in tandem with the album. All in all, well worth investing in. PV
Release date: 14 Jun
Press contact: Kickin IH


So who knows where we stand with the Libertines this morning? Pete Doherty told the Sun he was quitting the band on Friday, and that all forthcoming gigs were off. We now await confirmation of that statement from the band's management or label, and for details as to whether Carl Barat and his other Libertine bandmates will carry on regardless as they did last summer when Doherty was kicked out of the band. As we press send the Libertines' official website is down, we'll update you when we get something.

Meanwhile much concern for Doherty himself who - if the said Sun interview is to be believed - is once again at odds with his band mates and management as he struggles to deal with his drug addiction. Doherty told the paper: "I'm heading to Paris to escape with my girlfriend Irene. She's the one person who understands me. She will help me give up the crack pipe. I couldn't do that in The Priory. I was barely aware of what was going on in there. I want to clean up but it's something I have to do on my own terms."


Avril Lavigne has dubbed Britney Spears' stage act as being "inappropriate". She told reporters: "Tons of mums come up to me and say thank you for not dressing like Britney Spears. Sometimes she just overdoes it with the facial expressions. You should dress like that for your boyfriend, not for the world."


Sydney based radio station Triple M is boycotting Australian rockers The Vines after an intimate gig for the station's listeners failed to go according to plan. The band played an exclusive gig for 400 of the station's listeners at the city's Annandale Hotel last Thursday. Drama began almost immediately when bassist Patrick Matthews stormed offstage halfway through the first song leaving his bandmates to perform as a three piece. Frontman Craig Nicholls then reportedly verbally abused his audience, at one point suggesting they should all "baa like sheep". To top it off, somewhere along the lines Nicholls allegedly lashed out at a photographer who had been given permission to take pictures at the event, damaging her camera equipment.

Confirming his station were planning on dropping The Vines from their playlist, Triple M programme director Mike Fitzpatrick told reporters this weekend: "Craig used to work at McDonald's and I won't be surprised if it all goes wrong and he ends up back there. In my opinion [their performance was] unprofessional and disrespectful to their fans. I've invited the guys to Triple M to apologise or at least explain their actions on air, but they haven't called me back. We've supported the Vines until now, but our listeners have made it clear, after this performance, they don't want to hear the band on Triple M. I can assure you they will never have another song played on Triple M. Whether they care about that or not, I don't know, but I'll be sure to mention it to Craig the next time he asks me 'do you want fries with that?'".

The band are yet to comment on the incident, although the fact they cancelled a gig in Sydney on Friday night suggests the 'issues' continued after the radio gig.


A jury in Belgium has ruled against consumer rights group Test Achats in their bid to sue the major record labels over the use of anti-piracy software on CD releases.

Test Achats sued EMI, Sony, Universal and BMG at the start of the year claiming the major labels where acting unfairly by using technology which stopped consumers from 'ripping' tracks off a CD onto their PC. Said anti-piracy technology has been used by a number of labels with various degrees of success in a bid to stop music fans from transferring tracks to their PC and onto P2P networks like Kazaa.

The consumer group objected to the technology on two grounds. Firstly, they argued current copyright law in Belgium allowed consumers to transfer music to different formats for private use. Secondly, the anti-piracy technology meant some CDs would not play on certain CD players, especially car stereos.

However the jury hearing the case in the Belgium courts disagreed with the consumer group on both points, siding with the record labels who argued 'exceptions to their copyrights' should not be legally sanctioned.

Test Achats plans to appeal the decision.

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