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In today's CMU Daily:
- Major bootlegger jailed
- Speculation over future of Sky music channels
- Bowie recuperating after heart surgery
- Mercury long list published
- Single Review: Morrissey - First Of The Gang To Die
- R Kelly given permission to tour
- Ja Rule back in court over 1996 warrant
- Jacko's legal team say prosecution guilty of 'abuse of power'
- Weiland gets three years probation for DUI
- Beanie jail sentence postponed
- Axl denied injunction against early material release
- British Academy boss calls for more diversity in music radio
- Single Review: The Hives - Walk Idiot Walk
- Radio 4 tour
- Cautious optimism for ring tone marker
- Songseekers launch mobile agency
- Gallagher responds to NME on album stories
- Jones, Brown and Peel honoured at U-music awards
- Usher on P Diddy
- Release date set for Lou Reed remix
- Line up announced for Sunday Best festival
- Mcfly play the Barfly


Breaks again this week - but all for free!! After some pure capers with the council, breaks night HUM is fully operational. Such good news that Rennie Pilgrem, owner of TCR and HUM resident, decided to throw a pre bash summer barbie!! So, here's our tips...

The barbie will feature sets from most of the TCR Roster: Rennie Pilgrem, BLIM, Chris Carter, General Midi, Friendly, Breakneck, Danny McMillan, Elite Force, Ellis Dee, Vigi, Acen (apparently live) Smithmonger, and up and coming bday girl Pippa!

Sat 10 Jul, 1pm - 10pm, The Lockside Lounge, West Yard, Camden Lock, London, free entry,

followed by


With solid residents Rennie Pilgrem [TCR], CMU fave Meat Katie [Lot 49] and Will Saul [Simple Recordings] this is going to be one hell of a night, with a monster 1500 people expected to show. Guest DJs mashing up beats include Tayo [Mob] and Elite Force [from Kingsize/TCR/W9Y]. For entry to HUM there is a minor catch - you have to log on to the self-guest listing site: (a smidgin of price to pay I feel) by Saturday 2pm.

Sat 10 Jul, 10pm - 6am, Canvas (ex-Bagleys), Goods Yard, off York Way, Kings Cross, N1, press info from Letitia at Leyline on 020 7575 3285


The BPI's anti-piracy unit will be on good form this morning now that the man who was dubbed the "world's biggest bootlegger" was jailed for three and half years.

As previously reported, Mark Purseglove ran a bootleg CD operation from London for over ten years. He would gain illegal recordings of major artists performing live - either by paying an audience member to record it or through relationships with certain sound engineers. These recordings were then burned to CD and sold in professional looking packages through non-legit retail outfits across the world.

How much Purseglove made from the operations is unclear, and estimates range from £4 million to £15 million, with the prosecution estimating he made at least £6 million. One thing is for certain, the artists that featured on his CDs, which included Oasis, the Beatles, Eminem, Madonna and the Rolling Stones, received nothing.

In a London court yesterday Judge Timothy Pontius said that it was clear that Purseglove's "large-scale criminal enterprise" had "reaped very considerable financial rewards from the manufacture, importation and sale of illicit CDs".

He added: "This enterprise is by far the largest and therefore the most serious of its particular kind to come before the courts. Very large numbers of illicit CDs were produced and sold over the years with significant potential loss. Not only to recording companies but also to performers and composers." The judge said a lengthy custodial sentence was required to punish him, prevent further offending and send out a deterrent to others. An additional five years will be added if assets of £1,827,937 are not paid by the end of Mar next year.

Anti-piracy officials around the world had been involved in the case to catch and convict Purseglove, who had had a number of brushes with the law over the years. Outside the court David Martin of the BPI's anti-piracy unit said: "We have been after him for 13 years and he has been a thorn in our side throughout that time. "


Much speculation this morning as to the future of Sky's three music channels - The Amp, Flaunt and Scuzz. The speculation follows the promotion of BSkyB's head of music Jo Wallace to a post overseeing original programming on the Sky One channel. Although a replacement has been appointed for Wallace - former Head Of Interactive And Commercial Chiara Cipriani takes on the post - the network has begun a review of its music programming and some reckon the three music stations may be merged into one.

The three Sky music channels were launched last year in a bid to challenge both MTV and EMAP - and especially the latter who at the time were starting to dominate the music TV sector in the UK. However the three channels have lagged behind MTV, The Box et al in the ratings and some reckon Sky are no longer so enthusiastic about propping up three channels in an increasingly competitive space.

