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In today's CMU Daily:
- Newer Jacko charges dropped
- Former Brother Beyond man charged for kerb crawling
- Thrills second album almost finished
- Sleaze and Jockey Slut close
- Single Review: Joy Zipper - Out Of The Sun
- Best stuff on a Sunday
- Chaka Khan to play Jazz Cafe
- Technology firms look for middle ground in piracy control
- Three times the fun on the Common
- C4 to cover IoW Festival
- Somethin Else launch Judge Jules show in US
- New boss for SMG
- Warner gossip
- Definitely maybe DVD re-release
- Sony BMG merger - less likely?
- More than half of us have digital TV
- Single Review: The Zutons - Remember Me
- Macca fans left outside
- Mcdonalds to giveaway tracks via Sony Connect
- Too blonde for Blondie



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Defected Sessions
Defected Records have gone from strength to strength in recent years while their output remains relatively pure. The label's monthly night features Junior Jack this weekend, which should be quite a night given his rather fine recent album 'Trust It' and current track Stupidisco (the video of which is causing a bit of a stir in the States). Having built up a sound reputation with his El Divino residency in Ibiza, Jack has been known to rock a crowd and should really deliver the goods this Saturday. And add to that Kid CrËme, Alan Thompson, Definite Grooves, Simon Dunmore who will also be trying their hands on the ones and twos. It's a pricey night, but you get a discount if you book in advance (bookings on 0870 600 100) and if you can afford it (or blag it) it should be worth it. PV
Sat 5 Jun, Ministry Of Sound, 103 Gaunt St, London SE1 6DP, 11pm - 7am, £15 (£12 NUS), more from

Put your club night up for the tip -


FESTIVAL REVIEW: Homelands 2004
Last bit of the CMU team's Homelands round up - Serena Read suddenly gets all positive when she arrives at the Strongbow Rooms, while the team round up the best and worst bits.

The Strongbow Rooms
OK, ok, in spite of my bitter and twisted first verdicts on Homelands (see Tuesday's Daily!), there was a part that touched me and excited my tingles - The Strongbow Rooms. It was possibly The Cuban Brothers that did it. The colour, comedy, stripping off and frolicking made for a brilliantly sweet comedown that made me and those around me (OK, so they were the slightly older 30 something crowd) feel relaxed and entertained. This was quite a self-effacing arena - nothing too serious or heavy with a well-dressed crowd of individuals totally relaxed - my kind of party! The music was funky and sunny, the mood was light and humorous - it really was the most colourful and alive place to be. The highlight of my Homelands - and I don't even like cider.

The Best & The Worst Bits

Janey Morgan:
THE BEST : Roni Size in the Movement arena - has to be - easily
THE WORST: Too many furry clad fluoro-sheep grazing the field

Jon Wright:
THE BEST: Faithless performing in the Live Arena
THE WORST: Astronomical prices and ridiculousness of Mean Fiddler drinks -
in your face commerciality

Serena Read:
THE BEST: The Cuban Brothers and the sun setting
THE WORST: Knowing I was missing out on another party I'd have rather been at.

James O'Rourke:
THE BEST: Electro-fluoro girlies everywhere - ready to love me up.
THE WORST: When it was over.


LA police have dropped investigations into that second (or third, depending when you start counting) set of child abuse claims that materialised in Mar. The new allegations surfaced while Jacko awaits the court hearing over those child abuse claims made last Autumn - the newer claims actually relating to alleged incidents in the late eighties.

However, after a two month investigation LA police say they have uncovered no evidence to support the newer allegations and that no further action will be taken. A police spokesman told reporters yesterday: "After an extensive investigation, which included hours of interviews with the person making the allegations, detectives concluded there was no evidence that any crime occurred. No charges will be sought."

As previously reported, a judge has set a 13 Sep court date to hear the charges brought against Jacko from those Autumn allegations.


A friend of Nathan Moore has defended the former Brother Beyond singer turned pop manager after he was arrested on suspicion of kerb crawling in central London.

