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In today's CMU Daily:
- Courts let majors proceed with old Napster lawsuit
- OD2 expand music library
- Bowie tops 2004 tour revenue poll, so far
- Release date set for Elliott Smith's final album
- Stolen U2 studio CD belonged to The Edge
- Prodigy tracks online
- Guilfest
- Glade Festival
- Respect Festival
- WH Smith sign up to Entertainment UK
- Live Review: Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster At London ICA
- Apple make loadsa cash
- Latin Grammy nominations
- Wu Tang reunion to be recorded for release
- Warners to release Live Aid DVD
- Capital announce new late show
- Ferdinand explain Michael track



GROUND ZERO present a 600 capacity shindig, with a rather politically incorrect title (the organiser says the name represents the fact that it's a new chapter in drum and bass, or summat??!!) but what the hell, there's some fine drum and bass names on offer. In Room 1 you get DJs Brian G, Friction, Funky Flirt, Rtype b2b with Fluid, Funktion b2b with Subzero, Stealthy b2b with Mpire and MCs Flyte, Riddla, Trigga, Eksman, Bassman, Diablo, Kraft and Skandal. Room 2 is hosted by Desperate Measures (from Face FM) and features DJs Technical, Tommy Sparks, Ek, Hurse, Badhandz, N-Type, Blackjack and MCs Marvin Haggle, Lil Phil, Audio Hustler, Pseudonym, Twist, Youngblood, The Menace and Sence. PV

Fri 16 Jul, 9pm - 4am, The Brixton Telegraph, 228 Brixton Hill, London, SW2 1HE, £12, more at


Yep, an exclusive show from Sly & Robbie featuring Bunny Rugs and guests Mikey Dread and Linval Thompson. DJ sets from The Dub Cartel Sound System featuring Dan Donnovan and David Katz. Should be a great (if a bit pricey) night. PV

Sun 18 Jul, 7pm - midnight, The Coronet, 28 New Kent Road, London SE1, £22.50, press info from Rocket Science


A US judge yesterday refused to dismiss a case being brought by Universal and EMI against fellow major BMG over the whole Napster Original debackle.

As previously reported, the two majors are suing both BMG parent company Bertelsmann and venture capitalists Hummer Winblad because they provided funding to the original Napster platform in the months prior to its bankruptcy - at the time BMG hoped that their funding would enable the people behind the then controversial P2P network to find a viable legal model. Universal and EMI say that by providing that funding BMG and Hummer Winblad enabled the original Naspter to continue operating several months longer than would have otherwise been possible, and they argue the two firms are therefore liable for all the lost record sales caused by file sharing via Napster during that period.

Bertelsmann and Hummer Winblad argue that they essentially gave Napster a loan rather than buying into the company, and therefore cannot be held liable for anything Napster bosses did while spending their cash. On those grounds they requested that the US courts dismiss EMI and Universal's case against them - but US District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel yesterday refused to do so explaining: "courts have long recognised that in certain circumstances, vicarious or contributory liability will be imposed". Bertelsmann are now expected to appeal the decision.

The whole legal case has nothing to do, of course, with the new Napster download service. That service's owner, Roxio, simply bought the Napster name and URL at the car boot sale that followed the original company's demise.


Talking of online music, though this time of the legal kind, download company OD2, fresh from being incorporated into US new media firm Loudeye, has announced it is increasing its digital music library from 350,000 tracks to 1.3 million - putting it well ahead of iTunes and Napster who each have in the region 700,000 tracks. That expanded library will be available via all the services OD2 'feeds', which includes HMV, Virgin Megastore, MTV and Mycokemusic.


His record might not stand come the end of the year given the gig postponements that have followed his recent ill health, but David Bowie had the highest grossing tour in the first half of 2004. Billboard report his Reality Tour grossed $45.4 million in the first half of the year, putting him ahead of the other major tours of the year - which include Bette Midler ($40 million), Simon & Garfunkel ($36 million), Shania Twain ($34 million) and Prince ($26 million). As previously reported, Bowie was forced to cancel ten summer dates after he was taken ill and required heart surgery.


A US release date of 19 Oct has been set for the final album by Elliott Smith, 'From A Basement On The Hill', which the singer songwriter had been working on prior to his death last year. The release will come just days short of a year since his death.

