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In today's CMU Daily:
- Sony plan to take on iPod with digital Walkman
- Dell offer discount for dumping iPod
- Apple prepare for 100 millionth download
- BMG perform well in second quarter sales stats
- Tanya Donnelly returns
- Ja Rule arrested
- Durst not to blame for paramedic's injuries
- Muse continue festival tour despite family tragedy
- BBC marketing chief given Channel 4 top job
- RIAA to present gold and platinum awards to download bestsellers
- Great White man sues former pr for libel
- launches web TV strand
- KLF man appearing at London lit fest
- TV themes dominate ringtone chart
- BMG publishing man promoted to wider ranging role
- Maximum fine likely for CBS over Nipplegate
- Former Ms Fiddy hits back



This rather good East London venue has kept low key over the last few years, but that's what helps it stay fresh, and some really good nights have been put on recently. Tonight is the breaks night AIR, which has also been growing rather organically too. It has a very palatable line up, with some huge names: The Freestylers, Rennie Pilgrem, CMU fave Meat Katie, breakster Ali B with Will Saul and the Unsung Heroes. Well worth a look in, and it runs till late - apart from, I think, the bar, which still closes at 3.
Sat 3 Jul, Rhythm Factory, 16 - 18 Whitechapel Road, London E1, Nearest Tube: Aldgate East, 9pm - 5am, £5 b4 11pm / £10 after

Before all that breakbeat how about a bit of this? CMU favourites (no less) Jazzinho step forth from the shadows (finally) and headline the Jazz Cafe, after their storming self titled album from last year. Join front lady Guida da Palma in a sophisticated ride into soulful Latin nu-jazz at this trendy Camden venue. Don't forget to join in singing on the track 'Camponesa' when Guida asks you to. It's simply rude not to!!
Sat 3 Jul, Jazz Cafe, 5 The Parkway, Camden, NW5, doors 7pm, £12 in advance, more at and

Talking of CMU favourites, Tom Middleton (he of the fabulous Trip album) is Djing at DFR tonight - which features as part of the Fesh night at 333. Support from Gucci Sound System and Riton. Should be good.
Fri 2 Jul, Fesh @ 333 Old Street, EC1, more at


Sony Electronics are hoping that their legendary Walkman brand can help them steal the lead player title off Apple in the digital music market. The technology giant yesterday confirmed it would mark the 25th anniversary of the Walkman by launching a credit card sized digital music version of the portable player built to rival Apple's hugely successful iPod. Sony hope to win favour by offering more capacity and longer battery life than the iPod at a cheaper price tag.

Just like the iPod goes hand in hand with Apple's iTunes, so the new Walkman will link up with Sony's own digital download service, Connect, which is due to launch around the world very soon. This service will sell tracks in Sony's own ATRAC file format (or codec) which is more 'compressed' than most other music file formats, hence why Sony can squeeze more tracks onto their Walkman players than Apple can on their iPods.

The Sony players will only play ATRAC files - a feature which, while providing that extra capacity benefit, some say is a great weakness. By not playing rival companies' file formats, or even the standard MP3 format, Walkman owners will have to run any music bought from anywhere other than Connect through a bit of Sony file conversion software before putting them onto their players.

The new Walkman will launch in Japan on 10 Jul, in the US in Aug and in Europe by Sep. Presumably the Connect service will go live in sync with the product launches. Whether Sony can beat Apple, who are still benefiting from being first to market with a compelling digital music proposition, remains to be seen.


Talking of 'lets kill the iPod' campaigns, Dell Computer's are reportedly offering customers in the US up to $100 dollars off a new Dell Digital Jukebox if they trade in their old iPod when making their purchase. Which is all well and good, but do Dell MP3 players come in pretty colours?


Still, Apple are two busy anticipating the sale of their 100 millionth song to care too much about the competition. iTunes is due to sell its 100 millionth track very soon (they're at 94,996,200 as we write). To celebrate the fact Apple are giving away a rather nice PowerBook computer, 40GB iPod and 10,000 tunes gift certificate to each of the 50 customers who happen to buy each 100,000th landmark track between 95 and 100 million - if that makes sense.

Announcing the promotion Apple boss Steve Jobs told reporters: "As we approach the unprecedented milestone of 100 million legally downloaded songs, we want to thank our customers who have made the iTunes Music Store such a stunning success."


