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In today's CMU Daily:
- Camden Council take on the flyposters
- Independents not impressed with PPL speaker choice
- Anoushka Shankar support PETA's anti-KFC campaign
- Glasto line up out
- Album Review: The Bees - Free The Bees
- Pete back in rehab
- Kelly out of rehab
- Biffy Clyro online release
- Chinese cautiously allow Britney to perform
- Viacom boss quits
- Capital to launch Xfm digital radio set
- Bono says no to Live Aid 2
- But Foxy says yes to Pop Idol 3
- Single Review: The Datsuns - Blacken My Thumb
- Warners on the look out for indie acquisitions
- Gary hits moving car (not a dog, doesn't die)
- Japanese professor arrested for developing P2P software
- Dido not leaving the UK


FESTIVAL REVIEW: Homelands 2004
So CMU's Serena Read wasn't so impressed by Arenas 1 and 2 at Homelands, but what of the rest of the proceedings? Dedicated drum beats and bass feline Janey Morgan and our hip hop man James O'Rourke (the one we thought we'd lost until he surfaced from post homelands hedonism yesterday morning) check out Movement and Hip Hop arenas respectively.

Arena 3: The Movement Arena
I'm drum and bass biased - so for me this was by far the main attraction. Packed, steaming and sweaty, the day and night lined up some of the meanest DJs of Drum and Bass who consistently performed delivering serious pump and move tunes for the up-for-it crowds. The superb sound system was put to full use with the fattest live set from Roni Size - who made the night as far as I was concerned. Taking full control of his audience, he captivated us with his performance, playing new and then a set of his oldest and best known tracks dating right back to his debut album. Everyone loved it, couldn't get enough and certainly didn't want it to end. It was a hard set to follow - but DJ Marky and DJ Zinc didn't let the side down, slammin in with a huge back to back session, blasting the charged up crowd with the most amazing scratching. There was no going back. Other favourites? London Elektricity played an amazing live set while DJ Hype - a personal fave of mine from The Rocket back in the day - was yet again up to his usual tricks. What can I say? Arena 3 for me was Homelands. I didn't want it to end - I didn't want to sit down. A great crowd with no attitude and a noticeable lack of fluffy pink leg warmers! Serious music lovers only please! Everyone was totally submerged in the awesome performances that took place flat out until 6am. Loved it - roll on the next one! JM

Arena 4: Tip-Top Hip Hop
Showcasing some of the very finest in UK and US hip hop, funk and drum and bass - this was the tent to be seen in representing your home town - a lot of blokes in caps, hoodys, baggy pants and very fat spliffs! Dizzee Rascal was undoubtedly the real highlight of the night - his hip hop, garage and digitally influenced sounds penetrating the crowd into an ever increasing frenzied. This was the UK representing!! It was, however, the legendary Grand Master Flash who set the tone. His mixture of old skool funk classics and US hip hop had a truly soulful groove. People were jiving at this point -again a lot of hands in the air, jumping around, even some male bonding which was nice to see. As the day progressed things became quite relaxed - until, of course, Rodney P and Skitz decided to come on stage with a furious jumped up set! With Killa Kella in the thick of it, this was a great showcase for the UK drum and bass and hip hop scene. Kella was amazing - mixing up beats, symbols, melody's and singing at the same time! He had a great reception from the crowd and showed us all that he is a true entertainer!! JOR

More>> More positive words on the Live Arena and Strong Bow space in tomorrow's CMU Daily.


This should be an interesting one. Camden Council have announced plans to pursue a test case through the courts which, if successful, could bring an end to flyposting in major UK cities. The plan is to seek Anti-Social Behaviour Orders against top executives at the UK HQs of BMG and Sony on the basis that their respective flyposting campaigns constitute anti-social behaviour.

If the council managed to secure such an order, said executives could be brought up before the courts every time their record label ran a flypost campaign, and if they persistently disobeyed the order they could face a jail sentence.

The Council hope that by tackling flyposting with Anti-Social Behaviour Orders they will overcome the existing loophole in the law in which record labels sidestep liability for flyposting. Labels currently escape prosecution by ensuring a fast turn over of posters on any one site - by the time any landowner (or council) has gone through the legal process of demanding posters are removed, a new set of posters have already been pasted on top.