The album was completed at his family's request by Smith's longtime producer, Rob Schnapf, and Joanna Bolme, Smith's onetime girlfriend and the current bassist for Stephen Malkmus' band The Jicks. They used notes left by Smith in a bid to try to complete the album as the singer himself intended.

Smith died from knife wounds last Oct. It was originally assumed he had committed suicide, though conspiracy theories have suggested there may have been some foul play, perhaps involving then girlfriend Jennifer Chiba , and investigations continue.


The Edge has admitted that the CD of new U2 tracks that went missing in Nice earlier this week was his. The CD features studio cuts of tracks from the band's up coming album, and disappeared during a photo shoot at the French city's Victorine Studios. Police were called in and interviewed staff at the studios - they say it is unclear if the CD has just been misplaced or if it has been stolen. If the latter is the case officials reckon it will have been taken by a hard line fan, or someone who wants to put the tracks online ahead of the album's Nov release.

Commenting on the missing CD, The Edge told reporters yesterday: "A large slice of two years work lifted via a piece of round plastic. It doesn't seem credible but that's what's just happened to us...and it was my CD".

The band's manager Paul McGuiness added: "The recording of this album has been going so well. The band is so excited about its release. It would be a shame if unfinished work fell into the wrong hands".

Meanwhile Universal Music boss Lucian Grainge got all serious about the whole thing: "This matter is of great concern to us. As the missing CD is our property we are very keen to find it as soon as possible. The French police are being extremely helpful in this regard."


Talking of tracks appearing online prior to release, tracks from the Prodigy's new album 'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' were online on a fansite yesterday. The long awaited new album - which features collaborations with Liam and Noel Gallagher, actress Juliette Lewis, Princess Superstar, and Twista - isn't due in the shops until 23 Aug.


More festivals this weekend - first up Guilfest kicks off in Guildford later on today. Line up highlights include: Blondie, Simple Minds, UB40, The Stranglers, The Damned, Speedway, Tim Booth And The Individuals, Beta Band, Plump DJs, Norman Jay, Rolf Harris and The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain!

Full line up and coverage during the weekend at


Also this weekend is the Glade Festival. Yep, the people behind the Glade area at Glastonbury have their whole own festival this year taking place in a fine rural setting just down the road from Reading.

The line up is too big and fantastic to do justice to here, but our favourites include Timo Maas, Squarepusher, Way Out West, Freq Nasty, 808 State, Atomic Hooligan, Dee Kline Vs Ollywood, Drumattic Twins, Koma & Bones, Plump DJs, Rennie Pilgrem, Stanton Warriors, Eddy TM and The Loose Cannons (I can't remember, did we mention The Loose Cannons album 'Make The Face' is out this week and is very very very good?).

But if you haven't got tickets then don't too excited, the event is completely sold out! More info at


And then there is the Respect event which takes over Victoria Park in East London on Saturday.

Latest line up includes Shola Ama, Allison Limerick, Rodney P, Big Brovaz, Ty, Rishi Rich, Michelle Gayle and CMU favourite Terri Walker. Aside from the music this event - designed to celebrate multiculturalism and help combat racism - has a whole host of other entertainments on offer and should be a very fine day out for all the family. Oh yes, and it's free.

More info at


WH Smith will stop buying music direct from the record companies following a deal with Entertainment UK, the firm who supplies music to Woolworths and most of the supermarkets. From August Entertainment UK will supply the music that is sold in WH Smith's 545 UK stories.

Announcing the deal WH Smiths' Director for Entertainment told reporters: "Consolidating our supply chain will enable us to improve our in-store offer to customers, whilst also streamlining our distribution. EUK is recognised as the leading wholesale distributor for entertainment products and their expertise will help us ensure that we deliver a relevant music offer in WH Smith high street stores." So that's alright then.

EUK MD Lloyd Wigglesworth said: "WH Smith are an important name on the high street and we are delighted to have been chosen to work with them."