Sky may also be looking to shift viewers from its music channels to Sky One because the satellite broadcaster hopes to revitalise it's flagship channel to attract a more up-market 16-34 audience. Wallace will be overseeing that revamp, and the Tim Lovejoy fronted music show reported in yesterday's Daily is one of the first new programmes confirmed for the Sky One schedules. If music is an important part of the new look Sky One it doesn't bode well for Sky's niche music channels.


A spokesman for David Bowie has released more information about the singer's medical problems which caused the singer to cancel a string of festival appearances this summer.

As previously reported, Bowie had to cut short a concert in Prague last month because of unbearable shoulder pain. His spokesman played down the injury at the time and he went ahead with his set at the German Hurricane Festival. But shortly after that event it was announced Bowie would have to pull out of his other summer festival commitments.

Bowie's people yesterday announced that the singer had undergone an emergency heart operation at a hospital in Germany after becoming ill following the Hurricane Festival. The surgery treated what has been described as "an acutely blocked artery".

The singer left hospital this week and is now convalescing at home in New York.

In a statement Bowie himself told reporters: "I can't wait to be fully recovered and get back to work again. I tell you what, though, I won't be writing a song about this one."


Music Week have published a list of 200 albums which are being considered for the Mercury Music Prize shortlist, and they are now inviting readers to nominate their favourite ten albums on that list. Full list is published at the bottom of today's Daily. Full details of how to submit your nominations is at


SINGLE REVIEW: Morrissey - First of the Gang to Die (Sanctuary/Attack)
For me this is the highlight of the Mozfather's 'You Are the Quarry' album. It's classic Morrissey, a great tune, narrative driven lyrics, ear-catching guitars and a quintessentially Morrissey stylee vocal performance. The lyrics are great ("You have never been in love until you've seen the dawn rise behind the home for the blind") but frankly even when Moz is singing nonsense ("A a hey, ahey ahey") it still sounds fantastic. I can only feel envy for those who saw Moz at Glasto. Dreamy, cinematic B-side 'My Life Is A Succession of Goodbyes' is also well worth listening out for. JW
Release date: 12 Jul
Press contact: Sanctuary IH [CP, RP, NP] Anglo [CR, RR, NR]


Lots of news in the pop courts today. Firstly, and despite protests from the prosecution, R Kelly has been given permission to go on a US tour to promote next release 'Happy People' / 'U Save Me'. Kelly needs to get court permission every time he leaves his home state because of the long long long running child-sex charges he still faces. The prosecution objected to giving Kelly permission to tour throughout Oct and Nov because they hoped the case would reach court this Autumn, but this tour may well push the whole case into 2005.


Ja Rule was back in court this week. The marijuana possession charges he faced after being pulled over by a New York traffic cop last week may have been dropped, but the incident brought an outstanding 1996 warrant for resisting arrest to police attention. Ja Rule's lawyer said that neither he or his client were aware of the warrant. The rapper was fined $100 dollars and the case was closed.


Santa Barbara County Judge Rodney Melville has released some information about Michael Jackson's lawyer's objections to the grand jury investigation into the Jacko child abuse case.

As previously reported, Jacko's legal team have submitted a paper to court calling for their client's indictment to dropped because of the way the prosecution have handled their investigations. Despite demands from the media, Melville refused to release that paper to the press, however yesterday he made available an edited version with individual's identities removed.

In the paper, Jackson's lawyers claim that the prosecution working on the case bullied witnesses, unfairly ridiculed associates and legal representatives of Jacko, were generally "hostile" and "very uncooperative" and that their actions, especially in relation to the grand jury investigation into the case, amounted to an "abuse of power".

Jackson attorney Robert Sanger wrote: "There is no case in the history of the state of California that has condoned anything like the abuse of power demonstrated in this grand jury proceeding".
As previously reported, Jackson is due in court on 13 Sep to properly face the child abuse allegations against him.


Also in court this week was Scott Weiland, facing prosecution for driving under the influence of drugs. The singer pleaded no contest to the charges, which date from an incident last Oct. The court put Weiland under three years probation and insisted he should undergo drug rehabilitation during that time. If he is found to be in possession or under the influence of drugs during the probation period he will face an immediate prison sentence.

Weiland was already under probation when he was arrested on the DUI charges. The judge coordinating that case ordered Weiland undertake a rehab programme which has another seven months to go. Consensus is those rehab requirements, and the new ones, will run concurrently.