Announcing the action, Camden Council Leader Dame Jane Roberts told CMU yesterday: "Flyposting is a similar sort of behaviour to graffiti, in that it involves the illegal and non-approved use of property, degrading that property and making an area seem uncared for and an unpleasant place to be. Flyposting has a detrimental impact on the value of property and contributes to people's fear of crime and, as a result, to actual criminal behaviour, which is why we are seeking to outlaw it."

Louise Casey, Director of the Home Office's Anti-Social Behaviour Unit added: "Camden is at the forefront of the Government's TOGETHER campaign to tackle not tolerate anti-social behaviour. Environmental crime, such as flyposting, can increase fear of crime and foster an environment where crime and anti-social behaviour can thrive. It creates eyesores that blight our communities and damage people's quality of life. We hope Camden Council, the Police, businesses and local people can work together to eliminate the problem of flyposting in Camden, so that our communities can live and work in clean and safe spaces free from crime, grime and anti-social behaviour."

Camden's decision follows an announcement by the Keep Britain Tidy Group last October that they were working with local authorities to find new ways to get hardline over flyposting. Pointing out the irony of record labels getting high and mighty over illegal downloading, while fully backing illegal flyposting, they vowed to help local authorities who hadn't the energy or expertise to fight the companies who flyposted in UK cities. Supporting Camden Council's actions, Keep Britain Tidy boss Alan Woods told CMU yesterday:

"There's a common myth that struggling artists, political campaigns and local promoters do the most fly-posting. They don't. It's large multi-national record companies that smear these ads all over city centres - and then leave us with the bill to clean them up. What's more, the presence of these tatty posters does much to make neighbourhoods look squalid and unsafe. I'm really pleased that Camden is cracking down on the problem by targeting the real villains in all of this - we're behind them 100 per cent."

No word yet from either BMG or Sony on Camden's action - though the Anti-Social Behaviour Order process is quite quick so we should know if Camden have been successful in a few weeks time.


Independent label Catskills Records are leading a campaign against a bizarre decision by recording royalties collection society PPL to invite controversial Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon to speak at their upcoming AGM.

Jonny from Catskills told CMU: "Regardless of our personal opinions on the war, is it right for the PPL to invite such a controversial figure to speak as an invited guest? I've personally called the PPL to lodge a protest and have been informed that he's being invited to speak since he's been a long time supporter of music copyright and that he's not being paid to speak. Although this may be the case, his attendance will still be in his official capacity as the Defence Secretary and regardless of his other activities he is one of the men responsible for the current situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. If he's offered any hospitality it will be paid for by us as members from PPL funds".

Jonny continues: "Why can't the PPL invite a less contentious and more appropriate figure to the music business instead of someone who is going to cause such objections from the music community? We personally feel that we have been put in the position of having to forego our right to attend the AGM as we can't be seen to endorse such a controversial figure."

Catskills say a number of other labels have expressed concern at PPL's choice of speaker, and have said they too may boycott the event because of Hoon's presence. To that end Catskills are inviting any other PPL members who are less than impressed by the choice of speaker to email with the subject heading "No to Hoon". They will put all the emails together and send it to the PPL to lodge a combined objection and to attempt to force AGM organisers to remove Hoon from the line up.


Grammy nominated singer songwriter Anoushka Shankar - daughter of the legendary sitar virtuoso and composer Ravi Shankar - has joined forces with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to call on KFC to improve the conditions on the chicken farms they use. In an open letter to Pete Bassi, chairman of KFC's parent company, Yum! Restaurants International, she urges the company to "eliminate such practices as scalding chickens to death in defeathering tanks and breeding and drugging birds so that they grow so large so fast that their leg bones break under their own weight".

She writes: "As the world's leading killer of chickens, KFC has the responsibility to take the lead in eliminating at least the very worst abuses, but to this date, KFC has done nothing to address them".

The letter launches a new campaign against KFC called 'Kentucky Fried Cruelty'. PETA explain: "Despite assurances made long ago by Senior Vice President Jonathan Blum that KFC would 'raise the bar' on animal welfare, the company refuses to eliminate the worst abuses. Chickens raised for food at KFC's supply farms are denied everything that they naturally need and desire."