LIVE REVIEW: Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster at London ICA on 8 Jul
It's a right royal knees-up at the ICA - but in a mish-mash, goth-punk kind of way. For those not in the know, the simply brilliant Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster have an upcoming LP entitled 'The Royal Society' and this is the second of three shows designed to create a buzz for the release. Living up to the name, and with the real royals just down the road, there's a regal theme about this evening with some of those present, including the band members themselves, draped in cloaks, gowns, masquerade masks and other royal garments. The stage, meanwhile, is cluttered with crowns, balls, skulls and other king's accessories. All very nice, but what about the music? Storming. Most of the set came from the forthcoming album - but the fans were obviously already familiar with this stuff, not so much miming to the unreleased rockabilly/Cramps/Elvis stylings that is 'Clonk Chicane', rather providing a full choral accompaniment. So you can imagine the reaction to singles 'I Could Be An Angle' and 'Mister Mental' and long standing crowd pleaser 'Celebrate Your Mother'. In terms of stage presence surely these guys are among the best in Britain - there's not really anyone else out there who can pull off a show like this. And that's why I love them so much. Long live Eighties Matchbox. YN


Apple Computers tripled its profits in the second quarter of 2004 following a massive 30% increase in revenue. Net income for the quarter Apr - Jun was $61 million, up from $19 million a year ago. Revenue rose to $2.01 billion from $1.55 for the same period last year. The boost was caused by an increase in the sale of Mac computers but also, crucially, the unstoppable popularity of the iPod digital music players.

With all of Apple's recent run of success, thanks mainly to their music ventures, Microsoft are really going have to shaft them on something sometime soon or us Mac users - who always like to think we're associating with the superior underdogs - are going to start getting edgy.


The cycle of music awards events continues, and yesterday nominations for this year's Latin Grammys were published. Brazilian jazz singer Maria Rita, Cuban pianist Bebo Valdes and producer Tom Capone dominated, the latter taking five nominations, the former two have four nominations each.

There was also a healthy showing for newer talent, something which Latin Recording Academy president Gabriel Abaroa welcomed: "Our milestone fifth year is one where the spotlight shines on everyone who makes Latin music, not just the established performers. Up-and-coming artists and the creative professionals who usually remain behind the scenes are getting their due".

The awards take place in LA on 1 Sep - there's a full nomination list at It's traditional for there to be issues over the involvement, or not, of Cuban artists at this event - so expect a few controversies in that regard over the summer.


According to MTV this weekend's Wu Tang Clan reunion gig at the Rock The Bells festival in California will be recorded for a CD and DVD release in Sep and Oct respectively. Following those London reunion dates last week, the whole Clan are expected on stage this weekend (Method Man and ODB weren't present at the UK dates). The CD and DVD will be released by Sanctuary.

Commenting on the complete reunion for this weekend's event, Chang Weisberg of promotions company Guerilla Union told reporters this week: "At first we thought we could get some of the members of Wu Tang together and that would be enough, but it became a mission to bring them all out for one special day. All the members have expressed their excitement to let their alter egos mash the stage and represent the Clan."


Talking of DVDs, Warner Music will release a four disc DVD box set of Live Aid on 1 Nov, nearly twenty years on from the legendary concert. The major won the rights to release the historic event after Bob Geldof decided an official release was needed to stop the sale of pirated recordings.

Confirming the release Ray Still from Warner's Vision division told reporters: "It's an understatement to say that it's a great pleasure and an honour for Warner Vision to be involved in bringing all the extraordinary moments and performances that encapsulated Live Aid to DVD for the first time."

On the whole Live Aid thing, Geldof added: "Twenty years ago they not only played 'real good for free' they took an issue that was nowhere on the agenda of the political world and placed it at the very top."


Capital FM have announced they are launching a new late night show to be fronted by Jeremy Kyle. The show, called Jessa's Capital Confessions, will feature "on-air discussions about real-life relationship issues covering everything from indiscretions and infidelity to fetishes and flirting" mixed in with music "with strong lyrical content", whatever that means (presumably by strong they don't mean a whole load of 'parental advisory' rap songs).

Announcing the new show Capital boss Keith Pringle said: "Jezza is a real star. He has a unique 'tell it how it is' style, which will add a new dimension to our strong personality presenter line-up."

Current late show host Margherita Taylor will be shunted into a weekend only slot - hosting What's The Story Sunday each Sunday morning.


Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos has told gay mag Boyz that next single 'Micheal' - with the lines 'beautiful boys on a beautiful dancefloor' and 'stubble on my sticky lips' - is not about a gay relationship, but relates to a debauched party the band once went to in Glasgow.

Kapronos: "It was one night when me and the band were out with friends from Glasgow, and we went to this warehouse dance party thing called Disco X. It was a very debauched night and these two friends got it together in a very sexy way."

Apparently the 'Michael' in question is happy with the name check, though the other guy remains anonymous because his girlfriend was 'jealous'!

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