And even more from the pop courts. Beanie Sigel is still a free man this morning after a court hearing which is likely to lead to jail time for the rapper was postponed. Sigel's lawyer Fortunato Perri Jr requested more time to prepare for the sentencing hearing relating to federal gun charges to which the rapper pleaded guilty back in Apr. Perri said he had not finished his prep for the hearing because of the workload associated to Sigel's pending attempted murder and GBH cases, both of which are due to go to court in the Autumn. The sentencing for the gun charge conviction will now take place in Sep.

A cynic might say that the extra time out of jail that the delay gives Sigel - who is currently under house arrest but able to work - is just enough time to complete his new album - 'The B-Coming' - which is due for an Autumn release. But there aren't any cynics round here to say it.


One bit more court news. Axl Rose has been denied a preliminary injunction to suppress the release of recordings by an earlier version of Guns N Roses called Hollywood Rose. The tracks appeared on an album called 'The Roots of Guns N' Roses' released by Cleopatra Records affiliate Deadline Music back in June. Hollywood Rose featured Axl, Guns guitarist Izzy Stradlin and two other musicians. Five tracks by the band were released on the 15 track album alongside 10 remixes from the likes of Tracii Guns, former GNR guitarist Gilby Clarke and Cinderella drummer Fred Coury. Rose was attempting to block the album on the basis of trademark infringement, the improper use of his name and likeness and unfair competition. No word from the Rose camp as yet regarding being refused the injunction.


Play something a bit different for a change. That was the message being delivered by David Ferguson, chairman of the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters, at a Music Tank forum on commercial radio this week.

Ferguson said he had "serious concerns" about the tendency of radio groups to use one size fits all playlists across all their stations, explaining: "The range of music available on radio has been in continuous decline. As consolidation has taken place in the commercial market, you can almost quantify the decline in range that is available".

Speaking to the BBC after the event, Ferguson added: "The programming on many commercial stations is so clearly designed just to persuade people not to switch it off or change channels, rather than present them with something new and interesting." Also speaking at the event, Matt Deegan, group corporate development executive at radio group GWR, explained the musical position of companies like his - though he did use the market research line of argument which always sets alarm bells a-ringing here at CMU.

Deegan: "We do music research, speaking to 1,000 people a week about the kinds of music they like, and for popular music there is not much difference around the country. At the moment, what is coming out of research is that people are bored of new music. We, and a lot of our competitors, seem now to be playing a lot more classic tracks. As a rule, our stations do not play unsigned bands. Our stations target a 25 to 44-year-old female audience, and unsigned bands are not of interest to them."

But let's not forget that all research is fundamentally flawed, if only because the average person would dis today what they will be raving about in six months time. So - all you heads of music out there - do Mr Ferguson a favour and programme something a little bit different this week. How about the Loose Cannons' 'I Like It When Ya'? The new album's out on Monday, don't you know?


SINGLE REVIEW: The Hives - Walk Idiot Walk (Universal/Polydor)
They've been around too long to still be my New Favourite Band but I don't think I'm alone in having a soft spot for the sharp suited Swedes. It's true they've stayed with the same formula for this comeback single and on first hearing it's deceptively simple, but after a couple of listens this tune is likely to be tattooed inside your brain. It seems like a long time since we've heard any new material from the Hives and whereas some of their garage rock peers seem to have run out of steam, the Hives are still firing on all cylinders. This bodes well for the upcoming album 'Tyranasaurus Hives' out soon. JW
Release date: 5 Jul
Press contact: Hermana [CP, RP, NP] Polydor IH [CR, RR, NR]


York is the new Hull. Or it is for Yorkshire based Radio 4 fans (the band, not the radio station). New York's finest funk punksters have shifted their planned Hull date in Aug to York's Fibbers venue. Which means their UK tour now looks like this:

17 Aug: Islington Academy, London
24 Aug: Rock City, Nottingham
25 Aug: Fibbers, York
26 Aug: T On The Fringe, The Venue Edinburgh
27 Aug: Leeds Festival
29 Aug: Reading Festival
30 Aug: The Beach Brighton

The dates precedes the release of the band's new album 'Stealing Of A Nation' on City Slang on 13 Sep.


Research firm Baskerville Informa Media have said that the profitable ringtones market is set to continue its expansion, and could account for up to 12% of total music sales by 2008. However, the analysts warn the music industry to not be too ambitious in the potential earnings they could make from ring tone sales. They say that, if record labels push for too high a royalty, the cost of legit ringtones could become too high which would help fuel a rise in ringtone piracy.