Assuming European officials do, as expected, give the go ahead to a Sony BMG merger, the latter of the two merging majors may want to tweak the deal slightly before signing on the dotted line after a period of considerable success in terms of record sales helped them come out top in both single and album sales in the second quarter of 2004 in the UK.

According to figures released this week, BMG held on to their position of having biggest share of the UK singles market in the last quarter - with Usher's 'Yeah' helping the company take a 15.6% share of overall sales.

Meanwhile in the album sector BMG stole the highest market share crown of its merger partner Sony, with Usher's 'Confessions', the Ultimate Dirty Dancing compilation and Maroon 5's 'Songs About Jane' helping BMG achieve a 11.1% share.

While at a group level the combined sales of Island, Polydor and Mercury mean Universal Music remains biggest player overall, when sister division Zomba/Jive is included with BMG's figures they are not that far behind despite being a much smaller company - helped in particular on the singles side by the best selling release of the quarter, 'F**k It (I Don't Want You Back)', which came out on Jive.


Well, at least one CMU-founder-turned-Beat-106-presenter will be happy. Tanya Donelly - she of Throwing Muses, The Breeders and Belly - is back with her third solo album later this month. Released, as always, by Beggars label 4AD, 'Whiskey Tango Ghosts' is out on 26 Jul. Donnelly will play two dates at London's Bush Hall on 27-28 Jul to promote the new album.


Today's rapper under arrest is Ja Rule, who was pulled over by New York police yesterday after driving a little erratically, and promptly charged with marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license. No more details or comments from anyone official just yet.


Elsewhere in legal news, a court in Michigan ruled yesterday that Fred Durst was not to blame for injuries suffered by a paramedic at a Limp Bizkit gig back in 2000. Christopher Dickinson had filed a lawsuit after he was trampled on and allegedly attacked during a Bizkit gig while trying to help a female fan who had passed out. Dickinson said the incident was caused by Durst inviting fans watching the gig from a balcony to "come downstairs" to the main floor, and therefore he, his band and his management were liable for his various injuries, and the negative impact the incident had had on his life as a whole.

However the court ruled unanimously that the person who actually kicked Dickinson, and only that person, could be held liable. Despite suggesting fans should move downstairs, Durst, the band, or the venue were not liable for the isolated incident.

Elsewhere in Bizkit news, Durst is reportedly keen to progress with the band's next full album despite his label's preference to just get three new tracks down to appear on a quick cash 'best of' release, referred to by Durst in one interviews as "a stupid greatest hits thing".


Admirably living up to the old notion that "the show must go on", Muse have confirmed they will play their planned festival appearances in Switzerland, Belgium and Denmark this weekend, despite the family trauma experienced by drummer Dominic Howard last weekend when his father died suddenly shortly after the band's Glastonbury set.


Talkback Thames boss Peter Fincham favourite for the Channel 4 top job? Don't be so ridiculous. No, despite expectations that the Talkback man would replace Mark Thompson as chief exec of Channel 4, in the end BBC Director of Marketing Andy Duncan got the job. And well done him.

Announcing the appointment Channel 4 chairman Luke Johnson told reporters yesterday: "Andy is the brightest media executive of the Channel 4 generation. I think he's going to be a great champion of Channel 4's public service mission and its unique brand of creativity".

Duncan, who has more of a marketing background to a broadcasting one, earned most kudos for his role in launching the BBC's free to air terrestrial digital package Freeview after the collapse of ITV Digital. He then went on to supervise the BBC's expansion of digital services, and it might be with those skills in mind that the powers that be at C4 decided to appoint him.

Commenting on his appointment Duncan said: "All broadcasters are under pressure from the growth of digital TV, but I believe Channel 4 can face the future with confidence."

Over at the Beeb the man who Duncan is replacing - who started as Director General last week - told reporters: "Andy Duncan has transformed the BBC's marketing and the organisation's attitude to audiences. He has played a pivotal role in the success of Freeview and in developing the BBC's digital strategy. We are sorry to see him go, but this is a very imaginative appointment."


Following the news earlier this week that the UK Official Chart Company will launch its download chart later this summer, the Recording Industry Association of America yesterday confirmed that it will start awarding 'gold' and 'platinum' plaques for best selling tracks online.

Beginning in August any track that sells more than 100,000 times via a legitimate download service will be awarded gold status. Any track that sells over 200,000 times will be named a 'platinum' seller, with 'multi-platinum' status for anyone selling double that.

