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In today's CMU Daily:
- Doherty back in London, en route to Thailand
- Downloading down, but the battle continues
- Simon & Garfunkel tour a grand finale
- Xfm sign deal with Carling venues
- Are Warner looking to publishing income?
- Single Review: The Veils - The Tide That Left And Never Came Back
- Morrissey not impressed with downloading
- Twisted nerve release online EPs
- Mobile festival pics
- Nysnc to discuss reunion during, erm, reunion
- Jewel in Warners' crown?
- Best fest in September
- Double Nelly coming soon
- Donna Summer instore
- Metal Hammer awards
- Festival news
- Album Review: !!! - Louden Up Now
- EMI hits back at criticism of industry's copyright stand
- Sony settle with walkman patent man
- F Comm celebrate 10th with 200th release
- US schools and libraries get free CDs as part of anti-trust settlement
- Eminem's arse to be censored by MTV


The Libertines' Pete Doherty was back in London on Monday night and he managed to play a few tunes with the rest of his band at an impromptu gig. Doherty was back in the UK after a few days in rehab in France. After hugging his band mates the band borrowed instruments from The Boxer Rebellion, whose gig they were hijacking, and played a few songs.

However those upcoming Libertine festival dates are not necessarily back on. Back on his weblog after the gig Doherty - who has now quit two rehab programmes in less than a month - told fans he was heading for the Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand in a bid to kick his drug habit once and for all.

Doherty: "I want to live, and want to be fit for the second album's airing. I know I can mangle out all the creases and live out further my grandly Arcadian dreams and dear divine adventures all Albion's sons and daughters. I love you all and will return stronger."

No word on whether his trip to Thailand is related to an offer made last month by June Brown - the actress who plays Dot Cotton in Eastenders - who runs a charity which arranges for people looking to kick drug addiction to spend some time at a Thai monastery.


I'm never sure how reliable these stats are, but new figures from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry suggest illegal downloading in Europe is down. The new stats say that while millions of tracks are still downloaded each month, the total figure is down 25% on this time last year.

The IFPI reckon the decline in illegal downloading is down to a combination of their litigation and educational work, and the arrival of legit download services like iTunes and Napster. IFPI boss Jay Berman told reporters this week: "Today's results show that litigation, combined with the rollout of new legal online music services, is having a real impact on people's attitudes to illegal file-sharing."

On the litigation front, the IFPI also confirmed eighteen of the European file-sharers they had begun legal action against have settled out of court. Seventeen file sharers in Denmark agreed to cease and desist to avoid legal action, paying 1000 euros in compensation to the record labels. A similar case in Germany saw one serial downloader settle for 8000 euros.

Just over 180 anti-downloading lawsuits are still proceeding in Europe, though more are expected to settle out of court. Meanwhile 30 criminal cases being brought against individual downloaders by public prosecutors in Italy are in the process of going to court.

Discussing the latest legal proceedings the IFPI is undertaking against illegal downloaders, the industry association confirmed its intention to proceed with similar action in other countries, including the UK, France and Japan.


Paul Simon has said a film of images from America's recent history, which provided a backdrop for Simon & Garfunkel's recent US shows, probably won't be used on the duo's forthcoming Europe dates. Simon told reporters: "It's not a political statement. It's a geographic reality. It's what an artist does when he feels the name of his country speaks too loudly and too provocatively (that) it pushes the music aside."

Simon has also indicated the current Simon & Garfunkel tour may be the last (and really genuinely this time): "I think this [the show] is a good example of the music that we made and I don't really see any powerful reason to do it again because we did it. It's not a Sherman-esque declaration. It's just how I feel."

Simon & Garfunkel play the Manchester Evening News Arena on 14 Jul and Hyde Park on 15 Jul as part of their first European tour together for more than two decades.


Xfm have done a deal with venue owners the McKenzie Group which will make Xfm the official radio partners of the Carling Academy network. Xfm logos galore will appear around the various Carling venues, and the station will host a series of live sessions at McKenzie's London venues, kicking off with Belle and Sebastian at the Carling Islington Academy on 15 Jun.

Confirming the deal Xfm boss Graham Bryce told reporters: "I am delighted to have teamed up with the UK's leading live music venue operator to help support Xfm's national expansion."