Informa Media's Steve Mayall told reporters: "As the revenues in mobile music become more compelling, arguments over revenue shares look set to increase tensions. Some labels are over-enthusiastic about the share of revenues they deserve".

On the potential for ringtone piracy the report says there are already websites selling ringtones without the necessary licences to do so. "Mobile piracy could decimate this still fragile business," Mayall adds.


Talking of mobile type stuff, London based Songseekers International who, erm, seek out songs (mainly for ads) are setting up a new company to source and create music content for the distribution on mobile phones. Former EMAP Performance boss Tim Schoonmaker has been recruited to run the new operation - called Juice Mobile Entertainment - and he is currently in talks with venture capitalists to secure further financial backing.


Noel Gallagher has sent the NME a little note to clarify various Oasis stories that have been doing the rounds of late, in particular the band's long running attempt to get a new album down on tape, and the rumoured falling out with initial producers Death In Vegas.

Gallagher: "We started talking about recording a new Oasis album in November last year. We thought it would be a great idea to try something different with the production this time around, and Liam came up with the idea of using Death In Vegas as producers/mixers, which everyone believed would be a fantastic collaboration. [We worked with DiV for three weeks but] unfortunately we decided we didn't like anything we had played/recorded. Because of commitments with Death In Vegas, Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes couldn't find any more time to give to the project. It was then decided we would attempt to finish off the record ourselves, which so far has proven quite frustrating and fruitless. We plan to start work on a new set of songs some time in July and we hope to have a new album out in February/March 2005, so hopefully you will hear some new tunes by the end of the year."

The full letter is online at


Mick Jones, James Brown and John Peel both received Lifetime Achievement Awards at the Diesel U-Music Awards at Fabric on Wednesday night. The honorary awards were the climax to the event that showcases the winners of Diesel's cross-genre unsigned band competition.

The unsigned talent showcased at the event were as follows:
Best Dance: DJ Sushi
Best Electronic: The Infadels
Best Electronic Leftfield: I Am The Mighty Jungulator
Best VJ: Coresnfx
Urban 1: Aphletik
Urban 2: Obidient Bone
Best Rock: Absent Kid

The show - which also included live sets from Kasabian and Goldie Lookin Chain - will be screened on Channel 4 on 20 Jul.


Usher was in East London yesterday taking part in a Q&A session at Newham College. Among the topics local teenagers questioned the chart topping R&B star on was his relationship with P Diddy. The question made reference to rumours Usher wasn't on good terms with the hip hop mogul because he shunned him in the early stages of his career.

Usher: "Actually he was very forthcoming - he actually executively produced my first album. I really didn't know which direction to go in as an artist - I signed to a record label at the age of thirteen and Puff did my first album. It wasn't my most successful album - later on we worked on songs that were more successful as individual artists. If anything he gave me a great introduction in showing me all the benefits of his success at the time."


A release date has been set for the funky remix of Lou Reed's 'Satellite of Love', which utilises vocals from an early demo. The track will be released by NuLife Records on 19 Jul.

NuLife tell us: "The track is a remix of the Lou Reed original. Born out of an idea from South Coast production team Groovefinder, the track was finally brought to life by London remix collective Dab Hands. The remixes were crafted from the original multi-track recording of the song, which also feature backing vocals from David Bowie. Approval for the release was given after a keen record exec sent the track to Lou Reed, who gave it the thumbs up for a full commercial release".


More on the festival being staged by the Sunday Best label on the Isle of Wight in Sep.

Headliners already confirmed for the three day party - taking place from 10-12 Sep - are The Bees, Basement Jaxx, Fatboy Slim, Zero 7, Mylo And Lee 'Scratch' Perry and The Mad Professor. Add to that a psychedelic troupe of DJs, live acts and random happenings from around the world and it's all sounding very exciting.

Press info from Sunday Best IH.


Well, this will be interesting. Who out there will be checking out McFly's over-16's only gig at the Camden Barfly on Wednesday night? Not saying the McFly boys don't have any fans in the 16+ age group, just not sure they'll turn up when they can't bring teenage siblings or children along as an excuse! McFly fans among the CMU Daily readership too embarrassed to be seen a the Barfly gig can check them out when they play outside the Spiderman 2 premier on Monday night in Leicester Square.

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