Digitally sold albums will not be counted yet because the purchase of individual tracks still makes up the vast majority of legitimate download sales.


Jack Russell, the frontman of Great White - the rock band still suffering from the trauma of that fire at one of their gigs in 2003 that left over one hundred fans dead - has filed a multi-million dollar suit against his former publicist.

He is suing Charrie Foglio over comments she made regarding the running of the Station Family Fund, the charity set up by the band to support the families of those killed in the aforementioned fire. Russell claims that he had to sack Folgio in Jul 2003 because she had made false allegations to the press. During the sacking the PR threatened to say that Russell and his manager Obi Steinman were embezzling money from the charity fund if they didn't give her a better severance package. When they refused to change the package she made said allegations public - allegations which, Russell's lawsuit stresses, were proven to be untrue in a resulting investigation. Now Russell wants over $10 million in damages for the alleged libel.

Talking to Billboard yesterday Russell's lawyer said: "Jack Russell voluntarily gave up profits the band and he might have made last year on a 41-city tour because he genuinely wanted to help these victims and their families. For someone to say after the fact that he somehow wanted to steal from these people or hurt them is deplorable. It shows malicious intent toward Jack and his manager, and it's completely untrue, and that's why we felt compelled to file this action this morning."


Our friends over at have launched a new web tv channel as part of their service - ClickTV. The new strand adds video content to their existing content and competition strands. At launch ClickTV has on offer interviews with, among others, Funeral For A Friend, Dave Ellefson of Soulfly, Goldie Lookin Chain and Martina Topley Bird, a preview of DJ Shadow's new live DVD and live music from Blackcube, Young Blood Brass Band and Lightening Head.

Go see at


Bill Drummond - he of the KLF - will be making an appearance of the Clerkenwell Literary Festival on 14 Jul to launch his new website Well worth checking out - more info at


Calling all artists, songwriters and label owners. Before you get too excited about all the money you're going to make from ringtones, I'd get yourself a TV theme gig quick. While the Black Eyed Peas' 'Where Is The Love' tops an MCPS/PRS survey of the most popular ringtones in 2003, the top ten is dominated by TV theme tunes - the Muppets theme at two, Mission Impossible at three, Pink Panther at five, Roobarb and Custard at six and the Addams Family at eight.


BMG Music Publishing's VP of International Affairs, Laurent Hubert, has been promoted to a Senior VP role based in New York. He will continue to oversee the publishing company's classical and sheet music businesses in Europe, but will also take on responsibility for affairs in Latin America and Eastern Europe, and for the company's online operations including song search engine

Announcing the promotion BMG boss Nicholas Firth told reporters: "Laurent has made significant contributions to BMG Music Publishing over the last few years including leading our worldwide Web and Printed Music strategies and centralising BMG Music Publishing's Printed Music and Rental operations in Milan. He is a valuable part of our management team."


Demonstrating they have a sound sense of proportion, word is US media regulator the FCC is about to fine TV network CBS $550,000 for allowing Janet Jackson's breast to air on prime time for, God, at least five seconds, during that controversial Superbowl show earlier this year. An FCC insider has told the US media that the regulator's top committee have been recommended to fine each for the 20 CBS-owned stations that aired the Superbowl the top fine of $27,500. Other networks who syndicated the CBS produced show will not be fined.

Whether FCC bosses will accept the recommendation remains to be seen, but given the growing Puritanism among the powers that be in America there's a high chance they will.

Still, over 500,000 US TV viewers were angry enough to complain about Jackson's performance - and pissing off over half a million Americans at a dollar a time seems quite a good use of money to me.


Don't know if she plans to release a Frankee style rap about it, but 50 Cent's ex-girlfriend found time to put the boot in when speaking to the press backstage at the BET Awards in LA this week. Actress Vivica A Fox - who plays Vernita Green / Copperhead in 'Kill Bill' - split from Fiddy last year. Since then he has reportedly accused her of using their relationship and his fame to further her acting career.

Hitting back Fox told reporters: "Well, you know, 50 Cent might like to think he made me sexy, but, I just had to get that out in the universe and let him know no he did not. Y'all don't know I've been waiting a year to say that...... I've been quiet for nine long months! I don't have nothing against him but ...... I've been in the game for 10, 15 years. I didn't need to exploit or use nobody. I haven't gotta use nobody for no cover of no magazine so he can put that where? Back there!"

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