A police spokesman yesterday confirmed Moore, now best known as the manager of James Fox and boy band Phixx, had been charged for: "Soliciting a woman for the purposes of prostitution from a motor vehicle while it was in a street or public place, persistently or in such circumstances as to be likely to cause annoyance to the woman solicited or nuisance to other persons in the neighbourhood."

However Moore's friend Sean Borg has told reporters: "He would never kerb crawl in his life. This is the most ridiculous situation and I feel really bad for Nathan today. He is completely embarrassed - he is not a sleazy person."

Borg says Moore was riding home on his scooter on Thursday and stopped in King's Cross to buy some newspapers. He approached by a woman and was then confronted by two police officers. Moore is due in Highbury Corner magistrates court to face the charges later today.


The Thrills have almost finished their second album. Working in New York with Hundred Reasons and Dandy Warhols producer Dave Sardy, word is REM guitarist Peter Buck features on one track, while the string arrangements on another come from Brian Wilson's co-writer Van Dyke Parks.

Talking to the NME about the album earlier this year, frontman Conor Deasy said: "It's a bit more rock'n'roll, it's got a bit more of an edge. It's not a contrived U-turn, it's a natural step on. For the first one, it was more of a feelgood record, we hadn't really toured much."


Confirmation in the media media this week that Swinstead Publishing have closed down their two legendary magazines Sleaze Nation and Jockey Slut.

The announcement follows much talk about the future of the company after Xfm decided to review, and then drop, their magazine X Ray - which Swinstead had produced. At the time Swinstead made much of their relaunch of Sleaze Nation as Sleaze, but speculation about the future of the company continued when Jockey Slut went from monthly to quarterly with a compensatory new website.

However last week Swinstead announced that both titles would cease to be published at all, with the loss of thirty jobs. No word on whether Swinstead will continue with any other publishing or youth marketing projects.


SINGLE REVIEW: Joy Zipper - Out Of The Sun (Universal/Vertigo)
Taken from the critically acclaimed album 'American Whip', Joy Zipper's latest offering is another blissfully swept, cast away genius of a track. Sticking to the philosophy / clichÈ that if it ain't broke don't fix it, this New York duo can pull out all the stops to make the crËme de le crËme of laid-back, melancholic 60's California seem not so far away, especially on those wet and windy days in London town. You know you want some of it. YN
Release date: 21 Jun
Press: Wild [CR] Anglo [RR, NR] Mercury IH [CP, RP, NP]


Sunday Best have confirmed details of three summer Sunday parties - the first one on 13 Jun. Taking placed at the Brockwell Lido in Brixton / Herne Hill from 6pm to 1am, you will be entertained by Hometown Hi-Fi (Raff Daddy & Simon Ratcliffe), Max Sedgley, Mixmaster Morris and Rob Da Bank. There will be plenty of food and drink, plus the football will be screened (which will give you another chance to hear Sedgley's 'Happy', it being used by ITV as their Euro 2004 theme and all).

Tickets are the traditional £1.99, and places are limited - book now by sending your details to More info at


Talking of the 13 Jun, which we were, here's one to put in the diary. Ms Chaka Khan will be performing at the Jazz CafÈ on that day. More info at


The next major development in anti-piracy technology will be a CD which will monitor how many times tracks have been transferred to PC or CDR. Labels hope the technology will enable their customers to make a limited number of copies of CDs they buy, but stop mass duplication of music.

The new developments are a response to the unpopularity of the anti-piracy technology that completely stops the 'ripping' of tracks off CDs. Many consumers expect to be able to make one copy of CDs they buy so they can, for example, keep one in their car. When that facility is barred many consumers have returned CDs to retailers, while the inconvenience encourages more PC savvy music fans to try and 'crack' the anti-piracy system.

Labels, who are willing to tolerate consumers making a handful of personal copies, but who want to safeguard against mass duplication hope to find a middle ground.