McKenzie Group MD John Northcote added, "We are really looking forward to working in closer partnership with Xfm. We plan to work together on a number of activities that are beneficial to both parties."


Word is US based Warner divisions Atlantic and Warner Bros are both trying to include publishing as well as recording rights in the contracts they make with new bands - recent Warner Bros signing Secret Machines are said to have entered in such a deal. No word on what the kick back for the bands is. Warner Music's publishing arm Warner Chappell are reportedly endorsing the practice providing they are involved in the publishing bit of the deal. That in turn is leading to speculation a future Warner Music restructure could integrate the group's recording and publishing business in some way.


SINGLE REVIEW: The Veils - The Tide That Left and Never Came Back (Rough Trade)
For my money the Veils are the most under rated band around at the moment. Their album 'The Runaway Found' is easily one of the best releases of the year. This single is rather faster paced than the majority of that album but it has an air of melancholy that is the Veils trademark. The B sides to this are very decent too especially the sad, delicate piano led 'the Lydiard Bell'. JW
Release date: 7 Jun
Press: Coalition [CP, RP, NP] Anglo [CP, RP, NP]


Asked by an Italian magazine about music downloading, Morrissey has admitted he has never accessed music online, expressing concern that the process of acquiring music is just getting too damn easy.

Morrissey: "I've never downloaded any song from the Internet. I was offered an iPod, I didn't even succeed in opening the box. I find it sad. Music deserves efforts. How can you love a record that arrives so easily? When I was a child, access the music I loved was difficult. It was not on radio nor TV. Even if music was my only love, it was a permanent fight to get it into my arms."


Independent label Twisted Nerve are launching a new series of weekly download only EPs. Featuring tracks from existing Twisted Nerve artists, new bands and the occasional back catalogue treat, the series launches with new music from Hassle Hound, the debut EP from Team LG and a collection of Alfie obscurities.

The Twisted Nerve team explain: "While the majors see Mp3 as yet another way of re-selling you their back catalogue (what's this now? The fourth time?) here at Twisted Nerve we take the view that all this newfangled techno stuff would be a good way of releasing more new music. And so, this week, of all weeks, and for no particular of reasons, we launch Twisted Nerve's Weekly Adventure Series. All new. All exclusive. All daring. All adventurous."

More info and sampler tracks at


If you're in a festival mood, but your phone is letting you down, then worry no more. are making their entire 12,000+ festival photo gallery available to download to your mobile. Just pick your pic, select your phone type and pay fifty pence. Easy.

More info at


Good news for all you Nsync fans out there (we know who you are). Justin's boy band friends will be performing together again this weekend at a charity baseball game, though they're only singing the American national anthem, so don't get too excited (then again, given what happened the last time Justin performed at a major sporting event, who knows what will happen).

More importantly JC Chasez has told reporters the band will be discussing their future after the event. "If you're an 'NSYNC fan, it'll be the first time we sing together in a few years, so it'll be good. We're gonna raise some money for some kids. Getting back together for another album is in the back of all of our minds. And it's definitely going to be a topic of discussion, so we'll see what goes down."


Despite the pending roster cull at Warners, word is Jewel - who was reportedly close to being dropped not so long ago - is apparently being courted by the top guard at the major label. Insiders say that, following all those takeover distractions, Warners' US release schedule for the rest of the year aint looking so hot and bosses are keen for Jewel to complete her next album, the last tied to her current record deal, before the year is out.


Following the news last week that Sunday Best Recordings were planning a series of all day events at Brockwell Lido in Brixton, confirmation yesterday that Rob da Bank's label is also planning a complete three day festival on the Isle of Wight from 10 - 12 Sep. And with Basement Jaxx, Fatboy Slim, The Bees, Zero 7 and, wait for it, Chas & Dave, already on the bill it's looking like being one hell of an event.

Announcing the event Rob told CMU: "We're blown away that we've got these acts headlining - it truly represents the quality and breadth of music that Sunday Best and Bestival are all about. From Basement Jaxx to The Bees, from Zero 7 to Chas & Dave - what more could we ask for?!"

Tickets will be £85 per person for all three days, with day tickets for £35. More info at and


Nelly will be cashing in, I mean giving more to the fans, this Sep when he simultaneously releases two new albums on the same day. Both 'Sweat' and 'Suit' will hit the shops in the US on 14 Sep.