More information about the campaign and Shankar's letter can be found at


Each year the announcement of Glastonbury's line up becomes less and less of a surprise with most of the headline acts confirming their attendance long before any official announcement from Worthy Farm. Therefore we already knew that Oasis, Paul McCartney and Muse are headlining this year's proceedings. But with the full line up announced yesterday we now know for certain that James Brown will appear. Other acts confirmed include Kings of Leon, PJ Harvey, Groove Armada, Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters, Goldfrapp, Snow Patrol, Chicks on Speed, GoldieLookinChain and, perhaps most surprisingly, 1970s disco act Sister Sledge. Glasto takes place from 25 - 27 Jun.


ALBUM REVIEW: The Bees - Free The Bees (EMI/Virgin)
The Bees are THE band - they have it all, pioneering, as they are, a revival of Quadraphonia style rock 'n' roll. This album, the long awaited sequel to the stunning 'The Sunshine Hit Me', is jam-packed with tracks that will surely be deemed classics in years to come - the magnificent 'Wash In The Rain' is just the starting point. Those in the know predicted there would be substantial growth in the Bees sound, but I doubt many of them could have predicted how much growth and diversity they would actually deliver. People; get a copy, no two ways about it! BS.
Release Date: 28 Jun
Press Contact: Virgin IH [all]


The Libertines' Pete Doherty is back in rehab, this time in France. Following his announcement last week that he was heading to Paris with his girlfriend in a bid to kick his drug addiction, a spokesman for the band yesterday told the NME that his mother has taken him to a French rehab clinic to see if they can succeed where London's The Priory failed.

It seems The Libertines will be performing without Doherty again for the time being. The singer has once again said his relationship with co-frontman Carl Barat is in pieces, saying: "I feel like I'm seeking the ghost of a former friendship but Carl gave up on me years ago. He did come to see me in The Priory but I hardly remember his visit. If (Carl) comes and grabs me by the hand, maybe we can reclaim the empire together. But for now I'm out of the band. Surely no one wants to see me trapped in this cage that is only making me miserable."

No word yet on if The Libertines forthcoming gigs - including their performance at this weekend anti-racism Unity Festival - is effected by the fallout. As we write the band's website is still down.


Elsewhere in rehab news, according to mother Sharon, Kelly Osbourne is out of rehab and back in the studio. Sharon told reporters yesterday: "She's doing great. She's finishing up her album with [songwriter/producer] Linda Perry. They're still in the studio, she finishes in about a week. And she's in a new show on ABC, so she's very busy right now."


The first music from the forthcoming Biffy Clyro album is available as a download-only single. Two tracks ('There's No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake' and 'Hero Management') and full colour artwork can be bought for two quid at


Chinese officials have given the go-ahead for Britney to play five concerts in Shanghai and Beijing later this year, providing she does not "show too much skin". Quite what definition of "too much" will be used, and how the restrictions will be enforced isn't clear (except by cancelling subsequent nights if the "too much skin" point is passed on night one I suppose).


The boss of MTV's parent company Viacom - Mel Karmazin - has resigned somewhat unexpectedly. The resignation will be immediate, leaving the heads of the group's two main TV divisions - MTV's Tom Freston and CBS's Les Moonves - to jointly take over the top job in the short term.

Confirming Karmazin's resignation, Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone (who had reportedly clashed with Karmazin on a number of issues) told the group's employees: "After four years guiding our Company, Mel Karmazin has decided to resign. As we all know, Mel has made incalculable contributions to Viacom since the merger of Viacom and CBS and has been instrumental in making us the best-managed company in the media industry. I know you will join me in wishing him well."

On the appointment of Freston and Moonves, he continued: "They have served as key members of Viacom's executive management team, and have been integral in shaping the Company's strategic direction and overall financial performance."


Capital Radio and tech firm iTech will launch an Xfm branded digital radio in Sep, which will also include an MP3 storage and rewind facility. The radio, which will be backed by a £5 million advertising campaign, will be targeted at the youth market in a bid to further the growth of digital radio, and to promote the fact Xfm is essentially a national radio station on digital.