Mike McGuire of music industry research firm GartnerG2 explains: "There is a fine balance that nobody has struck, especially with physical CDs. If there's somebody who's making 25 copies for the world and finds they can't do that, then few people will probably complain. But if someone finds they can't make a copy for their kid so he can play it in the car, you're going to have a lot of people returning broken CDs."

Both Macrovision and SunnComm International are busy developing this new technology. The latter say their system is already being tested by BMG, a keen advocate of piracy-proof CDs, while Macrovision's version will reportedly be ready in the next few months.


Following the news yesterday of an exciting new mini-festival taking place on Clapham Common on 4 Jul - turns out that day is just one of three great events taking place under the banner of The Clapham Weekender. Not only that, but Moloko has been added to the bill of the 4 Jul date. Full line up as follows:

Fri 2 Jul: Latin Splash
Featuring: Buena Vista Social Club's Omara Portuondo, Oscar D' Leon, "Little" Louie Vega's Elements of Life, Gilles Peterson, Defected Record's DJs Miguel Migs and JayJ and Salsa dance acts including Johnny Vasquez and Frankie Martinez

Sat 3 Jul: Lovebox on a Summers Day
Featuring: Groove Armada Live, Grandmaster Flash, Ozamatli, Norman Jay, Richie Havens Live, The Loose Cannons, Lovebox All Stars, Rob Da Bank, DiY, Dave Lee, Jon Carter, DJ Derek, Treva Whateva, Mr. Scruff and the Movement Arena.

Sun 4 Jul: The Common Ground
Moloko, Soul II Soul Soundsystem with Jazzie B and the Funki Dreds, Justin Robertson, Dub Pistols, The Bays (3of5), DJ Touche, South, Jonathan Moore (Coldcut), Hexstatic, Tom Middleton, A Man Called Adam (Live), Spektrum, Eddy Temple-Morris (Xfm), Alucidnation, Soulchild, Eclectic Method, Nick Luscombe (Xfm), Bonobo (Live), Laura B (Live), Pete Lawrence, DJ Food, Grandadbob (Live), Cagedbaby (Live), Leggo Beast, DJ Yam, Skalpel (Live), Pest (Live), plus arenas hosted by Southern Fried Records and The Big Chill.


Channel 4 have confirmed they will be screening highlights of the sold out Isle of Wight Festival on the weekend 12 - 14 Jun, which means those of us not able to get down to the coast that weekend can still see sets from David Bowie, Super Furry Animals, Jet, Manic Street Preachers, Stereophonics, Groove Armada, The Who, and Snow Patrol. It doesn't make up for depriving me of my OC over the summer months (it's the damn cricket again), but it should be worth watching.


Radio producers Somethin' Else have confirmed that, as of last weekend, its new Judge Jules fronted radio show Global Warm Up is being broadcast across the US. The show airs via SIRIUS Satellite Radio ( each Friday night.


Scottish Media Group - owners of Virgin Radio and the two main Scottish ITV franchises - has appointed a new non-executive chairman. Chris Masters - previously of power hire company Aggreko and logistics firm Christian Salvesen - will be utilising his extensive media experience when he takes over from current chairman Don Cruickshank.

Confirming the appointment Cruickshank said his successor would bring "boardroom experience, strategic focus and a business profile" to SMG. Masters said he was delighted in being given the opportunity to lead SMG, adding "SMG has undergone some major changes over the last few years and is now well positioned to deliver real growth in shareholder value."


Gossip galore from the upper echelons of Warner Music. First, some concerns that the major is failing to perform well on the US charts, and that the company's forthcoming release schedule is not likely to address that problem. Some reckon too much time was spent on last year's merger talks and Bronfmann takeover, and that is now affecting artistic output. Meanwhile some gossipers say there is some disagreement between Jason Flom and Craig Kallman - who are running the recently merged Warner division Atlantic Elektra - who are said to have different ideas of what artists they should be signing.

Finally, word is that the co-owners of Warners division Maverick (Madonna excluded - she's a bit busy touring just now) have been back into talks with the Warner top guard regarding their current legal dispute. Essentially both sides want to part company - but there is disagreement as to who should get the imprint's roster and who owes who what money. Despite deciding to go the court route, word is Warners may try to make Maverick's owners a buyout offer to get the matter resolved quickly.