Explaining his decision to release two albums at the same time Nelly told reporters yesterday: "I had so much material that at first I thought about releasing a double CD, but then I thought it would be better to release two albums separately to show fans the best of both sides of 'Nellyville'".

To that end each of the albums will have its own sound. 'Sweat' is described as "up-tempo club bangers that are more street-oriented songs" while 'Suit' is more "grown up and sexy."


Having had the soundtrack to the new ITV show Discomania in the CD player the last couple of days we're well back into Donna Summer (though less into the Summer / Westlife collaboration that appears on said album). So hurrah for the news that the queen of disco is going to be in the UK next week. Not only that she will be doing an instore in 16 Jun at 5pm at HMV Oxford Street, signing copies of her latest greatest hits album and her new book 'Ordinary Girl'. Time is limited so access will be restricted to 500 - wristbands will be distributed at the store from 9am on 14 Jun. Press info from Coalition.


Another round of awards on Monday night - this time for those who rock. Future Publishing's Metal Hammer held their second Golden Gods Awards in London, and among the winners were The Darkness (Best Video for 'Love is Only a Feeling'), Iron Maiden (Best UK Act), Metallica (Best International Act), Slayer (Best Live Act) and Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx (who took the Spirit of Hammer Award).

The Best Breakthrough gong went to Funeral For A Friend, who seemed very excited with the award. Lead vocalist Matt told reporters: "The award is the most metal thing you've ever seen. It's a skull head with a rather sexy looking cloak, a snake on the bottom and the metal sign in a bony hand. It's going to go on somebody's mantelpiece, but not our own! He's a very metal looking statue and he's very metal - that's all you need to know."

The awards show was filmed by ITV and will be aired later this week.


More festival updates:
The Distillers have been added to the bill at the Reading / Leeds festivals - they will play on the main stage between The Hives and Jurassic 5.

Up there in Scotland, The Beta Band are the latest group added to the main stage bill at this year's T in the Park. Other T additions include The Cribs (on the NME Stage), Speedway, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, The Glitterati and Mull Historical Society (playing the King Tut's Tent) and Jesse Malin (playing the X Tent).

Talking of all things T, DF Concerts will be announcing details of their music programme at the Edinburgh Festival - T on the Fringe - after the official launch of the Edinburgh Fringe programme in Edinburgh tomorrow.


ALBUM REVIEW: !!! - Louden Up Now (Warp)
First of all a couple of explanations. Firstly the band's name is spelt !!! and pronounced using any percussive sound three times - pow, pow, pow or uh, uh uh for example - though the one most frequently used is chk chk chk. While the album's title is in response to school teacher's requests to "quieten down now". Most people probably became aware of !!! last year with their mammoth nine minute single 'Me and Guiliani Down By the School Yard' which boogied with the glee of the Tom Tom Club's 'Wordy Rappinghead' and is included here. Their other single 'Pardon My Freedom' is surely one of the best dance tracks of recent times. It's a head spinning mix of pounding rhythms, cowbells, infectious electro beats, screaming sirens and liberal use of four letter words. There are also two songs called 'Shit Scheisse Merde' (parts one and two) plus an instrumental version of the same song. Its probably not the best thing to put on the stereo if your mum is coming round for tea. We'll gloss over the album's vague political stance ("What did George Bush say when he met Tony Blair"). But its all going on. It's a very funky record. It looks as if !!! will follow fellow funk/punk conspirators the Rapture, in creating the soundtrack for the thinking person to dance to. Like the man says, "Shake your butt." JW
Release date: 7 Jun
Press contact: Dog Day Press [CP, RP, NP] Warp IH [CR, RR, NR]


EMI Music Vice Chairman David Munns has hit back at an article by journalist John Kay which accused the music industry of being "out of tune" when it came to copyright and downloading issues.

In the article Kay argued that the law does not back up the line being taken by most record labels with regards copyright theft. He also accuses the labels of justifying their own business interests by misleadingly positioning their stand on copyright as being "for the good of their artists". Kay reckons all but the biggest artists can actually benefit from a system where music is widely distributed over the internet for free. The creatives, he argue, can easily draw a sufficient income from even limited online sales once a record label's business costs are taken out of the equation.