Announcing the project, Capital Radio chief executive David Mansfield told reporters yesterday, "Digital development is a core part of our strategy, and we have made good progress in developing Xfm from a London station into a national brand. This is an exciting and innovative opportunity to position the brand at the leading edge of DAB. "

iTech general manager, Patrick Tsang added: "We are working together with Capital Radio plc because they have enormous expertise in the DAB market and influential brands, like Xfm, which can take our products to the difficult-to-reach youth market."


U2's Bono has denied those rumours that he is planning a second Live Aid style concert to raise money to tackle world debt. Speaking as he met European Union development ministers in Dublin yesterday, he told reporters: "We would love to be talking about Live Aid II, but the sums of money we are dealing with are in the billions of euros, not the millions. It would help, but not fix the problem."

Adding that the world is facing a "dangerous time", Bono called on the European Union to boost its aid efforts to help the world's poorest countries, and to keep past promises on debt and assistance. "Continental Africa is bursting into flames right now, there's an emergency going on and for me it's not really about charity at this point, it's about justice. A lot of people in Europe are doing great things, but a lot of promises have been broken."

Although supporting his work in the area of aid and debt, some EU officials cautioned Bono for depending too much on "scare stories" issued by non-governmental organisations, with one official telling reporters: "He was taken aback when he heard about the realities of what the EU is doing, and what the obstacles were. I think he was impressed, and learnt something".


With Michelle and Gareth's careers going so well just now (OK, so Will Young is doing quite well), surely its time for another round of Pop Idol. So praise the Lord for the news that a third series is in the pipeline. According to Neil Fox, he, Simon Cowell, Nikki Chapman and Pete Waterman are all booked for a new series of the show - though no word on exactly when it will air or if Ant & Dec will host.

Fox is quoted on saying: "It's a great show so I'm very excited about it. It's great because I get to sit with my mates and have a laugh. You really do get to see some bad acts, it's hilarious".


SINGLE REVIEW: The Datsuns - Blacken My Thumb (V2)
You know the story of the hare and the tortoise - the one that tells us slow and steady is the way to win. Complete bollocks right? Well, here's the album that proves the moral. The Kiwi rockers return with a fantastic album that gets off the starting block with a slow warm-up, building up to a thunderous finish with Dolf's 'Blacken myy thuuurrrrmbbb' finale. It's a sure-fire reminder of how much we've missed these guys, and of what was so damn good about them in the first place. Here's to new album 'Outta Sight/Outta Mind' winning the rock 'n' roll race on Fifth Gear. YN
Release date: 31 May
Press contact: Renegade [CP, CR] V2 IH [RP, RR, NP, NR]


Following those comments by EMI boss Eric Nicoli last week essentially ruling out the possibility of any merger with Edgar Bronfmann Jnr's Warner Music Group, there was speculation in the New York Post yesterday that Warner will instead up their market share through a programme of indie acquisitions.

The paper reports that Warner Music's US chief Lyor Cohen has been meeting with the owners of various independent labels in the States, with a view to making some kind of business deal. It is not clear yet if the major is looking for complete buy-out opportunities, or if they are considering joint venture deals akin to that they currently have (for the time being at least) with Madonna's label Maverick. Although word is any partnerships with independents would be run through WMG's indie distribution arm, ADA, suggesting they are considering co-ownership arrangements.

The labels Cohen is said to be talking to include Saddle Creek, Victory, Drive Thru and Wind-up.


Dogs Die In Hot Cars guitarist Gary Smith was knocked over by a car on Sunday - said car was driving the wrong way down a one way street in Glasgow. Despite the drama (he was hit, rolled over the bonnet and smashed in the windscreen) Gary managed to suffer only a sprained ankle, and was back on stage for Monday's Middlesbrough Music Live. And good for him - hope your ankle gets better soon.


According to the Associated Press, Japanese officials have charged a professor at the University of Tokyo after he developed and distributed some P2P that has proved especially popular because it protects users' identities. Fans of Isamu Kaneko have already begun a campaign to free him - word is he could face up to three years in prison and a 3 million-yen fine if convicted.


Dido has denied those reports from last week that she is planning on quitting the UK to live in California. She told reporters yesterday: "No, it's not true. I got a bit of a surprise when I read that in the papers." The tabloids suggested she was house hunting on the West Coast with a plan to concentrate her efforts on her US career.

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