Following the news that Q's writers rated it as the best album ever, Oasis will re-release 'Definitely Maybe' as a DVD Special Edition to coincide with the album's tenth anniversary. The package will include the original album, some rarities and lots of video footage.


Word is that industry insiders who said the Sony BMG merger has a 70% likelihood of happening, are now saying the merger going ahead is 50-50. It's not clear if that change in opinion is down to reported concerns among the European Commission about the merger, or rumours that senior BMG execs are going off the idea.


According to latest OfCom figures, 53% of homes in the UK now have access to digital TV, while 57% have multi-channel TV (which means 4% are still accessing old analogue cable services). The number of households accessing each different kind of digital service stacks up as follows:

Sky - 6.956m
FTV DSat - 231,000
NTL - 1.37m
Telewest - 1.03m
DTT - 3.47m
HomeChoice - 3,300
KIT - 5,364


SINGLE REVIEW: The Zutons - Remember Me (Sony/Deltasonic)
The mystifying and downright weird scally group otherwise known as the Zutons offer another - erm - mystifying and weird track from their fantastic debut LP 'Who Killed The Zutons?' It's a bittersweet yet satisfying song for those days you just wanna kick back and let your feelings go; and with the sun coming out to play just as I put this CD into the player, it's poetry in motion. That feel-good factor looms large straight from the intro, as the sax and stomping drumming instantiation kicks in for a very comfortable three minutes or so. Check it out. YN
Release date: 21 Jun
Press: Coalition [RP, NP] Sony IH [CP, CR, RR, NR]


Paul McCartney fans have hit out at the Swiss promoters who staged the Zurich date on the former Beatle's European tour after they were left waiting in the rain as Macca took to the stage.

McCartney played at the city's Letzigrund Stadium on Wednesday night. Reports suggest that security was so tight all audience members had to enter the venue through one entrance. As a result a large queue built up and many fans were still waiting to get in as the show began - some fans did not get into the venue until thirty minutes into the set.

One fan told local magazine 20min: "It's an absolute scandal. We were standing outside in the pouring rain and we could hear that the concert had already started inside. And this is after we paid over £60 pounds for our tickets."

Promoters GoodNews are yet to comment, although they earlier admitted that they had only sold half of the 4000 tickets for the event.


McDonalds yesterday confirmed they are following Coke, Pepsi and Heineken in giving away free music downloads to their customers. The fast food giant has gone into partnership with Sony Connect and consumers will be able to access free music via the service when they buy a Big Mac meal.

For McDonalds the campaign is an extension of its 'I'm Lovin It' campaign, which began when they forged a commercial relationship with Justin Timberlake last year. The new music promotion is expected to kick off in the US next week, and will be rolled out to nine other countries over the summer - including the UK.
For Sony Connect, who are about to launch their download service, the McDonalds deal should raise

wareness of the service on a global level. The deal follows the previous announcement of a deal between Sony Connect and Air America which will enable Connect customers to earn 'air miles' as they buy music, while Air America frequent flyers will be able to redeem existing air miles for music.


Don't know if this is true - but it's a fun story. According to the Daily Mirror, the band M.A.S.S were pulled of the bill at a recent Blondie gig because their lead singer Justine Berry is too blonde - and that goes against Blondie's contract conditions. M.A.S.S were due to play at Blondie's Amsterdam gig, but were told at the last minute they couldn't go on, and were asked to play the after show party instead. Subsequent UK support slots have been cancelled.

The band's manager Andrew Winters told the paper that they were told at the last minute that they couldn't play because Blondie ban any blonde singers from taking to the stage before Debbie Harry. Winters: "Maybe she was afraid of the competition. The promoter just said Justine is blonde so we couldn't go on because there is a ban on blonde girls supporting Debbie Harry. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. At first I thought it was a joke, but it wasn't."

No comment from Blondie's people as yet.

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