But Munns disputes much of what Kay says. In a letter to the Financial Times he argues that it is: "wrong to suggest that copyright infringement is not theft. In fact, a Court of Appeal case in 1993 described copyright infringement as 'stealing from the true owner of the copyright'."

Denying that the music industry's failure to provide suitable alternatives justifies the illegal file sharing of music, Munn continues: "More than a half million songs have been sold in the UK this year from a growing number of legitimate digital music services on the internet, and millions more have been sold in the US. There is simply no justification for stealing music online, any more than for stealing from shops."

Adding that he wishes to debunk "the myth that music companies are somehow averse to new ideas," Munn says "in addition to new digital retailers, we [the music industry] have developed new ways to buy music, such as mobile devices, kiosks in US Starbucks locations and marketing partnerships with global brands."

Concluding Munn restates the major record labels' position, saying: "we believe copyrighted material has value and that creators should be compensated."


According to German magazine Der Spiegel, Sony has reached a settlement with a German man who claimed he created and patented the concept of the portable music player - ie the walkman - way back in 1977. Sony launched their Walkman two years later, making many a penny over the years selling the technology and its successors.

German inventor Andreas Pavel first challenged Sony over their Walkman in 1980, claiming they owed him a cut of the profits because he patented the idea first. While initial talks were friendly and Sony agreed to make a royalty payment to Pavel in 1986, they always denied the inventor's allegations they had stolen his idea - arguing they developed their walkman without knowledge of Pavel's designs.

So despite the royalty deal Pavel continued his legal fight to be given ownership of the concept. Having registered the patent in a number of territories Pavel had a choice of legal systems to use to fight that claim. Despite some courts, including a British court, siding with Sony on this one, the electronics firm has finally given in, agreeing to pay Pavel several million euros providing he agrees to not take any further legal action in any territory.

Der Spiegel reports Pavel is now planning on looking for similar pay-offs from any electronics firm producing portable music players that could be said to have derived from his original design. Which means Apple's iPod department may be getting a knock on the door very soon.


Paris label F Communications are getting ready to release their 200th record, which conveniently coincides with their tenth birthday. At first sight the release - '6 Months Earlier' by Marl Chingus - seems an odd choice for such an occasion, until you realise that Marl Chingus is actually a new moniker for Laurent Garnier (one of the label's bosses) and long time F Comm signing Llorca.

'6 Months Earlier' is a fine 12 inch featuring two pure electronic, jazz infused tracks - the title track is an ubercool techno bullet, while on the flip 'Moaning About Technology' is an electro tinged killer.


Schools and libraries in the US can expect hundreds of free CDs in the coming months as the record labels fulfil their obligations relating to an anti-trust lawsuit that was settled out of court last December.

In that lawsuit, led by American consumer groups, 3.5 million consumers accused the major record labels and retail chains Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, Sam Goody, Musicland, and Tower Records of keeping the price of music artificially high between 1995 and 2000. The allegations centred on an "unfair" business practice where retailers "were discouraged from selling cheaper CDs because distributors withheld advertising reimbursements."

The labels and retailers agreed to settle out of court last year committing to pay a $143 million settlement. From that settlement all of the 3.5 million consumers who were listed on the petition will receive a thirteen dollar cheque. In addition the labels will distribute thousands of CDs to schools and libraries featuring artists such as Pearl Jam. Willie Nelson, Benny Goodman, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen and Dizzy Gillespie.

In Washington State alone schools will receive 72,800 compact discs while a further 40,000 CDs will be given to state libraries - a musical package worth more than $1.5 million.


Well the moral is, if you want to bare your arse on TV you've got to pick a live show. And given the censorship delays that still exist on all live shows in the US post-Nipplegate, you probably need to pick a live show on European telly.

That is to say, MTV have confirmed they will be censoring Eminem's performance when they screen the MTV Movie Awards this weekend. At the pre-recorded awards event Eminem, performing with D12, paraded on stage dressed in a long red wig and jeans in a parody of Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose. Word is he "repeatedly groped and flashed a studded codpiece in front of the cameras and the thousands of people in the live audience" before pulling down his trousers and flashing his backside. It's not yet clear if MTV will cut parts of his performance when they air the show, or just add some tasteful blur effects.

Eminem told a German TV show audience recently how much he loved their country because he was able to bare his arse twice completely uncensored during an appearance on a music TV show there.

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